Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 3, 2012

Remember last Thursday when I was telling you about sitting in the backyard 
with the sun peeking thru the bushes,  took these pics then,  but didn't have
 time to download or upload or whatever we do!! lol

Happy Thursday Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been going well...............

Mine has been going.....have had some situations this
week that were rather intense,  but think they are getting
worked is what happens when you are making
your plans, ya know.................but all in all it could be
way worse.................
and I always feel better once I start looking for the
blessings in it all................
So.....Here we go!!

 1 & 2
I am thankful
for the National Day of Prayer, don't know
of a time America has ever needed prayer more.
Also, thankful our church is having a service
today in honor of it.  I was able to attend
and it was a beautiful time of prayer and

I am thankful
that we got all our plants fertilized this week.
Hoping for greener lusher plants and flowers.

I am thankful
for the wildlife we get to see where we live,
course, not quite as up close and personal
as a furry friend on our porch.  This week
we had a racoon visit us (again, we have had
 one before and he was huge,  this was a younger
 one I think,  he was about 3 ft.tall, and not as fluffy.
 He came on our porch,  it was 5:30 in the morning
looking for the the kitty food,  but funny,  he couldn't
 find it, for some reason.  Maybe they have bad
 eyesight or something!  lol
I turned on the porch lights and it didn't deter him
 one lil bit,  he stuck his nose in the air and was
 smelling for it,  then went over and climbed up in the
 chair and looked on the table, nothing there, looked on
 the swing, nothing there and guess he must have checked
out the big table before that,  so he left with no food.
  Remember when I redid the porch I moved where
 I put kitties food.  Below are a few shots I was
able to get.  Remembered to turn off the flash for once.

Know these are a bit blurry, but remember it was 5:30 A.M.taken thru the windows
 and the blinds, but at least gives you an idea about what our Masked
Maurauder was up to.............................Here he is coming onto the porch.
thru our screen, it is like a kitty door because everytime we put it back
the way it should be our cat bumps it out,  so we have given up.
See him on the chair checking out the table,  More than a lil blurry! lol

5 & 6
I am thankful
Dee and Jerry are coming over on Saturday
for pizza and fun......and she is gonna do
my hair too.   So I am thankful for that too!
Think we might look at Etsy shops now! lol

I am thankful
that the Lord gives us instruction and wisdom
and can show us how to solve problems in
ways we could never think of.

I am thankful
for a husband who hears from the Lord.

I am thankful
that I have finished my project and the
only thing left is to deliver it.

This is a picture of where we cut everything back in early spring and
 how nicely it filled in................Talked about that last Thursday too!

I am thankful
for this inspiring video that someone sent me today.
 If you are feeling a bit down or like you would just like
 to give up on life, this video is for you.  It sure perked
me up.
Just click here!

I am thankful
for a fun day out after the prayer service. I went and got
 a smoothie and went shopping at Wally World and
 talked to Dee on the phone part of the time while I was
shopping,  but I went over on my cell minutes, just don't
know how much but and am afraid it might
 be a lot...................ewww!!
Course, it was worth every penny of it......see #12!  lol

I am thankful
for something really affirming that my sweet daughter
said to me today, children really are such a blessing
from the Lord.  I also got to talk with Scott for over
an hour on the phone this week too, while he was
driving to Tampa,  so that was sweet as well.

Just another pretty shot of the backyard.

Well,  hope that video lifted your spirits, 
 if you didn't watch it 
you definitely should...................

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

Love, Blessings and 
Raccoon Hugs,



  1. Raccoons are cute as long as they don't decide to move in. Then they're not so cute! LOL!

  2. Hey Nellie,
    I am thankful today for my wonderful doctor! She makes a visit to the doctor so pleasant! Good report... Will just take a little longer to clear up all the way. PTL!!!

    Love ya bunches!

  3. Hi, Nellie. I posted, but it only lasted a few seconds!!! So, here goes another try!
    #1. & #2. I forgot about our church holding a prayer vigil!! I remember when we held a prayer service around the flag pole at school. Teachers could do so if it wasn't on the school time.
    #3. There's nothing more beautiful than LORD's lush floral gardens!
    #4. I hope he doesn't keep coming back to see!!
    #5. & #6. A double blessing from our LORD! Enjoy!!!
    #7. Isn't it amazing! Our quiet time in reading His WORD and prayer, His Spirit's moving in things we see and hear, even prayers He lays on our hearts when we turn over in our sleep at night. I remember whispering prayers in this manner!
    #8. I'm sure he is blessed with you hearing from the LORD as well!
    #9. I'm sure they will be just as thankful in receiving it!
    #10. What a special blessing he is to so many. The people he is bringing to the LORD I'm sure brings an infilling of the Holy Spirit that we can not relate to.
    #11. If you want to use my phone, you can! I have 5885 minutes!! Since I only use it for emergencies, I never use the minutes.
    #12. I can only imagine it is like the affirmation GOD gets when salvation occurs with each person who comes to Him trust to save!
    Love to you all, Susan.
    (Well, let me try this again!)

  4. You are so more brave than I am when it comes to the wildlife! But then again, we've had our share of visitors here! Hope all the problems were worked out! I am thankful that Olivia is in Tampa NOW and heading home tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your week Nellie!

  5. Those little furry bandits are so funny. I have had them get into my trash can and scare me to death with the noise, lol.

  6. Haven't time to watch video AND write a note - so I've chosen to write :)

    It's always encouraging to read your posts. Seeing God bless your life and loved ones increases my ability to recognize His blessings in my own!


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