Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 17, 2012

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his
 righteousness and I will sing praise to the name
of the Lord Most High.
Psalm 7:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how has your week been??
Very Sweet and Rewarding,
 I hope, since it started out with 
Mother's Day!

Sometimes it is not always easy to praise the
 Lord when there are things happening that we 
would rather not deal with or have happening
in our lives like sickness, or conflict, or broken
relationships, money issues, etc., but I have
learned those are the times we need to do it
the most really,  because it helps us gain much
needed perspective and to realize our whole
live is not a mess,  it is only in one or two areas
 and we are focusing our whole attention just on
 that...........which is enough to depress anyone
but thankfully
this has not been one of those weeks.  lol

So don't even know why I said all that 
accept maybe the Lord knew someone
needed to hear it.................

I have been wanting some Tulips since
February, but there were none to be found
but finally last Friday we were in Sam's club
and I spied these pretty coral colored mini
tulips, and I was needless to say
they came home with me, an early Mom's
Day gift.  So with that I will start my list
of thankfuls...................

I am thankful
for a lovely Mother's Day weekend,
and thankful for the sweet and lovely
cards,  gifts and guestures.

I am thankful
for the sweet hubby and kids I have,
they are all such a blessing to me,
as well as my sweet sister-in-law.

I am thankful
for a really good movie we watched last 
night that is based on a true story and really has 
a great message about priorities in life.
It is called " The Way Home".  Got it from netflix 
as always.  Definitely a thumbs up movie.
It is just so great that their are so many good
movies these days with great life messages.

I am thankful
for the cards I have designed, embellished
 and printed this last week, and for how much
fun it was creating them. 

and here they are.................

I am thankful
that we finally got some rain again as every-
thing was getting so dry, and we just put down
some lil patches of grass seed in a bare area,

so hoping to see some grass sprouts soon!  lol

I am thankful
that Scott and Megan really liked their 
Anniversary present I made for them,
and that they had a lovely day celebrating
their first Anniversary.

This is for you Diane.....
Thanks so much for the great idea

The blue paper is there to conceal their last name,
and the glare just couldn't be helped, no matter
what I did................

I made the above to go with their wedding 
vows, which can hang on either side of this,
if they want.  I did their vows and put them
 in the same frames, had a pic to show you but
if you blow it up you can read the vows and 
didn't want to invade their privacy but here
 is just a lil piece of what it looked like

Megan chose the border and I typed, printed
and framed it.  These are called floating frames, 
the picture sits between 2 recessed pieces of
glass, and then the wall or background shows
thru the glass.
They hung them up on their Anniversary,  so
 can't wait to see them on their wall.

I am thankful
that I found a bathing suit tonight that
I like, definitely an answer to prayer.
and yeah, the search is over!!  lol

I am thankful
that a young gal and her hubby that used to come
 to our church and was on the church drama team but 
moved away some time ago, (and they were sorely
missed, she is an amazing young lady) came to the
 church again this weekend,  they do that every so 
often and it's always great to see them,  but we 
were very excited to find out she is doing an acting
 part in a new christian film that is coming out fairly
 soon. We are so excited for her, cause she is a really
good actress..........found out she and her sons were
 in the movie "Dolphin tale" as well.  The new movie
 is called "The Investigator" and I checked out the
 trailer for the movie and looks like it is gonna
 be really good.

To see the trailer just click here!
Our friend is the girl in the trailer that asks the other
 lady how long until her baby is due.

I am thankful
for something I did this morning that I have not done
in ages,  at least not in the morning or by myself.
It was take a walk in my neighborhood, it was so delightful
and refreshing as it was cool, overcast and breezy for most
 of my walk,  and since it rained all day yesterday every-
thing was so green and pretty with wonderful clear
blue skies............loved every minute!!

I am thankful
that some houses in our neighborhood that were looking
 rather unloved have been gloriously loved again, and are
 looking great now................

I am thankful
for Lays kettle cooked reduced fat potato chips.
They are just the best chips, and they only have
3 ingredients, potatoes, oils which are heart
healthy oils, and salt.  No preservatives, and
if you haven't tried them you are missing
out,  but have to say I can't keep them in
the house all the time, cause I just love them
a lil too much, if you know what I mean!!  lol

I am thankful
for restaurants that give us ladies a break from
cooking,  and for the owners and workers in those
restaurants.  They earn every penney they get!
My Grandparents and Dad owned a diner for 
3/4's of my life,  so I worked there some, and
 both of my kids have worked in the restaurant
 industry as well, when they were going to school, 
 so I know from first hand experience and am
very grateful to these workers, cause they put
up with a lot of grief and rudeness from folks,
so I am extra nice and polite to my servers.

That's my wrap up for this week.

Hope you had lots
 to be thankful for too.

Glad you came by,  make sure
you say Hello..................

Hugs and Blessings Galore,


  1. I could add my personal "amen" to almost all your "thankfuls", Nellie!

    You have a fine way of counting your blessings. Your anniversary project for your children was REALLY fantastic. I can imagine how thrilled they were to get it.

    Glad you've had a good week. (Though we've had a few scares and tough times, today held some unexpected pleasures. God IS good. All the time!

  2. WOW Nellie, the cards are soooo professional looking. I so enjoy making cards. They can be personalized in so many ways.

    The picture turned out great. I know Scott and Megan with love it. The floating glass is so popular.

    Take care and have a blessed week.

  3. Very nice list this week! Your tulips are really pretty and the gift you made for your daughter came out nice as well! Hope you're having a nice day!!!

  4. #1. I'm thankful for you to be the only "mother" I have left to celebrate Mother's Day. Thank you, LORD, for Nellie and her insight as a mom! Thank you for inviting me to eat with you on Sunday!
    #2. I thank you for including me in your Mother's Day! I always love to celebrate with you, Jim and the family!
    #3. I need to get signed on to NetFlix!
    #4. I really love my card you made for me! Your cards hold a special place in my heart and my cardbox!
    #5. You know it! I can already see the difference in my "grass!" (Ha!)
    #6. What a beautiful gift for so many years to come. I love the floating frames! What a great idea!
    It will go with any decor!
    #7. Yeah! As for me, I'll use my shorts and shirt, ha!
    #8. Yep! That's her! I taught her son in Kindergarten!
    #9. Your neighborhood has great tailored yards too!
    #10. Yes!
    #11. Now the only thing left is if someone would make them with no calories, ha!
    #12. Amen! Now that I'm retired, I find myself eating out more! Usually on Wednesday and Sundays with the Ladies in my Bible class, and then on Thursdays and some Mondays with Alice and Boddy!
    Have a great weekend! I love you all so much, Susan.

  5. Hi Nellie, As always, you have a wonderful Thankful list. Love all your pics too-your tulips look perfect in the pitcher and your cards & gift you gave your kids are wonderful. Hope you have a delightful weekend-maybe you're at Becky's big event?
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! We did have a wonderful time in Florida. The weather was suppose to thunderstorms everyday. But as soon as I got there I asked God for all sunshine. And he delivered! All sun all the time! :)
    We did see sharks and sting rays. It was so funny to see everybody getting out of the ocean from all the way down the coast. We'd let them pass and get back in. Made it exciting!
    Now I'll have to wait till October(God willing) to get back there. In the mean time I better get cracking on finding a new bigger house. I'll need God's help on this one too. I hope he's not getting annoyed with all my wants. LOL!
    big hugs,

  7. Those tulips are beautiful. I never did find any around here except during Valentine's Day madness & they were way too expensive. Those cards are great! I love to make my own cards, too!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my post "I'm So Truly Spoiled!" I count my many blessings every single day!


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