Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warm Fuzzy Tuesday #8

Be sure to take time to stop and smell the flowers!

Greetings Sweet Folks,

Hope you are having a lovely week 
thus far...........

We had a nice quiet weekend just the 2 of us.  Went
to a movie Friday night,  but turned out to be nothing
we could recommend to anyone,  it was a nice new
theatre here in town, and we went to a late show,  so
 that part was fun at least...............

Saturday was just a laid back, restful day with some
talking, looking for a cabin to rent for vacation, reading,
 exercising and movie watching. The movie was called
 "Welcome to Paradise".  Actually we have seen it several 
times before,  but forgot to remove it from our netflix queue, 
 but it is a good movie, so we didn't mind seeing it again.

Sunday was our usual routine.  We are really liking the
 new Sunday School cirriculumn we are doing about
the 2nd half of marriage.  We have been talking about
expectations, then forgiveness this week, not just with
our spouses, but with children, extended family members,
friends, whoever really...............
  some hard truths........ but good stuff!!

Monday was a good day but later, a bit disappointing.
We had found this perfect cabin on Saturday and the
price was great and it was beautiful and on a river, and
 it had wonderful reviews and were owned by some 
christian people and they had the week open that we
 wanted, and they had bikes and kayaks as well, but 
when I called they said they had taken it off the listings for
 the whole summer so their family could use it.  Which is 
great for their family,  just don't know why the realty 
company had not posted that!
Oh well,  we will just keep looking, if it is meant
for us to go,  we will find something................
and maybe even better than before!!

Well.......... guess I had better tell you
what my "WARM FUZZY" is today!

It is being on vacation and having the time to really pour
 over a wonderful new decorating magazine that is full of
 beauty and inspiration, and seeing something that I can 
do easily in my own home!  Somehow, when I am on 
vacation and resting, my mind is just more creative,
and I get these great inspirations and then it gives me
something exciting to look forward to when I get back
from my trip and get unpacked.........................
Simply Love that anticipation!!  
Definitely a warm fuzzy!!

If you click here you can see one of those inspirations
from a few years ago, some kitchen tweaking!
Three years ago all the pics were smaller,  so you
will need to click on them to make them larger,  I
think when you click on one now, it makes them all
larger in a slide show type format, which is nice.

Have a Warm Fuzzy Day!!

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Well, it's almost time for me to come to your state on vacation. A dozen days and Lizzie and I will be roasting on the beach! I do hope you find your cabin! Kayaks are fun. I took one in the ocean with my sisters and when we got back to shore it tipped all of us out. LOL!

  2. Hope your vacation continues to be relaxing and restorative.

  3. I.m pretty impressed that you can stay awake for a late movie. We rarely go, but most often if we do-it is in the afternoon!

    I love vacation, anytime and any place! Hope you find your cabin!

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