Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 26, 2012

Hello Sweet Peas
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

Hope you have had a great week!

It has been a great week for me, and as always
so much to be thankful for!  So guess I will get

I am thankful
for all the work I have accomplished in my
back yard over the last week or so.  

I am thankful
for the great time we had with both our kids
 and their spouses last weekend.
Such joy filled times!

I am thankful
for friends and cyber friends as well.
They are all such an incredible blessing.

Dry Brush affect on my white roses.  This is an old picture,
cause I no longer have them, they died a few Winters back.  Poo!

I am thankful
for the beautiful cool weather we had this week
 because of the Noreaster that went through.

I am thankful
for a neat movie we watched on Monday
night called "Wide Awake", it was truly an
adorable, heartwarming and funny movie,
with a few sad parts. Hubby and I both thought
it was really  terrific, and enjoyed it so much.
  It is about a 10 yr. old boy (who is truly adorable)
who lost his beloved grandfather to cancer, and he
 is on a mission to find God.  I am not one for
 watching movies several times,  but this one
would qualify.......................

I am thankful
for reconnecting with a dear long time friend as
 prayer partners once a week.  This is great cause we
are really like sisters, but have lost touch in latter years,
for one reason or another, so this should help
 keep us reconnected.

I am thankful
for Mango/Key Lime pie from Publix,  It is a
delectable tropical taste sensation and just so yummy
 and perfect for spring time or summer!

I am thankful
for the heart health of dark chocolate and for the
yummy candy bars they have that are dark chocolate,
we try to eat a small piece every day............
Such a chore...............lol

I am thankful
for the sweet surprise of the day, that  I spent with a
really sweet lady from my church.  She was coming
by today to pick something up and we wound up
having lunch together and talking for about 5 hrs.
It was great to get to know her more,  and just a
delightful day for both of us. A girl day for sure,
and we have soooo much in common.............
kindred spirits for sure!

Posterized hydrangeas

I am thankful
that I was able to not only find what I needed,
but loved the find...... as it is to finish a project that
 will be a gift for someone, but that is all I can say
 for now cause I never know who might be

I am thankful
for 45 solemn, quiet, refreshing minutes sitting on the
 lounger in my backyard, as the sun was going down
 and peeking thru the trees, while I poured over a free
 Veranda magazine, and drank in the scenery of both.
Another God given delightful time!

I am thankful
that all the shrubs we cut back rather drastically a few
 months ago, in our backyard, have all filled in and look
 so lush and green. You would never know we cut them!

Well, that is it for today..................

So glad you could stop by,  and really
 looking forward to hearing from you............

Hope you have a Thankful or Two
 to share with us!

Love,  Hugs,  and
Sweet Surprise Blessings to you!



  1. I had to smile at your chocolate comment...hard to do, I'm sure. I'm glad you had a good week. We were gone all last week and truly got to see God's hand at work in some of the beautiful nature we saw. We also saw man's hand at work in some of the clutter in other places!!

    How lucky you are to get to see both of your kids...I'm missing my daughter, I haven't seen her since Christmas.

  2. #1. My yard looks like a desert!
    #2. Joy abounds!
    #3. Amen! (I need to get on line more! I've been slack lately!)
    #4. I believe the cool set some records for our area.
    #5. Hallmark has a great new movie called, "Firelight!"
    #6. As with my friend, Sylvia.
    #7. You found that too, huh! I've been buying it for the past year or so!
    #8. I love the dark chocolate, but am suppose to not eat it because of the caffine.
    #9. This is how my brunch with Sylvia goes. Now that I'm retired and we meet once a month, we don't meet for 4 or 5 hours like in the past when we met once a year!
    #10. I know what it is!!!
    #11. Refreshing moments with the LORD!
    #12. I'm sad to say my 15 foot high Queen Palm is no more. It died this last winter and my neighbor cut it down. It was planted in memory of mom from Barry and Peggy. Alice had one of hers that was 20 ft high die also.

    It had been awhile since I blogged and came back to find a new format!!! It took me a bit to figure it out! Love to all of you, Susan

  3. I'm so glad to hear you are having such a great life. You really sound like you are taking advantage of every minute. Enjoy! :)
    PS I think all chocolate is healthy. I mean something that makes you so happy could never be bad! LOL!

  4. Hi Nellie!

    As always...love your thankful heart!
    And love how God is blessing you!!
    You are soooo thoughtful and encouraging. It's only fitting that He give some of it back to you!!

    Love ya!

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous and it is so uplifting to hear all you are thankful for. Most people are just complaining, lol. Have a blessed week. Hugz, Diane


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