Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 5, 2012

Since Easter is all about Jesus,  thought I would
add this sweet picture of a figure depicting him
with the lil children.

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Well, hope your week has been way
 better than mine, cause I have been sick all week
and still fighting this wicked virus, it feels like the never
ending story!!  lol

Have to say this post was a little tougher than usual since I have
 done nothing all week but rest, cough, breathe, eat and try to sleep.
Oh yea, I have actually done a lil reading and watched a movie,
 can't even recall the name of it right now, so can you tell I am
 rather out out of it.  I am gonna get started .........

I am thankful

that if I had to be sick it was the week after my
birthday,  and not the week of my birthday.
Think the enemy was trying to wipe out all the
sweetness and love of the week before, not to mention 
the good things that are happening for me physically
Have had some difficulty keeping up with the breathing
and woke up to a few backaches. The deep breathing
 makes me cough sometimes,  but doing as much as I
possibly can,  so no backaches the last few days.

Just thought I would show you some Easter scenes from last year.

I am thankful
that when I went to the Dr. on Tuesday to get checked
 out, she said my lungs were all clear,  cause that was why I
 went,  cause was having a lil trouble taking in as deep of
 breathe as normal, so was concerned I might be getting
bronchitis or worse yet pneumonia.  They did a test (never knew
they had one) to tell if it was the flu or not. It was not,  so she
 said it was probably just a nasty virus that had to run it's course.
  I am most thankful that I did not have to take antiobiotics,
  as they usually cause me a lot of issues.


I am thankful
that my SIL Susan finally got her new laminate wood floors
 put in,  as she has been waiting quite some time now..... and 
she is thrilled to pieces.  So happy for her.

I am thankful
that a dear friend of almost 40 years might come over to 
visit us for Easter, course only if I am over this stuff,
certainly don't want to give it to anyone else,
It is not fun folks!
Just heard from a blog friend today that her daughter
had it for 9 days and now she has it and feel awful.
How well I know!!  lol
Then talked to another friend and she had the same
thing for 2 weeks and then had to go to the Dr. and
get a Zpack and that finally knocked it out after
another 5 days!!  

I am thankful
for Alleve cold and sinus, lots of water, the recliner,
a thermometer, throat lozenges, mouth wash, hot coffee
 pillows,and  hubby which all brought comfort during this
lovely time!!  lol  Just a wee bit of sarcasm!!

I am thankful
that I have lost 3 pds., the only bright spot of this whole thing.
  Certainly not the way I would choose to do it,  but at least it got
 my scales going in the right direction,  cause no matter what I have
 done lately,  it just kept going up.

I am thankful
that hubby was able to get most everything done to the yard
yesterday by himself.  Typically I help him by doing the mowing
since we have a riding mower, while he does the weedwacker,
 edging,  and blows everything off,

I am thankful
for our riding mower and lawn equipment because it
really makes doing the yard fairly easy, and quick,
and it looks so nice afterwards.

I am thankful
for cracker barrel veggies.  Tuesday night I was still
feeling pretty bad,  but we had gotten some Tilapia
to make,  so I just threw that in the oven,  and hubby
ran by and got 2 veggie plates from Cracker Barrel.
So that was our dinner the last 2 nights.
Thank Goodness!!

I am thankful
for our air purifier because when it is on, it helps drown out
 noise, which has been very useful this week,  sinceI am coughing
 so much and uncomfortable, as I am back and forth between the
 bed and recliner and up reading or in the kitchen eating something
 cause I can't sleep,  so at least it drowns my noise out, so hubby
can sleep.

I am thankful
we are suppose to go to the wedding of a dear friend's daughter,
 this weekend, or at least I hope so, as the days go by it isn't looking
real good,  as I keep running a low grade fever, and hubby came home
tonight saying he feels like he might be coming down with it.

I am thankful
for a dear godly friend that always tells me the truth
and gives such wise advice.  She is priceless.

Want to thank you for coming by,
 I wish you all,


He is Risen,  He is Risen Indeed!

Love, Hugs,
and Resurrection Morning Blessings,


NanaNor's said...

Dear Nellie, I am so sorry you have been done with a cold/flu bug. I'm glad you have been taking it easy though. My hubby got a cold this week to but seems to be fighting it. I'll be praying you get to go to Becky's girls wedding. I'm still having vertigo and like you so very tired of it. WE leave next Wed. for the Islands and I really want to be over it-would appreciate prayers too. I get it every spring/summer so know what to do but just want it gone. Easter blessings to you dear friend.
Hugs and prayers, Noreen

Rebecca said...

Wow! You sound miserable - even though you're trying to be thankful, your discomfort comes through. I have prayed that this will pass quickly for you....and until it does, that you will come to an increased & fresh experience of what the joy of the Lord is all about!

Cinderella Moments said...

You made me laugh with your comment about losing 3lbs. I love your positive attitude! I think your immune system is weaker after winter. I have heard from dozens of people who are very sick. My dad got sick and he never gets sick! I sure hope you get better by this weekend so you can enjoy yourself. Happy Easter!

The 2 Seasons said...

You have a lot to be thankful for and it is always good to write it down to remember. Hope you are feeling better.

Hope Filled Living said...

Dear Nellie,
I pray that you are all better now and can enjoy some of this Easter weekend. Sorry that you were so sick. Hugs to you,

Sister Susie said...

#1. I am praying for the LORD to heal you for your weekend of worship. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
#2. I'm so thankful your lungs are clear. I pray your broncil tubes will clear too.
#3. YEAH!!! I went to take some pictures to put on my blog, but my camera was dead, :-( It is now charging! I haven't gotten too much put back yet as I need to get the right coverings for the bottom of my chairs, etc. It is so beautiful! It brightens the room with the shine of the sun coming in the bay windows! I give thanks to the LORD!
#4. It must be the "new" "flu" for this year. (I know it's not listed as a flu.) Did you get a flu shot this year?
#5. Yeah! Hubbies that love their wives when they are sick shows true devotion!
#6. Weight loss is great, however, it would really be better if it didn't have to be from sickness :-(
#7. When George can no longer do mine, wow, I'm going to realize how blessed I have been for his taking care of it (three acres!!!)
#8. I surely hope mine is still working. George uses his equipment.
#9. My neighbor Alice and I went to see the Passion play at Orlando's first Baptise Church. I used my Cracker Barrel card for us as she paid for the tickets. I had their turkey/dressing dinner, Alice ate the fish you were talking about.
#10. I need to get my old one going in the bird's room. The new one I bought doesn't work as well.
#11. Oh No! I don't think you could get away with wearing veils, huh?
#12. I think of you in the same! It's so good to have an open heart to those who love us.
I love you all so much, Susan

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you've not been well. It seems like that crude is running its course everywhere.
Good to hear your praises. There are so many things we take for granted each day. I too try to acknowledge the blessings the good Lord gives me. I have an extra-special one this year, as you know. :) Thanks for listening to this proud Mimi.
I wish you and yours a peaceful and blessed Easter Sunday.

momto8 said...

hope you are better by now! Easter blessings all around you...