Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tablescape Thursday - Easter table for 2012


How is your day going!! 
 Hope this finds you in the pink!!

My day is going well,  still coughing and wondering if this
 stuff is ever gonna go away!!  lol
Feeling good so guess that is the most important thing!

Hubs and I just came in from sitting in the sun for 15 mins.
of his lunch hour, course, that is about all we can take when
the wind isn't blowing! It feels so delicious when you first 
go out,  cause you are cold soaked from the A/C, but that
Florida sun heats you up pretty quickly.
But we love getting our Vitamin D that way!!  lol

Thought I would show you our Easter table today, since
everyone will be sick of seeing Easter decor soon, if 
not already. Figured it was now or never!  lol

 I am very happy I got it started before I go so sick,  it is
 simple as was our dinner!   Had planned a simple dinner
 since we planned to be at a wedding the night before,  but
it worked out well since I was still feeling under the
weather on Easter.  

Had these appleblossom branches that I bought to make an
Easter tree with some years back and then didn't like how it
looked,  so have never used them,  so decided it was time!

Found this tablecloth in the closet,  had forgotten all about it,
bought it some years back, almost 10 yrs. cover
some chair seats with,  then our house flooded and our decor
changed so it never happened,  so I thought that would make
a pretty and different Easter Table.  So it was the first
inspiration,  the apple blossom branches the 2nd.

These robins egg blue napkins I bought for my birthday was the
3rd,  really had no plan to use them for Easter but saw them and
don't have napkins this color, and it is one of my fav colors,
so they were perfect!

Made the lil placecards with print shop.  Used my basket weave
dishes,  and notice the new have never seen
it before because my sweet SIL just gave it to me last week.
It was my 4th inspiration!!  lol
She is revamping her home and cleaning out,  so she asked me if
I would like to have it since it belonged to my late Mother in law.
It originally belonged to hubbies cousin who passed away from
skin cancer when she was just 26 yrs. old.  Ironically, she
worked at the cancer Institute in Tennessee.
 I always thought that so strange......................

Lovely birdhouse a gift from a friend
some years back

A sweet lil birdie from another friend a few years

Cute lil painted wooden eggs in a nest.

Looking from the opposite end of the table,  these
pics came out better because I am blocking some of
the light from the dining room window as I am taking
the picture,  Hard to get as good a pic from the other
end unless I cover the window,  wasn't feeling good
enough to fool with that  when I was taking pics.

Can you see I changed a few things in this picture,
I added a pretty candle in the middle that matches
the end ones and moved the nest over.

This sweet lil bunny used to be
my Dee's when she was a lil
girl.  I think she's adorable, and
look forward to giving it to her
daughter hopefully, one of
these days

This is another nest on the other
side of the table.  See the
pretty candle holder.
All 3 from another friend.

I had these lil nest in the bowl at first,  but decided
to put them on the table instead.............
We had different colors that matched the tablecloth
and they all had jelly beans and peanut M&M's inside.

I do love this silverware,  somehow it reminds me of
something my mom used to have as well.  Don't know
what it is tho.....................

One of my fav shots,  and these are the new glasses
hubby gave me for my birthday, at my request.  He
doesn't typically give me things for the house unless
 I request them!  He liked most fellas have
They came with juice glasses, which is what we needed
 the  most that was my main motivation!

Decided to give you a closer look!  lol
See what a pretty day it was.....................

Another shot of the centerpiece,  but this was before I
added the candle.

One of the smaller candle cups.

Another overhead shot

Same picture,  just posterized for fun!

Thanks for stopping by and for all 
your kind comments,
it is always great hearing from you!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday
and a Truly Thankful Thursday,

Am linking up to Susan over at
Between naps on the porch,
So just click here to see all the
lovely and creative tablescapes.

Belated Easter Blessings
to all you Sweet Friends................


Note to followers or visitors:
I just want you to know that if
 I have never visited you, it is only
because I can't get thru, cause many
of you came thru google friends
connect,  and I don't know what to
do about it because they will not
allow me to leave comments, plus
supposedly they did away with
google friends connect...........
so if you would leave me a 
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on my side bar, I will be in touch!
Again Sorry...........


Walking on Sunshine... said...

As usual your table setting is beautiful! I love the eggs! I have something funny to tell you and wonder how you would have handled it! I set a pretty table as well for Easter and while I was in the kitchen putting dishes in the dishwasher, my brother-in-law proceeded to start removing my centerpiece and other pretty decor so he could shake out the tablecloth! I almost had a heart attack! Our table is extra wide and I always need to very big table cloths for it and they take some time to get on just so. I quite nicely asked him to please put my table back together! Never in my life has anyone ever done that! LOL!!!! Hope you're feeling better!!!

Scribbler said...

Thanks for visiting -- sorry you have been sick. Your table is beautiful! It always makes me feel better to make a pretty table!

Nann from At Nann's Table said...

Nellie I was SO delighted that you came to my blog and made a comment. I think your easter table is just precious. I love every single thing about it. And I love your blog. It is just delightful. I am now following you. Its so nice meeting you Nellie!


Leslie's Garden said...

Love the softness of this table. Very pretty, who wouldn't want to eat here?!!

momto8 said...

hope you are feeling better today! Your table setting is so pretty..I love your soft colors and stories!!
have a happy healthy weekend!

Kathleen said...

Love your sweet Easter tablescape, all the right colors. Hope you are feeling better! I haven't visited in a while!

Jenny said...

You still made everything lovely even though you aren't feeling well.

What a lovely heart you have.

Anonymous said...

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