Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 12, 2012

I rec'd these lilies last Thursday or Friday, and as you can see they 
weren't open yet, so I have taken pics several times a day to show
 their progress and make it sort of seem like time lapse photography.
  Hope you enjoy the pics, as much as I have enjoyed the lilies.

Hello Sweet Peas,

Hope your day and your week has
been a good one.

Several starting to
open up!

My day was good......and

I am very thankful
to be feeling so much better, even tho this
virus is still taking it's sweet time going away!

The first 2 still opening up!

I am thankful
for these beautiful lilies my sister in law
brought me when I was sick.  They brought
some cheer to me,  and also got me to finally
do something I had been thinking about, change
the pic over my kitchen table.  I will show you
that next week sometime.

Fully opened,
and I moved them 
around to the front
of the vase to see
them better.

I am thankful
that we were able to get together as a family
for Easter,  and praise God no one else has
 gotten sick!!

2 more opening on
the left side.

1 open, and 1 still

4 left to open!

I am thankful
that the wedding for Becky's daughter turned
out so well,  that would be Becky from over at
 Junk to Joy!  She said it was just so enchanting!
So glad for all those great memories for she 
and her precious family.

Fully opened!

Four fully

I am thankful
that we are getting a new couple to work with,
this time it will be for premarital counseling,
which we have never done before,  but think
after 41 yrs. and with the Lord's help we should
certainly be able to come up with something!!  lol

Notice  the color difference
of the first ones that opened
vs the new ones that opened.
the white edges turn pale
pink,  and the flower more
plum colored.

I am thankful
that a mistake that I made when I was paying our
bills last week, while I was feeling my worst, turned out
 to be not as bad as I first thought.....Shew!
Somehow,  I got the wrong envelope and sent our ATT
 check to our local Water Co. and at first I thought oh no,
 that means ATT has the check for the Water Co.,
  Fortunately,  our water bill wasn't do yet,  so that meant
 it was the last bill I wrote,  and it was only for the
water company.  Yeah.................

done in watercolor affect!

An overall look
at 7 blooms.

I am thankful
I am going out with a dear friend to Olive
Garden tonight as a belated birthday celebration,
it will be great to see her cause it has been over
a month now.
Well, went and I am back and we had a great
time, always so fun to connect with friends.

I am thankful
fpr Publix subs,  they are so good.  Bought one
for hubby for dinner since I was going out and
he has a meeting,  so decided to get one for
me for lunch,  sure hit the spot after grocery

I am thankful
for all the buy one get one free deals at 
Publix every week.  Cause we stock up when
we see things we use a lot.  Today I stocked
up on Vann's gluten free waffles,  every tried
them,  they are great,  and I really love them
with fruit and whipped cream for breakfast
or a fun snack.

I am thankful
we get to go to a wedding this weekend (Lord
Willing) for one of my daughter's best friends, Dee
 and Megan are in the wedding as Bridesmaids,
So it should be really see them all.

This was taken with the flash on,  and it made them a lil different
in color.  Brighter!

I am thankful
it has been sunny all week and I have been able
to get out and get a lil bit of sun especially on
my arms since I am planning to wear a sleeve-
less dress to the wedding.  You always look
better with some color!!  lol

Shot  from the other side.

I am thankful
for a really neat movie we watched on Wed.
night called "What If?" .  It is a very thought
provoking movie, about a man's life and the
choices he made and what if he had chosen
differently.  Has a good ending and a very
good message.  Netflix has it!!

Sorry for all the gaps in here,  it looked nothing
like that before I posted it......don't know why or
how that happens,  so wierd!

Well, hope you have enjoyed
 the Lily Delight!

Hope you have a great weekend
with lots of fun and rest!

Thanks for stopping by,
always love hearing from you!

Love, Hugs, and
 Delightful Lily Blessings,

With posterized affect!


  1. Dear Nellie, I am thankful that you are starting to feel a bit better. So sorry you didn't get to go to the wedding last weekend but hoping you get to go to your daughter's best friends wedding. What beautiful lillies-the pollen from them stains though. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs, NOreen

  2. The lillies are beautiful & are so amazing as they begin opening. Good to hear you are feeling better. So many people are or have been sick lately. Keep getting better!

  3. Hi, Nellie! I'm so sorry I'm late posting! I have been tired since Sarah (my cat) has kept me up at night, yowling! I don't think she likes the changes in the living/dining room! Once she gets used to it, I put something else in and it "displeases" her again, ha! The lilies look gorgeous! I like the different effects you did with the pictures.
    #1. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I hope by now you are back to normal!
    #2. I can't believe how big they are! I'm so glad they lasted a while for you. I don't know why they won't live that long for me!
    #3. I so enjoy your family gatherings at your house! It means so much to me to be apart! Thank you!
    #4. Precious memories for them all!
    #5. The LORD greatly bless you as you depart to them GOD's WORD for them and their marriage.
    #6. Praise GOD! I'm sure they would have carried it over as a credit for your next bill. I did that one time and they just credited my account.
    #7. Isn't it great!! I'll be meeting Sylvia this Tuesday. She had to reschedule from last time!
    #8. Yum, yum! I get those too from time to time. One will make three meals for me!
    #9. I need to look for the items better. I usually see the items when you first come in the store. However, I don't usually buy those for the fat, salt, or sugar content.
    #10. Wonderful! I bet both the "girls" were reminded of their weddings! If I can, can I get a picture of them?
    #11. Amen! I found out what was swelling my feet...the vitamin D gelcaps! I stopped taking it and my feet are going back to normal as well as the "dead" feeling in my toes!! My toes are feeling great again! I will be setting a time to go out every day to get the sunshine!
    #12. On my e-mail sign in, there was a netflix you can join on your computer.
    I love you all so much, Susan

  4. Glad you're beginning to feel a little better! Hope you enjoyed your dinner at Olive Garden! Pretty lilies and nice that your sister in law brought them over to cheer you up when you were sick!

  5. I could read your spirits lift as each lovely blossom opened.

    It's nice you finally got to Olive Garden.

    And nice that you're surrounding yourself with beauty and joy while you're under the weather.

    Do you know the song "Heavenly Day" by Patty Griffin? It was playing on my I-pod when I was reading this and a perfect background to your blessings.

  6. Another wedding! Wow! People are really into weddings right now. So much fun for you since you missed the last one. Well have a terrific time! You must be feeling way better by now.

  7. Hi Nellie,

    I am sorry you have been so sick. I didn't even bad. I just had to come over and say hi and let you know how much I love and appreciate our friendship and your loyalty as a follower on my sparse blog. You and Susan are the best commenters I have...and another sweet friend, Marie. Sometimes those few comments are just enough to light my fire again.

    I think the problem you are having with your spacing is all Blogger. Are you on that new formatting with the different dashboard now? They are converting everyone over during this month. I am and I have all kinds of spacing problems with it. They need to get that fixed. It is annoying to be sure.

    Your flowers were just beautiful I have some gorgeous Tulips and Irises and I did the same thing taking lots of photos of the blooming. So pretty and a fun thing to do. Don't you just wonder what we ever did before digital cameras? Ugh!

    Love you and all your family. Thanks for stopping by to see me!

    Hugs, B


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