Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thankful Thursday August 25, 2022, and a Summer Table from the past.

It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, 
Psalm 92:1-2 NIIV

Greetings and Salutations

Sweet Friends,

Hope this find you well and Joyful, and hope those of you who have children that are back in school are settling in to your new season and schedule. 

We are doing well, and have had lots of rain this week, so everything is beautiful and green, as the grass and plants always love Heavens water the best!  Even tho we have had rain, it hasn't been an overwhelming amount which is good.  The perfect amount really......

Thought I would share a nice Summer Table from the past since this is my last August Post, and will be starting into Fall pictures soon.....since everyone in blogland seems to have their hearts turning to Fall now.

So on with my Thankfuls..................


Thankful to see lil darling for a few hours after school.  Also thankful for a night out runnings some errands and din din at Outback steak house.


Thankful that one of our favorite TV series has just come out with a new season.  We weren't sure if they would or not,  so we were delighted they did.  It is called "Chesapeake Shores" and this is Season 6. We have watched all of them and it is a very clean with great story lines and characters. We highly recommend it. 


Thankful for some really yummy peach/apple cobbler made by Pattie Labelle, if you remember her music. Wally World sells her baked goods, and all the ones we have had are awesome.


Thankful the hardware came in for our dresser way earlier than expected, and we have now replaced it and it looks great.  More Modern and we are really very pleased with the way it looks. Amazing what just changing the hardware can do!!


Thankful for a lovely day at church, and breakfast at Perkins just us. Our usual sidekicks are out of town


Thankful for a sweet young lady that we

 have known since she was 3 yrs. old and

 have been friends with her family for

 years and years. The Lord used

 her to answer a prayer for me, about

 something I was concerned about. 

 God is so good!  Thanks Jenn.


Thankful for my new nutri-bullet I got

for Mother's day, it makes the best

smoothies and quick!  There is only

2 that I make that I really love.

Here's the one I made today

                        find the recipe here.  


Thankful that we finally found an under

 burner plate for our stove. I just needed

 one, but they are making them in black and

 not so shiny, and mine are shiny, and don't

 need to replace them all,  then there was a

 size issue too.  Crazy!  Thank heavens

 there are still some stores you can go to

 find things you need.


Thankful that hubbies blood work came

 back so quickly. Just had it done on

 Tuesday, and it doesn't usually come to us,

 goes to the Doctor. Anyway, so thankful

 everything was great!  No flags!  Always

 such great news!!

and it takes all the angst out of his

 upcoming Drs. visit.


Thankful we got to work out in the front

 side yard today, cutting out the dead

 palmetto palms.  Not finished yet but it

 looks way better already.  Didn't stay out

 as long today because it was super muggy

 and hot and no breeze at all, 

I am sooo looking forward to cooler

 mornings that could happen in mid to late

 September hopefully.



Thankful for something I read yesterday

 that gave me a new perspective on a

 chronic physical problem that I have

 had for my whole life which has

 only worsened with age.  I have accepted it,

 and feel it is my thorn in the flesh from

 God to keep me humble, and have

 even thanked Him for it and seen him bring

 good things out of it, but what I read made

 me see it as a gift, and Ihave never seen it

 for that......and as I pondered that it made

 me see the good things, He had brought out

 it as a gift too, rather than just good


 Love the way God can change our

 perspective in a moment and when we least

 expect it.


Thankful for a new book we are reading

called the Makers Diet.  It was sent to us by

TBN, and we did not order it or ask for it,

so thought maybe we should read it,  as it

could be a gift from God.  So far, it has

been, that is where I read what changed

my perspective on my physical problem.

In Thankful #11.   lol


That's it for Cozy Place this week,

Thanks for dropping by,


Have a Terrific Thursday

and Wonderful Weekend.

Love, Hugs and End of August 


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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Scripture Sunday


Jesus and his teachings...........very important that we know

what those teachings are, (thru reading the Bible) and do

 our best to follow them.

Have a lovely Sunday,

Hugs, Nellie

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thankful Thursday August 18, 2022, Pictures of Paris, France

In God we make our boast all day long,

    and we will praise your name forever.

Psalm 44:8 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hi, How ya doing?? Has it been a good week for you??  Hope so!  Can't believe we are passed mid-August already......only 3 months until Thanksgiving! 

Hard to believe that!!  

             The Eiffel Tower, of course, 

Pictures today are things we saw in Paris, France about 50 years ago.  We lived in Europe our 2nd year of marriage and we got to spend a weekend there.  These are not my pictures altho we do have a lot that are similar, but they are, of course, not digital photos, so I happened to see these on Unsplash and they are pictures of the things that we did see, and it was such a fun blast from the past for me, and who doesn't love to see pictures from other thought you guys might just enjoy seeing them too. You probably will know most of them, so don't be offended if you do, some folks just might not know, so it is for them I labeled them.

So on with my Thankfuls..........


Thankful that lil darlings first day of school went well,and she likes her new teachers.  We also got to take her out to dinner and have a sleepover and then make her fav breakfast and do some of her homeschooling the next day.

        The Arc of Triomphe - First thing                  you see when you enter Paris by car.


Thankful that we got her one of the back packs on wheels (like how they make the suitcases) because we got a great deal, and it was really necessary as she has to bring so many books and things home with her from school, you can't believe how heavy her book bag was..... she looked more like a high schooler than a 3rd grader. lol  It is good that she is strong..... cause I could hardly pick it up.

 We also just read a news report today that said a lot of school kids wind up in the emergency room because of injuries caused by heavy bag packs. I can really believe that too! So we are doubly grateful after reading that!!


Thankful my Son got home safe and sound from a work trip on Friday.

     The Notre Dam Cathedral - the stain
     glass windows are incredibly beautiful.


Thankful that a design project that my daughter

and her friend just finished up turned out really 

well, and their clients were very happy!  They

were an older couple (like her parents.....)

and they had fun doing it as well.


Thankful that a Dr. Appt. with a new Dr. went well for my SIL Susan, and that he didn't change anything.

               The Sacre Coeur Basilica


Thankful for the wonderful memories

of our trip to Paris when we were

only 20 and 24 yrs. old. It was

a trip we will never forget and one

we never ever imagined we would

ever get to do and see the things

we saw in geography or history

books. It was truly amazing to us

to see the Eiffel Tower and the 

Arch of Triomphe

#7and 8

Thankful for a long chat with my

Daughter on the Ipad this Saturday

morning, as we haven't had a chance

to do that lately. Getting to see her as we

talk just adds so much more to the

 conversation and helps to not miss

seeing her so much. Also Thankful for

what a wonderful invention facetime, 

skype and all those sources are...

The Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum

Inside the Louvre Museum - It is such

a huge and beautiful museum, So we

 just looked for the famous paintings

 and sculptures that we read were there,

 like the Venus De Milo, The last Supper

and Monet' Paintings.


Thankful for a good day at church and

a nice lunch out with some other friends

to celebrate the passing of his test for

his job.  Think I mentioned his passing

the test in last weeks we

got to celebrate this week.  lol


Thankful that I got about 7 new cards

done this week.


Pont Alexander Bridge going across 

the Seine River


Thankful for our lovely Daughter, her birthday

was yesterday, and glad she had a good day.  

She and hubby are going to their beach cottage

 for a few days to celebrate and get a change 

of scenery.


Thankful that we got 2 big broken limbs taken off a tree in our back woods, and a bunch of small dead ones as well, and it looks so much better, and I was able to order some new hardware for our old dresser that we moved to the guest bedroom, it will hopefully give it a new more modern look and will match with our new night stands. We are still progressing in there, and we will get there eventually. lol

                The Bastille Monument


Well, that's it for this week at Cozy Place.

Thanks for coming by and

 do come again soon!

Love, Hugs and 

Mid August Blessings,


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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Truths learned from Scripture


I know, because I asked,
 and HE changed my life.....Little by Little
Through my relationship with Jesus  (John 3:16)
and I never have regretted asking.

God is kind and doesn't change everything overnight
because He knows that would be incredibly painful
for us, but He knows exactly what we need and when.
We can trust Him.....He is a trustworthy God!

Have a Blessed Day!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thankful Thursday August 11, 2022, and Summer Flowers and Chicken Gnocchi soup recipe

always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.            Ephesians 5:20 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and hopeful

 in your faith in God today, given the

 crazy things that have happened to

 our 45th President this week.

We give thanks for that even tho

we don't feel like it, but just because

the Lord tells us to.............we have to

remember that the Lord knew this

was gonna happen and HE has a

reason for it, that we might not ever

understand this side of Heaven.

So be encouraged that the Lord

knows what HE is doing!

Pictures today are of Summer Flowers.

Compliments of "Unsplash".

            Now on with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful for dinner out at Carabba's with 

my hubby, and leftovers for din din

 tomorrow night. Just need to make a salad!  

Works for me


Thankful we got our new night stands,

and they were in good shape this time,

at least the first one is that hubby put

together.  We will do the other one on

 Monday.  Thankful we like them and

Thankful they came earlier than expected

 too. So that was a nice unexpected


Note: He put the other one together

today and it was in good shape as 

well and they look nice in the guest

 room,  Just working on styling them

now, since I decided not to put the

 lamps on them this time. Still doing

work in there, but we are a lil but

further than we were.

When we are done I will show you

 some pictures.


Thankful for 1/2 pd. hamburgers

we grill made from grassfed beef.

They are so filling and delicious.


Thankful for pretty fonts, like this one

I am using to write this post with....

I think they just add so much to

whatever you are doing!


Thankful for a good Sunday at church

and a fun time out to lunch with our

 friends to Perkins.  It has been about

a month since we have been able

to go out with them.........

so was very nice!


Thankful for "Perkins" new breakfast

item called "Cinnamon Bun Waffles"

It was really great, and comes with

eggs and bacon. I might just want

to go back next


Thankful for a couple that has recently

come back to our church after 20 yrs.

They were wounded emotionally and

spiritually, and we are so glad they

 came back home to heal.

Their countenance has gotten better

every week now, and this was their

3rd week.  They needed to be some-

where that people can love on them,

and our church is that place.


Thankful that awhile back I found

a copy cat recipe for Olive Gardens

Chicken Gnocchi Soup.  We both like

it, but hubby really loves it. Then we

were in the grocery store recently and

found they had the gnocchi in a pack-

age and all you had to do was cook it

for a few minutes.  Anyway, I decided

to make it today (Monday) and have

to say, I am thankful it came out really 

great, if I do say so myself,  hubs had

 2 bowls, so he definitely was happy 

with it, and so was I.  Here is a link

 to the recipe I found if you would like

 to check it out.  Click Here.


Thankful for my childhood, life long 

friend  LaNeta.  Today is her 70th

Birthday. My family moved next

door to her family when I was just

6yrs old, and she and I became

fast friends, and were pretty much

inseparable and her Mom was like

 a 2nd Mom to me, and they took

me to church with them, and they are

 the #1 reason I am a believer today

 because I saw Jesus in them. 

I've heard it said to preach the

gospel wherever you go and if 

necessary use words. They rarely

used words they just loved me

and lived their lives following 

the Lord, and I saw it and knew

it was because of God and wanted 

what they had.


Thankful for God's word the Bible,

and am especially thankful for the

book of psalms lately, as it is just

so comforting to read and be 

reminded of who God is.....


Thankful for God's peace during these

turbulent times in which we are living.


Thankful for a nice cool shower 

after working in the yard.

Feels like Heaven!!


Well, that's it for Cozy Place

this week.

Happy you could stop by


Hope you have a truly Blessed


Love, Hugs, and

First of August Blessings,


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  Have a  Sweetly Blessed Day! Hugs,  Nellie