Friday, August 5, 2022

Thankful Thursday August 4, 2022, Coastal scenes from our bedroom past

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction,

 faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Greetings and Welcome to August 

Sweet Friends,

Hope it has been a good week for you!!  

Can you believe we are in August already,

Wow.....Fall is just about 6-7 weeks away.

Actually we want feel like Fall tho until

the end of October here. But, hopefully 

will be able to do what I always do.....

 try to fake us out by decorating the house

 for Fall.  lol

Since we are still in Summer I decided

 to show you some Coastal scenes of our 

Bedroom from Summer's past.

It looks quite a bit different now.

Well, on with my Thankfuls....................


Thankful for a fun time on Friday taking 

lil darling out shopping, which is a very

rare occasion, then she and Dad stayed

for dinner and played games. Always

love these times together.

#2 and 3

Thankful to hear back from a previous blogging

friend who hasn't been blogging for years now,

 We had so much in common that we became

 fast friends. It was so good to hear from her,

 but was so sorry to hear she has been going

 through some very hard times. Guess that

 is why the Lord must have prompted me

 to write her in the first place. Now we

can pray for her. Thankful that the Lord

 does that!!

#4 and 5

Thankful for a fun Sunday: Church, then

a quick run to SAM's, out to lunch at

 LongHorns, just the 2 of us, In  the late

afternoon we decided to drive over to where

 we used to live when we first moved here, 

while our now home was being built. 

 What a change to the street we lived on.

There was only 4 houses on our street,

now every lot is filled so there are about

12-14 homes. Really fun to see the old

neighborhood. The house we rented was

right on the golf course, and we have

so many fun memories of walking and

jogging barefoot on the golf course in

the late evening.......our Son was only

 2 1/2  yrs. old back then. We enjoyed

living there so much, and were almost

 sorry when we had to move, course we

got over that very quickly.... and after

seeing the street all filled up the way it

is now, we are extremely happy we didn't 

choose a lot there.  Thankful that after-

wards, we went for ice cream at a new

 place not far from our house, and it

 was really good ice cream and it was

 shaded and breezy out so we were able

 to just sit outside and enjoy it.  

Quite unusual for us here in Florida

 this time of year.


Thankful for good news about my friends

Grandbaby who will be born in September.

She was in breach position but is now in

proper position. 

Thankful too, that her husband passed 

a very important test for his job.

Both are answers to many prayers 

going up for them.


Thankful that my other long time 

friend is recovering nicely from her

hip replacement surgery.  Only 2 wks.

in so she has a ways to go yet!


Thankful that my Son-in-loves parents

are visiting with he and my Daughter

for the week. It has been awhile since

they have been up there, so they were

very excited about their visit.


Thankful for Air Conditioning and paddle

fans. Since we have been working outside

every Wed. morning, I can not tell you

how good the A/C and fans feel when

we come inside.  Glorious!


Thankful for all the berries we have been

enjoying lately.  We always eat strawberries,

but we have been eating blueberries, black-

berries and raspberries too.  We put them

on our bagels to go with our flavored

cream cheese, and putting them in our

salads as well.  So delish and summery!


Thankful for more progress on our yard

and in our guest bedroom.  Had no luck

finding night stands in stores, but had

some pop up online at Wally World and

remembered seeing them and liking them

(but then saw the ones I ordered that 

came damaged,) because I liked them a

little more.  So since the new ones, have

to be put together, we decided to take a

chance, hoping and praying they will 

come in the way they are supposed to

look.  So will week!


Thankful for Summer cause we get to spend

a lot more time with lil darling. Next week,

 she will be going back to school, so we will

 still see her, of course, but just not quite

 as much. We feel so blessed to be able to 

have this experience with her, especially

since she is our only grandchild.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Glad you could stop by


Hope you have a truly lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs, and 

Early August Blessings,


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  2. #1. Those times with family will be times always remembered!
    #2 & #3. Yes, thank you for your mention through e-mail! I am praying too!
    #4 & #5. Places don't seem the same when so much change takes place. I can't believe all the land clearing and sectioning off for a community expansion just up the road!!!
    #6. Praise our LORD for His answers to our prayers!!!
    #7. That seems to be apart of our senior lives! Praise the LORD when in glory there will be no need ever again for such things!
    #8. The LORD's blessings upon their visit!
    #9. I don't know how in the world people of the past ever did without A/C and our conveniences of today!
    #10. Yes! Praise the LORD for such delicious berries and the convenience of not having to pick them ourselves, ha!
    #11. Everything's the same for me. Praise the LORD, Steve takes care of the outside for me!
    #12. School beginning already!!! Wow! The summer went fast! I pray all goes well for her this new school year!
    Love you, Susan


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