Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thankful Thursday August 25, 2022, and a Summer Table from the past.

It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, 
Psalm 92:1-2 NIIV

Greetings and Salutations

Sweet Friends,

Hope this find you well and Joyful, and hope those of you who have children that are back in school are settling in to your new season and schedule. 

We are doing well, and have had lots of rain this week, so everything is beautiful and green, as the grass and plants always love Heavens water the best!  Even tho we have had rain, it hasn't been an overwhelming amount which is good.  The perfect amount really......

Thought I would share a nice Summer Table from the past since this is my last August Post, and will be starting into Fall pictures soon.....since everyone in blogland seems to have their hearts turning to Fall now.

So on with my Thankfuls..................


Thankful to see lil darling for a few hours after school.  Also thankful for a night out runnings some errands and din din at Outback steak house.


Thankful that one of our favorite TV series has just come out with a new season.  We weren't sure if they would or not,  so we were delighted they did.  It is called "Chesapeake Shores" and this is Season 6. We have watched all of them and it is a very clean with great story lines and characters. We highly recommend it. 


Thankful for some really yummy peach/apple cobbler made by Pattie Labelle, if you remember her music. Wally World sells her baked goods, and all the ones we have had are awesome.


Thankful the hardware came in for our dresser way earlier than expected, and we have now replaced it and it looks great.  More Modern and we are really very pleased with the way it looks. Amazing what just changing the hardware can do!!


Thankful for a lovely day at church, and breakfast at Perkins just us. Our usual sidekicks are out of town


Thankful for a sweet young lady that we

 have known since she was 3 yrs. old and

 have been friends with her family for

 years and years. The Lord used

 her to answer a prayer for me, about

 something I was concerned about. 

 God is so good!  Thanks Jenn.


Thankful for my new nutri-bullet I got

for Mother's day, it makes the best

smoothies and quick!  There is only

2 that I make that I really love.

Here's the one I made today

                        find the recipe here.  


Thankful that we finally found an under

 burner plate for our stove. I just needed

 one, but they are making them in black and

 not so shiny, and mine are shiny, and don't

 need to replace them all,  then there was a

 size issue too.  Crazy!  Thank heavens

 there are still some stores you can go to

 find things you need.


Thankful that hubbies blood work came

 back so quickly. Just had it done on

 Tuesday, and it doesn't usually come to us,

 goes to the Doctor. Anyway, so thankful

 everything was great!  No flags!  Always

 such great news!!

and it takes all the angst out of his

 upcoming Drs. visit.


Thankful we got to work out in the front

 side yard today, cutting out the dead

 palmetto palms.  Not finished yet but it

 looks way better already.  Didn't stay out

 as long today because it was super muggy

 and hot and no breeze at all, 

I am sooo looking forward to cooler

 mornings that could happen in mid to late

 September hopefully.



Thankful for something I read yesterday

 that gave me a new perspective on a

 chronic physical problem that I have

 had for my whole life which has

 only worsened with age.  I have accepted it,

 and feel it is my thorn in the flesh from

 God to keep me humble, and have

 even thanked Him for it and seen him bring

 good things out of it, but what I read made

 me see it as a gift, and Ihave never seen it

 for that......and as I pondered that it made

 me see the good things, He had brought out

 it as a gift too, rather than just good


 Love the way God can change our

 perspective in a moment and when we least

 expect it.


Thankful for a new book we are reading

called the Makers Diet.  It was sent to us by

TBN, and we did not order it or ask for it,

so thought maybe we should read it,  as it

could be a gift from God.  So far, it has

been, that is where I read what changed

my perspective on my physical problem.

In Thankful #11.   lol


That's it for Cozy Place this week,

Thanks for dropping by,


Have a Terrific Thursday

and Wonderful Weekend.

Love, Hugs and End of August 


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  1. #1. Wow, school starting up already!!! Where did the summer go!
    #2. It is so good to have great shows we can watch on TV!
    #3. Sounds delicious! Sugar high, ha!
    #4. Praise the LORD for His goodness to us!
    #5. I have been greatly blessed by the services too!
    #6. Praise the LORD for Christians friends!
    #7. Looks yummy and nutritious!
    #8. I need to get some new "covers" to place over my burners so "stuff" doesn't fall into it.
    #9. Praise the LORD! My results have been good also thanks to the LORD!
    #10. The afternoon storms haven't helped in the working outside either!
    #11. Isn't it great how the Holy Spirit works in us! I know what you are talking about!
    #12. Aren't GOD's surprises great!
    Love you, Susan


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