Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 28, 2011

(Most pics courtesy of better homes and gardens magazine-this one
was equalized)

Greetings Sweet Peas..........

and how in the world are you today?

Doing finer than frog hair??
(That is hubbies saying)

I sure hope you are!!

I have had a good rest of the week, and have been on the tellie 
most of the day, which is very unusual for me these days, but
leads me to
I am thankful

for telephones.............imagine life without them...........
taking days on end to get a letter or have someone come
 to give you information. Hard to just remember what it was
 like before cell phones even, imagine life without the landline
 connection or a cell.................Whoa..........
No thanks!! lol

Cause it is a great way to catch up or just to check in with
someone,  especially if you or  they are laid up or sick
 and can't get out.  Now with skype it is even becoming
more amazing.  I have not skyped as of yet,  but only
heard about it,  but imagine it is really quite nice!

I am thankful
for the lovely visit we had with Scott and Megan
this passed weekend.  She is having her wisdom
teeth removed tomorrow, so if you feel so led
please pray for her.

I am thankful
for the lovely time we had with Dee and Jerry this week
 as well.  Dee will at long last be finished with school with her
 BA degree in Radiology next week,  and we are so proud and
 excited for her,  she will be like a bird out of it's cage!!  lol
Guess we need to plan something to celebrate.....that fact,
has eluded me until today!!  Guess just too much other stuff
going on at the same time.....................

This one courtesy of Me!  lol

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry are doing so well.  They and 
God have been very busy these last 2 weeks.

I am thankful
that I had 2 nice chats with our Sweet Friend
Becky from over at Junk to Joy this week,
and might actually get to visit in person tomorrow.
That would be a very nice treat!

I am thankful
for the awesome message our Youth Pastor preached
on Sunday,  and the impact it had on everyone.
It was about the fruit of the spirit, and about living 
by the spirit rather than by the flesh.  He just made
so many excellent points.

I am thankful
we are going to a Kirk Cameron Seminar on Sat.
evening called "love worth fighting for".  I think it
should be really good,  cause we saw Fireproof
and also did their marriage material for Sunday 
School a while back.

This one courtesy of me with a Photoshop affect

I am thankful
for all the neat things God teaches us about
 himself and living life down here on planet earth.
He never runs out of things to teach us,  and we
 never run out of things to learn,  that is for sure.

I am thankful

hubby cut my hair last night,  it makes me feel perky
and well groomed!!  Don't we ladies just feel so
 great when we feel our hair looks good.
Amazing Really!  Such a simple thing, but it
brings us so much pleasure.....

I am thankful
for clothes to wear....anything from jammies,
to shorts and tops to dresses, and cute shoes.
They make life fun.....and keep us looking
presentable!!  lol

(This is from BHandG magazine, but I posterized it)

I am thankful

I got to visit with a long time friend this evening,
haven't really seen her since the weddding but we
 have talked on the it was great to see
her in person.  Lovely visit with a lovely lady.
She is such a sweetie!

I am thankful
for all the beautiful pictures that I see like the ones here,
 and that you take,  that I see all over at many blogs,
  they are just so creative, fun, and pleasant to look at.....
Just visual delights or eye candy!!
Just lifts your spirit to see them........

Well, Sweet Friends that is my list of 
thankfuls for this week,  hope you have
bunches of thankfuls too!

Have a Mildly Wild Weekend! lol

See ya Monday...........

Love, Hugs
and Blessings Galore,

P.S. this whole post looks normal before
it is posted, so don't know why there 
are crazy gaps in places........

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A casual Quesadilla luncheon - with recipes

Greetings and Salutations
Sweet Friends,

So how are ya today???

I am happy to report I have been
feeling mucho better the last 2 days.

I happened to find these pictures I took
for a Tablescape Thursday post last year
when hubby was laid off.  Never wound
up posting them,  think they just got lost
in my mass of photos,  so lucky for you, lol
I just happened on them!

Just a casual Quesadilla luncheon for Two!
They really aren't all that exciting but figured
 what the hey, I would post them anyway.  
If they bore can just move on!!  lol

We love us some mexican food!

If you have never made quesadillas,  they are
sooo easy.

Chicken/Cheese Quesadillas

Get some tortillas, then grab a skillet,
  spread a lil margarine (heart healthy margarine) 
on one side of each tortilla, 

 then put one tortilla in the pan, and place cooked
 chicken pieces. (I used rotisserie chicken usually)
 and cheese on top, then add the other tortilla on
 top of chicken and cheese. After a minute or so, 
Smush it with the pancake turner to make sure
 the cheese has melted some to sort of meld
 it all together.

After the bottom tortilla browns, flip the whole
thing over and brown the other side. Then remove
 from pan and slice with a pizza cutter.

We love Blue Corn Chips with flaxseeds
 with our Salsa

we get them at Target,  they are the
 Archer Farms Brand

and what would quesadillas be with out some
 sour cream, and guacamole (sometimes I make
 my own and sometimes I use wholly Guacamole)          
from the store. it is really not hard to make 

Fresh Guacamole

Just peel an avocado, and smash it up 
with a fork,

then dice up tomatoes very small, and 
add them in

and add granulated garlic to taste

and add just a lil lemon or lime juice

and Homemade Salsa to go with your chips!!

Salsa is very easy too.

Homemade Salsa

You can either use

1-15oz. can of diced tomatoes 
or fresh tomatoes

1/2 a large onion

granulated garlic powder to taste
(the more the better, I always say)

Cilantro to taste

I just throw all the ingredients in, and whirl them
 all up in my trusty magic bullet,  and in minutes,
 we have fresh, delicious salsa....

You can use a blender as well,  I would think!

Hungry Yet???  I am!!!  lol

Was gonna make this a Tablescape
Thursday post,  but since it is more
food than tablescape, changed my

Oh Well...................

It is what it

Have a Whimsical Wednesday!

Love,  Hugs, and
Yummy Quesadilla Blessings,

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a mind fog Monday!

Hello Sweet Friends
Happy Monday to you!

Hope your weekend was good!

We really had a great weekend, went to dinner
at Red Lobster, watched a movie, "the Maldonado
 Miracle" (it was a very good movie by the way),
 had a nice visit with Scott and Megan on Saturday, 
 they brought subs from Subway for lunch, then after
 they left it was dinner time, so we went and got a
 chicken salad sandwichs from chick-fil-a (if you've 
never had one they are very good), ate half our 
sandwich, and then got a chocolate elvis, and ran to
 the dollar store (we needed toothpaste- it is almost
$2.00 less there, and it has an expiration date, so it
is fine,  We bought 4 for $4.00, a savings of almost
$8.00, not bad I would say, plus I want have to buy
any for a few months, plus this was a new thing we 
discovered during our time of lay off, so thought
I would pass it on to you), then Sunday was church,
 and our Youth Pastor did the sermon, and he did a 
fabulous job, got to see Dee and Jerry for a little bit,
 and we got take out from Taco bell, ate, read the 
paper some, and took a long nap, talked,
 and watched our pastors.
  It was all fun!!


Have you ever had a day where you just feel like you
 have been trying to wake up all day,  but can't!!

That has been my day......

I am just thinking maybe it was all the
food we ate from restaurants,  our bodies
are not used to that and we sort of
 splurged just cause we could.... and we
always pick the healthiest stuff on the
menu but, maybe we overdid it...... lol

I did manage to get some bills paid, do a lil chat with a
 friend online, that I had planned to call today anyway,
spend some time in bible study and prayer, sit in the sun 
for a few minutes hoping it would help clear up my fog
and go get my hubbies prescription for him, from the
 drug store. It only took me 45 minutes and 3 trips
 around the building, (they have a drive up)
Now mind you, that is after I called it in, and told
 them we had new insurance, and gave them all the
new pertinent numbers they asked for, and the Rx
was already filled and waiting to be picked up.
All I was suppose to need to do, was give them 
my Insurance card and get the pills,  rightttt!!

I think they were gluing those babies together
or something, as I was sitting in the drive up!!  lol
PTL....mission was accomplished,  and I was 
so thankful that I had the delightful forsight
to check my mail as I was leaving......
fortunately,  I had a few magazines in the car
that helped make my wait be not so bad!!

Let's hear it for magazines and Air Conditioning!! lol

All day I have thought about posting and just thought
oh, I don't feel like it,  what am I gonna post about,
and then I thought you should just download some
pictures of flowers and see what happens, cause it
 usually makes me you feel better afterwards,
 so by golly.... that's what I did and here I am.......
and guess what???  I feel much better!!

Still trying to make a decision about what to make
for dinner!  Do you have days where you feel like
you couldn't make a decision if your life depended
on it??? I never used to be like is shocking
to me..........really!  I was always one to make a
quick and easy decision.  Strange things happen
in these latter years, almost like an out of body
experience.........anyone relate???

So thanks for coming by and listening to me
drone on.................

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday Evening,

Gotta go figure out din din.............Ugh!!

Do you ever wish you didn't have to eat??
I hear when we get to heaven that you can 
choose to eat or not eat...........

Now I think that is great........

No more stopping in the middle of a project
to have to prepare food............

doesn't that sound delightful!!  lol

I do love eating but there are just times when
I would rather not be bothered with it,  but
then it creates all those blood sugar problems
and possible ulcers from too much stomach
acid and yada yada!!

Oh Well, Not in Heaven yet!!!  
Gotta go make din din,

Love,  Hug
and Good Eating Blessings,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 22, 201l

Can you guess what Molly is looking at????

Let the name of the Lord be praised,
both now and forever more.
From the rising of the sun to the place
where it sets, 
 the name of the Lord is to be praised.
Psalm 113:2-3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you this fine Thursday?

Doing splendid,  I hope!

My day has consisted of talking on the phone 
mostly......... did get hubby off,  had breakfast, and
got the kitchen all cleaned up and am working
on a grocery list for later.  Also, checked out
a few blogs and left some comments.
Basically, it has been a good week I have to
say,  and last night we got the lawn mowed,
so always happy to make the yard look nice.
Amazing how fast it grows......especially when
we get rain, and it makes it so lush and green,
so that is a big plus.

This week as always,  there is plenty to be thankful
for,  so..................
My #1 thankful is........

I am thankful
that hubby was able to start working at home
on Wednesdays now.  Gives us almost an
extra 2 hrs. in the day,  so that is nice, and.
 it seemed like ole times !!

I am thankful
that hubby seems to have gotten his technical 
difficulties under control.  Shew...........that was
 great news!
We were beginning to wonder...............seems 
like everything that happens lately is a test!!  lol
Think the Lord is teaching us more and more
 about praying without ceasing!!

I am thankful
that we have the priviledge of discipling a new young
couple.  That is such a joy and blessing to help others
grow in their walk with the God.

I am thankful
that tropical storm Bret is moving away from the coast
of the United States, and looks like it will dissapate.
That certainly works for me!!  lol

I am thankful
that many of my followers have been by this week,  
cause I have missed you!!  Life happens...... and
sometimes we just don't have the time, so is great
to hear from all of you...........such a fun blessing!!

I am thankful
for all the belly laughs that hubby and I get
from watching old reruns of  Everybody loves Raymond.
Most of the shows are clean and funny, and pretty much not
 a picture of what a marriage and family should be,  and only 
comical on TV for sure! But definitely funny and entertaining.
 Told hubby recently......
if we want to show a couple what not to do..... we
should tell them to watch Everybody loves Raymond!!
But it gives us our belly laughs for the day!!  lol

Think she looks a lil like a horned owl here!

I am thankful
that we have a gazelle, stationary bike and lots of
Leslie Sansonne videos so we can exercise at home
and not have to get out in that heat!
This body doesn't do heat

I am thankful
that I like to do yard work,  since it has to be done 
anyway......but nice to like doing it!!
I do get frustrated at times cause I can't do as much
at a time as I would like,  but this 59 yr. old body just
doesn't want to cooperate sometimes!!  lol
Just have to learn to take it in smaller increments,
that works too.  Love that it no longer drives me
crazy if things don't get done when I want. 

I am thankful
that I have learned a lot more patience as I have grown
which helps with waiting and pacing myself in order to
accomplish what I used to in a few hours.  
The old Gray Mare she ain't what she used to be,
but she sure is happier and more joyful!!  lol

I am thankful
for good ole southern food.  I made Kale,
squash, waldorf salad with dried cranberries,
instead of raisens (it was good but think I really
prefer the raisens), and corn cakes for din din
tonight..........and we realllllllllly enjoyed it!

Ahhhh........Molly has spied Mr. Sweepy

I am thankful
that Scott called this morning and they are coming
over for a visit on Saturday.  Seems like ages since we
 have seen them,  even tho it really  hasn't been that long,

I am thankful
I am meeting hubby after work to do some food 
shopping and just putz around a bit.  Always fun
to get out of the house for awhile.

Think she might think it is some type of new dog
that she is now gonna have to contend with!!  lol

I am still
very thankful for Mr. Sweepy!!  Just had to throw 
that in,  he is so cute, smart and helpful, after all.

Well,  That is my list of Thankfuls for the week,
Hope you have lots to be thankful for too!!

Thanks for droppin by and for leaving all the 
sweet and encouraging comments.
You're a blessing to me!!

Love,  Hugs, and
Sweet Summer Blessings............


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