Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a mind fog Monday!

Hello Sweet Friends
Happy Monday to you!

Hope your weekend was good!

We really had a great weekend, went to dinner
at Red Lobster, watched a movie, "the Maldonado
 Miracle" (it was a very good movie by the way),
 had a nice visit with Scott and Megan on Saturday, 
 they brought subs from Subway for lunch, then after
 they left it was dinner time, so we went and got a
 chicken salad sandwichs from chick-fil-a (if you've 
never had one they are very good), ate half our 
sandwich, and then got a chocolate elvis, and ran to
 the dollar store (we needed toothpaste- it is almost
$2.00 less there, and it has an expiration date, so it
is fine,  We bought 4 for $4.00, a savings of almost
$8.00, not bad I would say, plus I want have to buy
any for a few months, plus this was a new thing we 
discovered during our time of lay off, so thought
I would pass it on to you), then Sunday was church,
 and our Youth Pastor did the sermon, and he did a 
fabulous job, got to see Dee and Jerry for a little bit,
 and we got take out from Taco bell, ate, read the 
paper some, and took a long nap, talked,
 and watched our pastors.
  It was all fun!!


Have you ever had a day where you just feel like you
 have been trying to wake up all day,  but can't!!

That has been my day......

I am just thinking maybe it was all the
food we ate from restaurants,  our bodies
are not used to that and we sort of
 splurged just cause we could.... and we
always pick the healthiest stuff on the
menu but, maybe we overdid it...... lol

I did manage to get some bills paid, do a lil chat with a
 friend online, that I had planned to call today anyway,
spend some time in bible study and prayer, sit in the sun 
for a few minutes hoping it would help clear up my fog
and go get my hubbies prescription for him, from the
 drug store. It only took me 45 minutes and 3 trips
 around the building, (they have a drive up)
Now mind you, that is after I called it in, and told
 them we had new insurance, and gave them all the
new pertinent numbers they asked for, and the Rx
was already filled and waiting to be picked up.
All I was suppose to need to do, was give them 
my Insurance card and get the pills,  rightttt!!

I think they were gluing those babies together
or something, as I was sitting in the drive up!!  lol
PTL....mission was accomplished,  and I was 
so thankful that I had the delightful forsight
to check my mail as I was leaving......
fortunately,  I had a few magazines in the car
that helped make my wait be not so bad!!

Let's hear it for magazines and Air Conditioning!! lol

All day I have thought about posting and just thought
oh, I don't feel like it,  what am I gonna post about,
and then I thought you should just download some
pictures of flowers and see what happens, cause it
 usually makes me you feel better afterwards,
 so by golly.... that's what I did and here I am.......
and guess what???  I feel much better!!

Still trying to make a decision about what to make
for dinner!  Do you have days where you feel like
you couldn't make a decision if your life depended
on it??? I never used to be like is shocking
to me..........really!  I was always one to make a
quick and easy decision.  Strange things happen
in these latter years, almost like an out of body
experience.........anyone relate???

So thanks for coming by and listening to me
drone on.................

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday Evening,

Gotta go figure out din din.............Ugh!!

Do you ever wish you didn't have to eat??
I hear when we get to heaven that you can 
choose to eat or not eat...........

Now I think that is great........

No more stopping in the middle of a project
to have to prepare food............

doesn't that sound delightful!!  lol

I do love eating but there are just times when
I would rather not be bothered with it,  but
then it creates all those blood sugar problems
and possible ulcers from too much stomach
acid and yada yada!!

Oh Well, Not in Heaven yet!!!  
Gotta go make din din,

Love,  Hug
and Good Eating Blessings,


Rebecca said...

"Fog" or not, you're hanging in there, Nellie! Tomorrow is another day :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Eating out and sitting in the sunshine would make me drowsy too. Yes, there are plenty of time I have no idea what to make for dinner, and I usually solve that by saying "We're having salad". (and throw a bit of left over chicken in or something.) It's too hot to cook much in this summer heat.

Cinderella Moments said...

Yeah, I'm one of those people who forgets to eat! I just can't believe you have to eat all the time. I saw these little creatures who eat once every 8 years! Can you imagine how much time and money you'd save! Well I'm thankful we have so much food. I remember my grandparents talking about how little they had and I wouldn't like it at all!

Janet said...


So happy to see your blog today. We also ate at Red Lobster last weekend. I had the Shrimp Scampi and it was not so good this time. But the biscuits are always yummy although I had a limit becasue of my diet.
I have wondered about the diet in heaven. If I choose to eat I probably would not have a weight issue and that would be nice.
Decisions...yes they are harder to make as you get older. I make decisions all day at work so by the time I get home my mind is numb and I do not want to do anything that makes me think.
The summer is flying by fast. I am praying that you don't get any bad storms this year. I am thankkful that we have cooler weather here but my allergies still are bad.

Hope you have a good week!
Blessings & Love

Jennifer said...

Glad you did decide to post - always love an update from you! It is the heat...I'm tellin' you - the heat is melting our brain cells:) But, I'll take that any day over frozen brain cells...ha ha! I'm with you, thank you, Lord, for allowing me to live in the era that included air conditioning!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Loved your photos of flowers. You are a flower in the garden of life-you are always such an encourager. BTW, what is a Velvet Elvis-we have chic-fillet but never heard of that before. I too am very thankful for a/c-you have higher humidity than we do.
I have a hard time figuring out what to cook most nights cause since I don't eat gluten anymore, alot of foods just don't interest me.
Have a wonderful week dear one.
Hugs, Noreen

sistersusiesays said...

Hey there, sweetums!
It takes me a bit to get this computer to behave itself, but it finally does, ha! The movies I've been wanting to get is Shirley Temple's that have been advertized on t.v. She was such a natural little actress!

I was so overthrilled to see DeeAnna and Jerry! I so pray for their beautiful lives!!

I've been watching what I've been eating this past weekend so my tests would come out good on my yearly woman's check at Dr. Quinn's office. It was today. I have my mamogram done August 8th. I got my prescription refills today and will be able to do it one more time before I switch over. I'm in the process of changing my insurance over as of Sept 1st. I want to go into the new insurance with an A-OK report! Kathy's office has really done a great job!

Everything's going good with getting my 10% cash out. I go on August the 1st to the office to get it electonically transferred into my account. I just hope my FRS account keeps doing as good as it is right now!

I'm so glad you did post! You make my day! i start my day too with my Bible study and prayer, then if my computer is behaving itself, I read my blogs! I got the picture on mine from the same site my header has. It is so beautiful. It was taken at the north pole where the moon is so close to the earth with the "mid-night" sun in the background! GOD's beauty is breath taking. I just know I'll lose my breath when we see Him in His Glory!

Dr. Oz shared a neat thing that is so healthy that it is suppose to help against many of the aging problems people have. He said each day to eat food from the five color groups; red, yellow, green, orange, and blue/purple vegetables and fruits as well as eating a cup of sweet potatoes along with your other foods in the day! It is a great deterant to many cancers and other diseases! So, I have been having a big stirfry (no salt) for lunch and supper; for breakfast I have whole grain cereals with blueberries and other fruit dumped into it. My bowl is just big enough, ha! I find I have to eat small amounts every 2-3 hours or my stomach acid yada yadas too!

I love you all so much,

BECKY said...

Love that you posted even though you didn't feel like it! Love your pics, and I am a little over the meal prep stuff at times, too! Other times I love it!!
Call ya tomorrow!
Doing great, and had a good report!
Hugs and love,

no spring chicken said...

Yea. I can totally relate. But you still have your sense of humor... a very good sign that all really is well!

Blessings, Debbie

Diane said...

All the eating out sounds like fun. I love a day of just laying around and doing nothing. Which is usually our Sunday afternoons Ü And yes, I have had days where I don't want to wake up, lol.

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