Monday, July 18, 2011

Met Monday - Bathroom Makeover, Part 2


  • Good Monday Morning To You
  • Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a dandy weekend!!

Our's was very restful after the draining week we had,
and that was just what the Dr. ordered.  We really
didn't do much of anything, but exercise and watch
movies,  make breakfast on Saturday morning and
go to church on Sunday, and talk, talk, talk!!  lol

We watched "Fireproof" on Friday with Dee and
Jerry,  and Saturday we watched "Dear God".
They were both good movies.

Emotions have died down some, and things are slowly
getting back to normal, work is in progress, much talking,
  and much solution seeking...........very good things 
are happening!
So we are praising the Lord for his goodness
and his wonderful answers to prayer.

Figured I had better finish showing you the rest
of our bathroom makeover since it has been
a few weeks now!

 These first 3 pictures are of the old look!
I really loved this wallpaper...........and sort of
hated to see it go,  but new it was time since
it was starting to peel in places!!  lol

and now, of course,  I am really happy about that,
cause I really love our new look!!

These are mirror closet doors across from the vanity, in case
you are trying to figure it out!!

All the pictures below show the new look!
The door on the right is a walk in closet,  the door
on the left (a pocket door) goes into our water closet
 where there the newly tiled shower and potty are......

If you would like to see the first part of the makeover

Here it is with the door open.

I used some of the same plates I used in the
water closet area to tie it together,  and then
the white shadow boxes someone gave me
a few years back.

The hook on the door has proved to be a good idea,
and a big help,  more room for towels and  also 
added a touch of color.

The vanity area,  I put some "Old English Scratch Cover"
on my cabinets and it made them look brand new,
 then added new handles.

You will notice in other pictures that they mimic the shape
of our lighting fixtures.  We really liked that!

Because of the colors I wanted to use it was difficult to find
 bathroom accessories in those colors,  but I happened on
these with dragon flys and butterflys at where else,
 Home Goods..... and loved them, so that sort of set
 the tone for the room.

Never would have thought of picking that,  but like it
very much now!

Notice the light fixtures and the handles on the 
cabinets now???  Light fixtures came from
Lowes,  and the handles from Target and
were very reasonably priced.

We were shocked at how much wider the
dressing room looked with the square mirrors.
Mirrors came from Kirklands, a great sale find
months in advance.

The floral arrangement is done in what should
have been a ceramic trash can,  figured it 
might get broken on the floor anyway

 We added chrome towel holders (from Walmart) on each
 side and accidentally found these dragon flys that you
just push pin to the wall at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Thought they were the perfect finishing touch.

 Almost looks like an arrangement for a wedding,
but was working with no budget at the time.
Thank the Lord we had bought everything we
needed to finish.... just before hubby was laid off.

So may change it up.... if I get a clever idea sometime.

 Same pic as above but it has a watercolor, underpainting 
and equalized affect from photoshop.

Love to see the difference in pictures when
you add these affects,  really enjoyed how it
came out,  so thought you might like it too!

This is a rough pastel and posterized affect!

Aren't they fun!!

Don't quite know why this looks so dark,  but liked
the look since it was different.

Also found this canvas painting at Bed, Bath
and Beyond as well.  My daughter said she
thinks it looks beachy.  I liked it cause I was
going for a more simple and modern look.

I love this picture, it is like an optical illusion............

This wall is straight across from the vanity
and is next to the mirror closet doors, 
very small wall,  but just looked too bare,
so put the smaller cubes there and 2 of
the lil dragon fly ceramic boxes in there.
Good place to keep my cotton balls.

Also don't know if you noticed we also
painted the trim around the doors white
to get rid of some of the dark wood.
After 30 years I am a bit tired of it.

This is on the opposite side of the mirrored doors.

Box of dove soap on top with a dragonfly

I have 3 small arrangement like this one
 in the water closet area.  So another tie in.

Just a fun shot of between the mirrors .
and then..................

a new photoshop affect....rough pastels with a gradient affect
 of metal.  Thought it looked pretty neat!!

We have been enjoying our finished bathroom for over
a year now.  We actually finished it 2 weeks after my
hubby was laid off last year.  Still loving it!!

Thanks for coming by,  hope you 
enjoyed your visit, and that you
 will come again soon!

I am linking up to Susan over at
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Have a wonderful week ahead,

Love, Hugs, and Blessings Galore



Poetic Soul said...

Nothing beats relaxing, I wish I had your weekend.. Mine included a dislocated shoulder (mine)

Sister Susie said...

My eyes have a habit of looking to the pictures before I read. I was looking for the change until I read about the BEFORE pictures, ha!

The floral wallpaper has always been so pretty. Then when I see the after, WOW! The floral made the room look "busy!" Now it looks quiet and comforting. I see what you mean about the square mirrors making the room look larger. I think the solid colored walls (instead of the floral) make it look larger too! Poem: What a restful place, to wash your face! I love the "box" frames. At first I thought they were recessed into the wall, but then realized the frame made it look that way! Very beautiful!

I missed reading your blogs!
Love and prayers to you all,

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your bathroom is gorgeous. I love the new decor and colors. Very pretty. Hugs, Marty

Rebecca said...

So many beautiful "touches" to a classy "new" bathroom. Congratulations on such a lovely result!

BECKY said...

Looks so good, Nellie! Even better in person! You did such a wonderful job on it!
Headed to the Dr. tomorrow! UGH! More problems with meds! I'll update you when I get back!!
Love ya,

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet Nellie, I absolutely love the bathroom redo-looks so beautiful and so now.
You have such a gift for decorating...
Have a blessed week.

Beth said...

Nellie, Your bath is beautiful! It looks very modern and the colors are soothing.

Anonymous said...

Nellie, marvelous job!! It looks so good! I am so impressed! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more posts from you!

Cinderella Moments said...

I loved the wallpaper before. But I love what you've done with the bathroom now! It looks very spa like. Very serene and relaxing. Fantastic job!

Janet said...

Your bathroom redo looks great! Love all the little details! I'm your newest follower!

Bonnie said...

So pretty, Nellie! Love all the fun things you do with your photoshopping. I am glad things are settling down some. Things will turn out as they should. Thank you for your sweet letter about Aunt Jean. Things are moving forward now over here. I am getting ready to leave on Saturday morning for Utah for a week. Seems like I just got home. I am still blogging about last months visit but am almost done...thank goodness.

Love you sweet friend...take good care!
Hugs, Bon

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I've just gone back and read all of your posts that I had missed. I am really sorry for the stress that calling off the wedding must have brought to your family, but it is a very wise young woman who knows to do that before a wedding. Things will work out if they are meant to and I'm glad that she had the courage to speak her truth.

I love your bath redo-so pretty and the colors in the stack of towels...gorgeous!

I think that you think of Mr. Sweepy (did I get that right?) as your new pet. So funny reading about it.

I'm glad things are going well with hubby's new job. I always feel inspired after reading your blog posts. You always find the good in things...not many do that. Hugs to you.

Patti said...

I LOVE the magnolia print!! Magnolias are near and dear to my heart.

Also, the wedding-like flower arrangement is gorgeous. I think it's totally perfect!!


CAS said...

First off, congrats on your hubby's new job. Sorry I missed that but haven't been a super-good bloggy friend lately. Secondly, the bathroom looks beautiful. I really like the color combo -- very serene and spa-like!

Anonymous said...

How pretty! Yes, your old wallpaper was lovely but the cool refreshing new look is equally lovely. I adore the dragonflies...I'm sure you know they are a symbol of Christ's death on the cross. The colors are perfect...and the accessories you chose were right on. You've done a great job on the re-do. You have wonderful taste.

Til next time...
God bless you with JOY!

Karen said...

Love it that all of the sources for your new items were at my favorite places (read "NOT outrageously expensive). It turned out lovely, Nellie!