Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 22, 201l

Can you guess what Molly is looking at????

Let the name of the Lord be praised,
both now and forever more.
From the rising of the sun to the place
where it sets, 
 the name of the Lord is to be praised.
Psalm 113:2-3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you this fine Thursday?

Doing splendid,  I hope!

My day has consisted of talking on the phone 
mostly......... did get hubby off,  had breakfast, and
got the kitchen all cleaned up and am working
on a grocery list for later.  Also, checked out
a few blogs and left some comments.
Basically, it has been a good week I have to
say,  and last night we got the lawn mowed,
so always happy to make the yard look nice.
Amazing how fast it grows......especially when
we get rain, and it makes it so lush and green,
so that is a big plus.

This week as always,  there is plenty to be thankful
for,  so..................
My #1 thankful is........

I am thankful
that hubby was able to start working at home
on Wednesdays now.  Gives us almost an
extra 2 hrs. in the day,  so that is nice, and.
 it seemed like ole times !!

I am thankful
that hubby seems to have gotten his technical 
difficulties under control.  Shew...........that was
 great news!
We were beginning to wonder...............seems 
like everything that happens lately is a test!!  lol
Think the Lord is teaching us more and more
 about praying without ceasing!!

I am thankful
that we have the priviledge of discipling a new young
couple.  That is such a joy and blessing to help others
grow in their walk with the God.

I am thankful
that tropical storm Bret is moving away from the coast
of the United States, and looks like it will dissapate.
That certainly works for me!!  lol

I am thankful
that many of my followers have been by this week,  
cause I have missed you!!  Life happens...... and
sometimes we just don't have the time, so is great
to hear from all of you...........such a fun blessing!!

I am thankful
for all the belly laughs that hubby and I get
from watching old reruns of  Everybody loves Raymond.
Most of the shows are clean and funny, and pretty much not
 a picture of what a marriage and family should be,  and only 
comical on TV for sure! But definitely funny and entertaining.
 Told hubby recently......
if we want to show a couple what not to do..... we
should tell them to watch Everybody loves Raymond!!
But it gives us our belly laughs for the day!!  lol

Think she looks a lil like a horned owl here!

I am thankful
that we have a gazelle, stationary bike and lots of
Leslie Sansonne videos so we can exercise at home
and not have to get out in that heat!
This body doesn't do heat

I am thankful
that I like to do yard work,  since it has to be done 
anyway......but nice to like doing it!!
I do get frustrated at times cause I can't do as much
at a time as I would like,  but this 59 yr. old body just
doesn't want to cooperate sometimes!!  lol
Just have to learn to take it in smaller increments,
that works too.  Love that it no longer drives me
crazy if things don't get done when I want. 

I am thankful
that I have learned a lot more patience as I have grown
which helps with waiting and pacing myself in order to
accomplish what I used to in a few hours.  
The old Gray Mare she ain't what she used to be,
but she sure is happier and more joyful!!  lol

I am thankful
for good ole southern food.  I made Kale,
squash, waldorf salad with dried cranberries,
instead of raisens (it was good but think I really
prefer the raisens), and corn cakes for din din
tonight..........and we realllllllllly enjoyed it!

Ahhhh........Molly has spied Mr. Sweepy

I am thankful
that Scott called this morning and they are coming
over for a visit on Saturday.  Seems like ages since we
 have seen them,  even tho it really  hasn't been that long,

I am thankful
I am meeting hubby after work to do some food 
shopping and just putz around a bit.  Always fun
to get out of the house for awhile.

Think she might think it is some type of new dog
that she is now gonna have to contend with!!  lol

I am still
very thankful for Mr. Sweepy!!  Just had to throw 
that in,  he is so cute, smart and helpful, after all.

Well,  That is my list of Thankfuls for the week,
Hope you have lots to be thankful for too!!

Thanks for droppin by and for leaving all the 
sweet and encouraging comments.
You're a blessing to me!!

Love,  Hugs, and
Sweet Summer Blessings............



Cinderella Moments said...

A Mr. Sweepy must be fun for pets. Maybe not mine. I have a bunch of scaredy cats and dogs!
Enjoy your beautiful garden and your husband and cat and Mr. Sweepy!!

Rebecca said...

I always like your lists. They're such a window into life at your house!

Sonny G said...

Hi Sweetie..
I always enjoy reading your list..
I'm thankful for the rain we got, even though lots of thunder an lightning proceeded it.. Thankful for my new riding lawn mower to mow this acre:) Thankful my daughters job is turning out to be even better than she' hoped.
Oh my, its just one miracle after another around here and I am more thankful for them than I know how to express..
I'm still using the same ole SonnySweepie I've had for 50 years , giggle. Luckily she still works pretty good though she does take lots of breaks..
Have a wonderful weekend and see ya next thursday ..

Gayle said...

Ummm...the food sounds wonderful! Your heart is overflowing with thanks and I bet you are a happy person because of that.

GardenOfDaisies said...

OH your cat is so cute! And she is really going to have to check out that sweepy/roomba thing once she gets inside! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Oh Miss Molly is cute...and Mr. Sweepy?!? I've never seen one of these - but I think I could come to love one:)

Loved your list this week - so good to pause and reflect...and be grateful!!

Have a great weekend:)

sistersusiesays said...

#1. Jim being home on Wednesdays probably helps the week go faster! I know it did when we had "early release" on Wednesdays at school.
#2. I'm praying it is a witness to those at his business too!
#3. The two shall become one! It is great these couples have been led to you by our LORD.
#4. Amen! I pray they all do. It looks as though we may have a busy storm season.
#5. I know what you mean! I'm in a lull right now. The LORD must have something planned!
#6. Ha! I always liked it! But, mom could never watch it because she would get so put out with Raymond! I guess it reminded of some of the things dad would do, ha!
#7. It's also nice to not have to be around all of the "others" at the work out places. I visited with Alice and couldn't believe the "competition" to build muscles with the different groups of men. ha! I guess with the single men, it's a "man" thing, lol!
#8. Get this! I got in a tug-of-war with my hose! It had been laying across the grass (before it was grass and the rain hadn't come yet.) I went to lift it up and couldn't move it! The roots of the newly grown grass had "cemented" about 8 foot of it to the ground! It took me about ten minutes yanking it through the grass "tunnel!" I didn't realize grass roots could "hold" on to something like that, lol!
#9. I have found, "Count to ten, then try again!" Ha!
#10. I'm doing my vegetable cook again so I can use them up before they go bad!
#11. Isn't it great that they live so close.
#12. I need to do that more. It's funny, Alice seems to call and get me going when I've let myself slow down!
#13. I surely love my Mint floor sweeper! Since I put the towel under the stove, it goes right through the whole house (not the carpet area) without a glitch! Have you tried the west swiffer towels? I wring them out before I put it on. What a nice clean floor!
Love to you all,

Patti said...

Your Thankful Thursday post is always such a joy to read!!

How wonderful that Jim is now working from home one day a week. Rejoicing with you about that, especially since I know it was a huge lifestyle-change for him to be gone again all day, every day.

It's wonderful that not only do Scott and Megan live close enough to come over for visits, but that they really want to come over. It's such a blessing to have adult (or, in my case, young adult) children who you are very close to.

Oh, I love Southern food too...but I'm thinking more along the lines of fried chicken, mac & cheese, and peach pie!! Hardly the healthy fare you are describing.

Have a wonderful, joyful weekend.


Maryann said...

Loved your thankful list. Love that you are thankful for the simple pleasures of life. Never seen a Mr Sweepy before.

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I am getting all caught up this week as it has been so busy.

I loved your post and Molly and Mr. Sweepy. I just love to watch the curiousity of our pets.

It sounds like you have been keeping yourself mighty busy. I am happy that your hubby got his technology figured out so you could have more time together.

I love Lesile Samone too and I have used my new one her Christian walk that you mentioned on an earlier blog. I had been walking on the treadmill but I got kind of lazy. I am still losing weight although it is coming off slow about 12 pounds and I have a long way to go.

Hoping that you are staying cool and well!

Blessings & love