Monday, March 2, 2015

Living room Etagere decorated for Winter

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how was your weekend???
Hope it was a good one.....

We had a nice one, restful and
fun with a lil work tossed in....
We had a nice time on Saturday
helping my SIL Susan celebrate
 her birthday on her actual 
birthday. We took her out to 
Cracker Barrel, then came back
to our house and had dessert,
Key Lime/Mango pie,  and
watched a really great movie
called "Clancy". So we made
a night of it........

Told you last Thursday I would 
show you pics of our Etagere 
in our Living room done up for
Winter.  I absolutely love this
 piece of furniture and we have
 had it nearly 40 years. Love it
as much as the day we bought
it still.................only problem
is it is hard to move, so rarely
gets we have to
take it all apart... lol
That would be the only thing I
don't like about it.....

I am starting on the left side and going up the

This sign was a gift from Dee and Jerry for
 Christmas this year.  This is a quote I loved from a 
movie we saw called "The Help".  It is actually a
very maddening movie when you see how these
sweet nannies were treated, but from one of the
 good parts of the movie came this quote.
 One of the black nanny's use to say this to the
 child she took care of every day,  and I thought
 it was so neat.......and said what if someone
 told each of us that every day.......

So Dee happened on this, in one of my fav stores
up in Asheville (Al'tared State) so remembered how
much I liked it,  so got it for me.
It is very special to me,  cause I like to think it is
her message to me as her Mom and friend. 

This was another cute things is got me there too.
A lil feather dish.  Loved it too!

Rearranged a little,  to see how it looks in place of
the cream pictcher.

With photocopy affect.

2nd Shelf going up...................

Can you tell this is a lil sleigh ornament
in front of the plate.

This was before I cropped the picture,
just thought it looked
interesting, sorta modern art like............

Top Shelf

there was a pitcher on the other side of the tan
 pear,  but the picture didn't come very well.......

This is the Top Shelf on the right hand side.

This Winter scene brings a lil of up North down
 to us here in Florida.  Not quite the same but
nice to look at.............

Kept out some of my Christmas balls to add a 
lil blue in with the pine cones.

Was just playing and came out with the lighting
 fix affect, Loved the way it looks so soft.

2nd Shelf down

They also gave me this small silver serving tray
 that came with 2 serving pcs.,  Love it too!
She knows her Mom

So decided to put my 2 of my fav cream 
pitchers on there with a few of the blue/silver
Christmas balls.

3rd Shelf Down

Dee and Jerry's wedding pictures.

4th Shelf Down

stereo equipment, not too much to
look at, so skipped it


That's All Folks!!   lol

Happy you could come by
 to visit and of course, love
 hearing from you too,
should you have the time.

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Have a Mighty Fine Monday,

Love, Hugs, and Hopefully,
Milder Winter Blessings,


This is part 3 of my Winter Living Room
If you missed part 2,  just click here
or scroll down.

Come back on Thursday to see  Part 4
and the finale, of our Winter Living room.

See ya soon..............


  1. Yor vignettes look so pretty, Nellie. Love the styling on the etagere.

  2. Hi Nellie! The shelves look super cute. I love all the whites and naturals you have going on there. I hope life is treating you well!

  3. What a joyful time I always have with my favorite two people!

    Alice shared this with me! She is a dear friend indeed!

    Beautiful winter decorations! Spring is just around the corner! The birds are chirping! The oak trees are losing their leaves for the new spring bud of leaves! It's funny how our Fall is in Spring, ha! I love you all, Susan

  4. Very pretty Nellie! I'm a big fan of neutrals, especially when used with textural objects like this. Nicely done!

  5. Very pretty, Nellie. I love how you give so much thought and find so much pleasure in decorating. (I'm lucky if things get dusted here - let alone decorated right now.....)

  6. Lovely! I especially like the sign! {And, Cracker Barrel, too! LOL} Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty ! Hope to see you next Friday!


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