Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Birthday Table - Happy Birthday to Me........lol

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

So.....How are you???  Having
a fun week???  Having some
great spring weather?? 
I hope so!

My week has been great, if it was any better
 it would take 2 of me to enjoy it!!   lol

Thought I would show you my Birthday table 
since my b-day was on Sunday.  Sorry, I took
too many pics, as usual. Really don't know how
 I wind up with so many.  Course, it is probably
cause I take some then, realize I forgot to get
 a shot of this or that, then go back to take it
 and then take a few more, and after doing
that a few times I forgot what I did take the
times before......ahh forgetfulness...it is 
such a wonderful thing!!  lol

Remember I told you last week that I set my 
own table this year since I was feeling so
 creative after all that rest and relaxation I
 got on our trip. So it was a fun thing to do. 
 It really could be an Easter table too, if you
 threw a few colored eggs on there,or a 
Spring table, or anytime table really........

This was the table runner I happened on at
Wally World for just $7......and I found this
nice French looking wooden basket at Michaels
crafts on sale for $12,  so those were my new
Spring pieces.

Added some clear glass candle holders
with white candles, to match the lace
 in the runner, of course, candlelight
is always a welcoming and enjoyable

I wanted a subtle yet elegant affect,  so used my 
Shabby Chic dishes and Wedding Silverware.

Along with my pretty clear Victorian glasses.

Put salt/pepper shakers at each place
and some chocolate 

Only had dishes on one side of the basket,
  so put some on the other side as well, and
 put some more pink and white hydrangeas
 around the basket.

added some lil birdies to each side as well.
This would be considered the backside
of the vignette/centerpiece.

Love when I can actually catch the flame
with the camera.

An overview of the front side of the vignette
centerpiece. Really love the look of the burlap
and lace on the white tablecloth.

I even poured a glass of Raspberry lemonade
so you could see how it adds pink color to the
table.  lol   Also, it tastes awesome,  have
you ever gotten any "Simply Lemonade"??
If not, you are missing out.  It is in the dairy 
case of your grocery store with the orange
juice typically. They have regular lemonade,
 Raspberry lemonade and limeade and other
 flavors as well.  If you haven't tried it let me
warn you......you will be hooked!!  lol

The napkin rings are just scrap booking paper
cut into strips, and taped with double stick
 tape in the back.  I liked that it looked so
lacy looking...

 Bliss candies,
Couldn't find any pink ones so these
were burgundy and had to do,  and
they taste yummy!

Already had all the faux hydrangeas, candles,
and birdies, napkins and scrapbook paper.

With the lights off, love the look of the light
coming into the room thru the window.

 With Colored Pencil affect

Loved how the glow of the candle showed 
up when I turned the lights off.  The basket
looks green but it is really a gray color,
with a hint of green.

With Posterized Affect 

Side view

front/side view

Nice you could drop by for a visit,  hope you 
enjoyed yourself.

Can't believe tomorrow is April already
shew........March just flew by....

You have a good rest of the week!

See you on Thursday for Thankful Thursday
 with some Easter Decorations.

Love, Hugs and
 April Blessings,


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  1. Happy Birthday, Nellie! I have been thinking about you and Susan for the past couple of days and wanting to write to both of you. I am leaving for Easter on Thursday morning at 6:30 am to go toSLXC. Jim is already there and has been for two weeks helping out and working on projects. I stayed home to take care of commitments here but am joining him there and we'll come home on Tuesday after Easter.

    I just got home from work and I haven't eaten dinner yet (9:00 pm) but I am so glad I came by your blog and saw it was your birthday! Happy Birthday to one lovely lady. I hope it has been wonderful! And you truly know how to throw yourself a great dinner party! Just gorgeous!
    Thank you for news of Susan and your email. I'll be getting back to you hopefully tomorrow. Love to all! Especially you on your birthday!

    Hugs, Bonnie

  2. Going to Salt Lake City! Sheesh, I still cannot type.

  3. Happy Birthday to you Nellie! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Subtle, elegant and oh-so-pretty! Belated happy birthday!!!

  5. I'm wishing you a belated Happy Birthdy, Nellie, and you have really set a pretty table! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and Happy Easter to you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. It was even more gorgeous in person! The delicious food on those plates makes my tummy growl even now for more, ha! It was a wonderful family fellowship for your birthday!
    Love you all, Susan

  7. Happy belated birthday sweet Nellie. Your table is lovely and I love those shabby dishes. A lovely place to dine. Happy Easter...Blessings, Linda

  8. Happy belated birthday Nellie! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Such a lovely table too!

  9. Happy Birthday lovely Nellie. I hope your day was full of sweet memories in the making. I'm so honoured that you shared your special table setting with me at Five Star Frugal. I hope you'll share with us again this week? Mimi xxx


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