Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hubby's Birthday Table 2015

Good Morning,
Good Morning....Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well
 and feeling happy as can be...........

It is a bit foggy here this morning, and just 60 degrees,
so that is nice,  suppose to go to 87 today tho!  Little
too hot too soon for this girl!!   But oh well, you can't
 have everything..............lol

Yesterday got the rest of the red out of the house,
and did a quick job of Easter decorating since
it is so early this year.  April 5th, just in case you
haven't checked the calendar yet!!  lol
Lovin the change!!  

Since it seems so Spring like and I feel so joyful
this morning I decided to treat myself this morning.
Last week when I was looking for Sweet Potato
 pancake mix for hubby at world market I came upon
 this gluten free Meyer lemon scones mix.  I have never
 had a scone, altho I have always wanted to try one, so
since the pretty box in the pantry kept beckoning to
 me,  decided today was the day.  The scone mix smells
 wonderful, and I can see all the lemon zest in there,
 and I love the smell and taste of lemon anything......
So... made them, baked them, and had my first scone
 right out of the oven, I tried it with honey, with coco-
nut oil and with butter, and it was okay...........liked
 it best with the coconut oil...........but a lot of times
 I do not like baked good when they are hot,  so am
 hoping that once they cool,  I will be a lot more im-
pressed. Gonna go try another once they cool, and
 will let you know how I like it by the end of the
 post!  lol

Today thought I would show you Hubby's birth-
day table.  Tablescapes for men are just a tad
harder than for ladies I have to say.  So was
trying to come up with a new idea...........

and went to looking around in my stash and found
these paper goods that I bought back in the Fall
at the Christmas tree shop for just $2, thinking
 they would be nice for a spring or summer patio
table maybe.

Thought the colors were perfect for a guy table,  so was
very happy for that find!  I love to do some informal
 tables with paper goods at times, because it can give me
a theme to work with and also, so  that others know
you don't have to have fine china or great dishes to set
 a pretty table, and it doesn't have to be expensive either.
 Plus this also makes for easy clean up, especially if you
are short on time, and want to spend your time visiting
 instead of cleaning up.   Now I mix the paper goods in
along with some reg. glasses and white corelleware,
but you don't have to..............

Started off with a white tablecloth, then used 3 napkins
for under the centerpiece(will talk more about that later)
I used a candle decoration that I already had, that I just 
pulled from my guest bedroom,  It was a gift Dee gave
 me years back, and it was a perfect match,  then just
 took 2 glass candleholders I had, and put more smooth
 stones, in there with some lime green candles, the stones
 were $1 at the dollar tree and I already had the lime green
 tealight candles (they were from Yankee candle, but dollar
 tree also has candles, so you might be able to find some-
thing that matches there).

As I was planning the table ahead of time, I unfolded 3
of the napkins and tried it as a sort of table runner to
 add more color,  then liked how it looked so I ironed
 the napkins (on a cotton setting) so they were flatter 
and less wrinkled.

Used White plates underneath like plate
holders to make the more sturdy,  and used
white bowls for salad

Always like to add some candy for a treat and it also
adds some color to the table.

These plates had a lil versatility to them as you could
turn the stripes on the plate either horizontally or

 With Colored Pencil affect

Used my blue glasses and they blended

Nice overview

With cutout affect

Here you can see that I turned the plates
where ever they sat, to match the table
runner.  Then end one is horizontal and
the rest are vertical.

Having candlelight is always a nice feature
for any table, casual or elegant.

The whole dining area,  and did you notice
our new bench.......it was our first time to
try it,  and it was quite comfy.  that is my
early birthday present...........lol

Oh yea,  and we all had a great time!!

Update on Scones:  I tried another one and
they tasted better now that they have cooled,
and guess they are really like a drop biscuits,
not that they don't taste good,  and they do
taste a lil more lemony, but think I  am just
 disappointed cause I saw all that lemon zest 
and thought they would taste a whole lot 
more lemony than they do, course, since
I have never had a scone, then don't really
know how they are suppose to taste!!  lol
 I did mix  some orange flavoring with my
 butter and that tasted good on them, was
wishing I had lemon flavoring!!  lol
Think what I need is some lemon curd
jam maybe............ummm 
that sounds so good.

Update on scones..... later in the day: 
 Hubby brought me some Lemon Curd jam
 I guess you would call it, reminds me of
 lemon merinque pie filling almost....
and boy, did that make those scones. 
They were delightful, so will definitely
 be making them again.

So glad you could stop in today, 

 and glad you came by, always 
nice to know you were here.

Spring seems like it is very close

 here in Florida, and hope it is for
 all you folks up in cold
 country.......know you are beyond

Well.......you have a wonderful 

week ahead.

Love,  Hugs

and Early Spring Blessings,


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  1. The table was beautiful. If you hadn't said the runner was napkins, I would have thought it to be clothe. It surely looked like clothe!

    The food that went on the plates was delicious! Beef Stroganoff over yellow rice and salad on the side, yum yum! Yummy banana pudding for desert! Nellie, you are surely a great cook! Your dad passed on a great trait to you!

    Thank you for a great time with Jim and family! Love you all, Susan

  2. Hey Sweetie,
    Hope all is well! Love how you are so thoughtful with your birthday prep and decorations! So wonderful!

    Doing a little better here, but still challenged! Hope all is well with you. I have been praying and we'll catch up soon!
    Love ya!

  3. What a dear wife and friend you are to your husband of 43 plus years! He is one Blessed man. The Birthday table that you have prepared for him is beautiful and did I tell you that I am in love with Lemon and especially a Meyer Lemon-
    I so enjoyed your visit and look forward to our blogging friendship!
    warm hugs,


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