Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Bathroom Refresh

Hello Sweet Friends,

Are ya enjoying Spring?? 
 I probably don't even need to ask
 that question, right??  
Course, guess that depends on if
it feels like Spring where you are.

It has been great here, can't
 believe that all the bushes  we  
cut back before we went away all
have buds on them, and my rose
bushes are full of leaves and you
would never know I cut them back
so drastically either.

 I have just been visiting, Scott, 
Megan and Brooklyn, going to the
 grocery store, getting unpacked and
 settled back in to normal life the
 last few days, and have been so full
 of creativity I can't do all the things
 my brain is conjuring up.  lol

Before we left on our trip I had
 accidentally found  a very pretty 
burlap/lace table runner at Wally
 World, and a new wooden french
 basket at Michael's that I had already
 done my dining room table with, so
was thinking how pretty my dishes
would look with that, so decided
to play some yesterday, liked it
so well, decided to just leave it
for my birthday celebration on
Sunday. One less thing for hubby
to do......and it was fun for me.

It is so amazing to me how being
in a different environment,
 resting, relaxing, having fun and
 no responsibilities for a week, 
 can transform me!
 Have just never experienced the 
no responsibilities part of it until
 the last few years, and I must say
 it is wonderful... after years years 
of taking care of everyone and
Not complaining, just saying!!
So we had a marvelous time to
say the least..............

Thought I would show you my
bathroom refresh I did when I 
was in process of getting rid
of all the Winter reds. We have
wallpaper in there, and there
is no pink in it, but decided
to try it, and it blended in
well, and looks very nice for
a Spring bathroom. So here
goes.....when you walk in,
to the right would be the
vanity with sink, so will start
there and go around the room
counter clockwise.

Added the pink hydrangea's and soap

Special coconut oil soap someone sent me from
 Hawaaii.  It looks like a pineapple.  When  we
got home our house smelled sooo good,  and 
guess since the temps were high and the
a/c wasn't running that much, it caused it too
fragrance the house.... and it was lovely.
 Thanks Noreen.......

I typically accent this bathroom with
lavender or green, so the pink is a nice 

Searched the house for all the pink things
I could find.  Found some bath and body
things that worked and this lil jewelry
box and pin that belonged to my late
Mother-in-law,  and some dried
 hydrangea petals.

Found some pink lace ribbon and just
wrapped it around the bottom of one
of the jars to add a lil more pink.

Here's a close up of the pin,  Isn't it darling.

This is the wall next to the vanity.  Have
had this shelf sitting on top of the vanity
 before and had had this lil statue in my
 master bath then bedroom for ages,  so
 decided to try it in here since I have that 
verde green in the wallpaper.
You will see the wallpaper soon,  I only
have this subtle one on 2 walls and a floral
on just one wall.

Just threw a lil pink towel in with the rest
of the towels.  This idea all started with me
finding 2 pink towels in my linen closet.  lol

I love this statue,  think it is very sweet.

Towels look pretty tied up with a bow.

Added a lavendar towel to the tub since
I didn't have any more pink ones. and put
a  pink candle in a glass candle cup and added
 some hydrangea petals in the corner,

Saved the box the soap came in and just set it on top
of the towel for the pink accent.

Added some pink and purple bath and body
products to the shower.

This is the one wallpapered wall that is floral,
 course, there is a border that goes all the
 wall around all the walls to pull it together.
  Never thought
to take a picture of that!!  oh well.............
Did this look a lil familiar to you???  If so,
maybe that is because of the pics by the
 vanity....I made all those from the wall

Found this lil cardboard basket in my Easter
goodies and just pinned it on..........thought
it looked cute..........and Eastery!

Then changed the shelf a bit.  

Added a pink washcloth, and pink body spray.

A hydrangea picture from a friend and more hydrangea
petals, and the cute lil candle birdhouse was another
Christmas gift from Dee this year.  

Here's just a shot in the mirror, so you can
see it all blended quite well.  I am enjoying
the nice change.  

Oh and did I mention this did not
 cost me a penny???  I really enjoy
that type of decorating the most.

Before we left ,Dee gave me a beige shower curtain
 she had, that she said she will proabably never use
I have been looking for something like that for 
ages to use for Fall/Winter,  so will be looking
 forward to using that in the Fall.,  but for now
just enjoying the Spring look..........

Thanks so much for visiting, 
 it is such an encouragement to
 know that you come by.

Have a Relaxing Rest of the Week,

Love,  Hugs and 
Sweet Spring Blessings to you!



  1. how much fun to have lavender towels for the bath for spring! So fresh and pretty!

  2. Your attention to all the little details makes for an interesting post, Nellie. It's fun to "watch" you at work and see the results.

  3. I can hardly wait to see it in person!
    Love you all, Susan

  4. What a peaceful room Nellie...and don't we love when we can do it all for free ;)
    Thank you for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  5. Thanks for sharing your bathroom ideas at Fabulous Friday.. I love this post because it gave me great ideas for my bathroom for my new home.


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