Friday, March 20, 2015

Thankful Thursday - March 19, 2015 and A Delightful and Easy Spring Breakfast

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
 and his courts with praise;
 give thanks to him and
 praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a great week 
and are experiencing Spring weather
 or at least a lil warmer weather.

We have been in Asheville N.C. all
 week and the weather has been 
perfect, in the 60'sand low 70's 
and beautiful accept for rain 
yesterday, but it was a slow misting/
soaking rain, so we could still go out
and not get drenched.  lol

Sorry I am so late, got it almost 
finished but had to stop and then
forgot to publish it till now!  lol

Thought I would show you one of my
 favorite and easy spring time
 breakfast ideas. 
 I use gluten free frozen waffles, but 
you can use any kind you choose, and 
fruit can be any kind as well, my favorite
 fruits are strawberries, peaches and
bananas, sometimes I mix all three at 
the same time.
Throw on some chopped nuts, I prefer 
pecans, almonds or walnuts myself,
and some good ol whip cream. 
I typically use the low fat, but you 
can use any kind you want, and
it is a  pretty healthy breakfast.
I like mine with a nice glass
of milk.............or coffee will
do nicely too.

So on with Thankful Thursday,

I am Thankful

for a safe and uneventful trip to Asheville,  last
 weekend.  Yep, we have been here all week and sadly
will be headed home soon.  Sure glad we have the
other side of the family to look forward to...... or it
would be even harder to leave.


for the thrill  and blessing of getting to see my daughter, 
son-in-love and  furry grand daughter dog, Rosie,  since 
it has been 5 months........
they were sure a sight of sore eyes!!   lol


that we are missing eighty some odd degree weather
at home,  for this nice cool weather here.  Perfect
weather here as far as we are concerned.

for a sweet celebration of our birthdays on Monday
with Dee and Jerry.  Jim's has already passed and 
mine will be coming up at the end of March, so that
is really special to get to celebrate with them now,
since we don"t get to be with them on our birthdays.
 We got to see the house they are hoping to buy,
 which is a very cool house I might add.
Then they took us out for Mexican food which was
really yummy...........and we had enough leftover
for lunch the next day. so we got to enjoy it twice.


for a wonderful dessert Dee made us for our birthday
that had crescent rolls, cream cheese and cinnamon
 sugar with strawberries and whip cream on top, it was
 perfect for a Mexican dinner dessert. 
 Really Luscious and Delicioso!
We actually had it for breakfast a couple of mornings
too, cause it was sort of like a cream cheese filled
coffee cake. 
Will definitely be getting this recipe!


for the lovely cards and gift basket she put together
 for us. She is a really good card picker, and always
 writes something really meaningful in our cards, so
 they are like a gift all by themselves. The gift basket
has all sorts of  yummy special chocolates from a
 chocolate shoppe here in Asheville, that she hand-
picked herself, that she knows we would like, and
 and some gift cards for some places we like to go
 here in the town park where they live.  So we went 
for frozen yogurt on Tuesday evening, and we still
 get to go to a burger place we love in here some
 other day or evening.  Their burgers remind me of
 my Dad's burgers as he used to own
 a diner year  ago........

that we got to go look around in one of my fav stores
in here that I told you about before called Altared state.
It is a christian clothing boutique and they have adorable
clothing, mostly for young women but they also have
some home decor and jewelry as well. Lots of really
cute things, so it is just a fun store.  It is where my
sign and feather dish came from, that I showed you
 in another post I did not too long ago. 
 If you want to see Just click here.

that Dee and I have plenty of time to talk and visit
by ourselves since our hubbies are working in the
 daytime, and she only has to work one day this
week on Wednesday. We have had a few sunny
days so we have sat out on the front porch, the
 back porch and on the roof top porch in the
 mornings cause the temps were in the lower
70's, and breezy, even tho it does feel a bit cold
when the wind blows, we did manage to get
some sun, and it felt so good.  Poor Dee being
a Florida girl has missed that sunshine so it felt
 super good and rejuvenating for her especially.


that we discovered a new and decent TV show 
we can watch called the "Voice".  It is one of
Jerry's fav shows,  so we have watched it for
3 evenings now,  but think last night was the
last one until next week.  We have never
heard of it,  but then we rarely watch any
thing on network TV......

that I got to meet her new friend that she works with
today (Thursday).  What a lovely lady and she has
been such a good friend to Dee.  Unfortunately, after
next week they will not be working together anymore
as Dee has taken another job where she only has
to work one day a week most of the time, and as a fill
 in person in mammography, so she doesn't lose her
 liscense while she explores the real estate world.
Fortunately, Dee just has to walk across the street to
work right now,  so she will be able to see her friend
a lot still, as they are both sad she is leaving, but this
is much better situation for Dee in so many ways.


for the beautiful skies and sunsets we have been
 seeing off Dee and Jerry's back porch every day.

that Dee had her first closing with a real client
yesterday afternoon, she was her own first client
last year when she started into real estate when 
they bought their town home.  
So this was an exciting event, so we went to
 Texas Roadhouse to celebrate.
She has another closing in early April and has
several people she is working with to find homes
and even had another realty Co. try to recruit
her and she doesn't even know how they got
her name.....but nice to be

Well,  here's another week at 
Cozy Place!!

Hope you enjoyed your visit 
and hope you try out the easy
 yet yummy Spring breakfast.

Have a  Wonderful Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and Blessings
 from North Carolina


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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Happy Birthday to you all Nellie! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration with family! All the sweets sound yummy and the breakfast looks delicious! So glad the weather was mostly nice for your visit.

Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai said...

Such wonderful things to be thankful about! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week. :)

Life With Lorelai

Sister Susie Says said...

Hi, Nellie! I didn't realize I hadn't commented on your post!
#1. I'm so glad too! I have missed you as did Molly too! I sure Brooklyn, Scott, and Megan missed you very much as well!
#2. I know they were overjoyed!
#3. Kool, ha!
#4. They have Mexican food there, lol!
#5. That sounds great. My mouth can't water right now because I eating fried kale and onions as I read, ha!
#6. Sounds yummy!
#7. The individually owned stores seem to always have personality.
#8. The farther north you go, the colder the 70 feels than the 70 down south.
#9. I've seen it advertised, but I'm generally watching one of the Christian networks.
#10. That is so fortunate she lives across the street!
#11. Does it remind you of those in the Keys?
#12. Yahoo for Dee!
Love you all, Susan