Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday March 12, 2015 and From Red to Blue in the kitchen

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How has your week been going???
Well, I hope.

Our's was going well until yesterday morning. We 
 started having some plumbing problems on Tuesday
 evening, but things seemed fine on Wed. morning, 
but then our potty overflowed all over our master Bath
 and into my closet. Thank the Lord it was clean water
 at least..............and that we have tile in the water
closet and dressing area, but we had to take every-
thing on the floor in my closet out so we could pull the
 carpeting and padding back, and our bedroom has
 stuff everywhere, of course,  but at least hubby was
 able to get it we are very happy
 about that.  We have fans running in there and it 
seems the floor and the padding and the bottom of
 the carpeting is dry, so now trying to get the top
 dried out. Hoping by tonight or in the morning,
 we can put the everything back in there.
It could have been so much worse,  so we are
thankful we were home, and that we knew what
to do................

Thought I would show you some small changes
in my kitchen that made a big difference for me
since I was tired of the red accessories. Wish
I had thought to take some before shots but
didn' will just show you the new look.
Really didn't change that much but amazing
what changing the tablecloth and some 
towels and accessories will

It did have a burgundy checked tablecloth and
 some snowmen in dark colors,  so hap hap happy
 to see the blue and white

Will get on with Thankful Thursday as well.

I am Thankful

for a nice day on Saturday, which was hubbies
birthday,  so I made him a nice breakfast with
his favorite Sweet Potato Pancakes, and we
went to Brooklyn's birthday party (with a Straw-
berry Shortcake theme - so cute)  in the after-
noon, and it was nice to see everyone cause
some of them we haven't seen since last March,
 and the kids really had a ball since it was at the
 park and there were all these play gyms and
 slides and lots of areas to run around.
  Afterwards hubby and I went to dinner at
 Texas roadhouse,  then came home and went
 to bed early.........trying to beat the jet lag type
 affect of springing forward.  lol
A very nice day...........

we got some sealer on our front walkway finally.
It really needs another coat so hoping the weather
and time cooperates this week, but very thankful
to have at least gotten one coat on.

With a photocopy affect

that hubby seemed to have a good Birthday 
celebration on Sunday.  Scott, Megan and
the Baby and my SIL Susan came over for
dinner and dessert.  Made his 2 favorites
Beef Stroganoff and Banana Pudding.
I showed his birthday table earlier in the
week so if you want to see it just click
here or scroll down.

that we will have more than one use for this utility
trailer I got hubby for his birthday. Sorry to interrupt
the decorating flow,  but just had to show you what
I meant by

We can pull it by hand too,  just like a wagon,  but a 
much bigger
Lil Darling sure enjoyed it...................

That I finally took away all the rest of the red in the 
 family and Dining room on Monday.........didn't change
 much for now just replaced red things with Easter things, 
 but looks so fresh and Springy............Am loving it..........

With a Colored Pencil affect.

for the sweetest and most creative marriage proposal
I saw on yahoo that I have ever seen.  It was really
wonderful and the guy put so much into it.  He planned
it a year in advance as her birthday present.  Definitely
need a hanky...............
No doubt this fellow is crazy about her..............

Here's the link if it is still up.

that we got all our bushes out in front of the house
 trimmed back, thanks to daylight savings time.

for my amazing, handy dandy husband.  He saved us 
over $1,000  probably being able to fix the plumbing
issue, and using the shop vac he got all the water up.
  We have experienced something like this before of a
 much greater magnitude, so we pretty much knew what
 to do, So we wound up being able to cancell the
 emergency water service since they took so long,
 and didn't have to call roto rooter either.

that it was all clean water,  and didn't get in the
 wallboard, or ruin anything.

that our lil darling was in such a great mood on Wed.
and seemed to understand there was something of
 gravity was going on,  and was as cooperative as
 she could be..........amazing..... for a 2 yr. old.

that we were home and the water wasn't
on the floor very long, which helped keep
 any permanent type damage away.

that I finally got some Lemon Curd for my lemon
scones, and that just made them, so will probably
be buying gluten free scones mix again.   lol

We had a pretty  fun and productive
 week, this week,  so guess we don't
 have Spring fever    

Happy you stopped by..............and
 look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Hugs, and 
St. Patrick's Day Blessings,


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  1. Hi Nellie!

    So sorry to hear about the overflow, but happy your hubby is handy and could fix it saving you lots of moola!

    Lil' Darling looks adorable in the wagon, surely a fun time for her!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend celebrating...that little granddaughter of yours is such a cutie! Enjoy all of the forthcoming beauty of springtime!

  3. Hi sweet Nellie. Sorry to hear about the potty over flowing. Goodness, one never know...
    Your granddaughter is the cutest little princess. Many blessings, Linda

  4. Little changes but big effects! Love the blue with the white.
    Adorable little pixie in the wagon, too!

  5. I like blue - and have a lot of it in our kitchen, too.

    Glad you came out fine after your plumbing problem.

    Can't believe your "little darling" is 2 already!

  6. Very pretty post.. if you havenot done so, stop by Fabulous Friday Party

  7. I'm so glad you didn't have to call in the "specialty people!" Anymore, the insurance companies want to make such a deal out of it when you need them!

    #1. I so enjoyed her party (on Jim's birthday!)
    #2. It really looks great!
    #3. It was a great time for family and you as always are a great cook!
    #4. I have a feeling it will be used more for our little darling, ha!
    #5. The months, they are a passing!
    #6. These are lasting relationships!
    #7. Doesn't that make you feel so good! I had my front fence line cleared of the vines and my bougainvillea cut back! It looks great!
    #8. Jim's a great handy man!
    #9. Thank the LORD!
    #10. She is a smart little girl!
    #11. I surely wished my disaster hadn't happened in the middle of the night on the other side of the house!
    #12. Another yummy for the tummy!
    Love you all, Susan

  8. Hi Nellie

    I tried to leave you a comment on on another post but it would not post. I am trying again.

    You granddaughter is so cute. She has grown so much. It seems like she was just born.

    Holly is going to have baby. She is due in August. So excited. This is their first one.

    Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems....

    Love your post!

    Blessings & Love

  9. You certainly have a lot to be grateful for Nellie, not the least of which is your beautiful granddaughter and handy hubby. Remember that song 'it's so. Ice to have a man around the house'? My mother used to sing that all the time ;).

  10. Nellie, I am grateful for your joyous posts...Mimi xxx

  11. Stop by Fabulous Friday and share another amazing posts like you did at my last party
    Thanks Maria


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