Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Gluten Free Product Discoveries

Hello Sweet Friends,

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Hope your having a fun
week and enjoying the
wonderful weather where
every you live.

We sure are, it is truly

glorious here.....

Thought I would share


Gluten Free 

with you today!

I love love love this cranberry
Almond granola, it is delicious.
 Makes you think you are 
eating oatmeal cookies!  
Yum Yum!!

Tried these Cranberry almond bars
 with a cup of coffee, and they were 
okay, but guess I was expecting
them to taste like the Cranberry
almond granola bars and was
a bit disappointed.....
So if you get them.... my advice
would be to try them first 
before you try the granola. lol

Got both of these Van's
products at Walmart

Love these new Black bean chips.
They are great with roasted red
pepper hummus or guacamole.
They are great in taste and they
 are healthy... instead of carbs
 you are getting protein.
Great snack food.

They also have white bean chips.
Made from Navy Beans.
 Both chips only have
 5 ingredients.....
Beans, rice, good oils,
guar gum and salt. 
 The perfect amount of salt too,
 I might add, and are also great with
the hummus and guacamole,
but can't wait to try them with
some salsa from Chili's restuarant,
My Fav Salsa!!  lol

This Honey strawberry Kefir
 is really delicious.  It is like a
probiotic drink.  They also have
it in Honey Vanilla,  which wasn't
me or hubby's cup of tea,  and he
is a vanilla guy............

I keep it on hand for those times
you are about to go to bed or 
you wake up in the night and
can't go back to sleep and feel
a lil bit hungry.  4 Sips of this
and I am good to go, as it is
really thick and really coats
your tummy, and Kefir is
great for your digestive
system.  Does have some
sugar tho...........

Got the Beanito chips and the
Kefir at Publix Grocery Store.

Even if you aren't trying to eat
gluten free,  these are still very
healthy products you could enjoy!

Happy you could stop by and
hope you enjoyed your visit

Come again soon!

Happy St. Patricks Day

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sistersusiesays said...

I'm so glad the companies are coming out with healthier food for us. I have had to do this with my dogs too! Dolly has gotten where she is allergic to foods with wheat in it.

All is going well with Ms Molly. However she is really missing you.
Love you all, Susan