Friday, January 26, 2024

Thankful Thursday, January 25, 2024, Changes from Christmas to Winter at Cozy Place

It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter.

Psalm 74:17 Niv

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Wow, this is my last Thankful Thursday post for January.......Wow, this month flew by at rapid pace.  Been a good week here, hope it has been the same for you!  We have warmed up a lil too much for me,  but it could be worse!!  lol

Pictures today are changes from Christmas to Winter at Cozy Place .Decided to go with a green, blue, gold, silver  and white theme, with a lil bling here and there.

              So...on with my Thankfuls


Thankful that I know how to read,

and what a wonderful thing it is.

such a great tool in our life toolbox.

Especially happy I can read God's

word and know how to live my life.


Thankful for all the cold weather

we have been having, such a wonderful

change from all the hot hot days

we have here in Florida.


Thankful for another great day

at church.  Sermon was very

 encouraging and was from our

young media pastor, and how our

church is using social media to point 

others to Jesus, and how we can

do that too.  We are already 

doing that to some degree.


Thankful that all the Christmas

things are almost all packed away,

and that everything is now decorated

for Winter.  Love it.....So we are

good until Spring............


Thankful for a great day with lil darling,

 got all her school work done, and even had

 some time to watch the kids baking challenge

#6 and 7

Thankful for God's mercy and love to that elderly couple I wrote about last week, that were in hospice care and holding hands thru the rails of the hospital bed. They both passed into glory this week., only 10 hrs .apart.....she went home at 2:30 a.m. in the morning and her hubby around noon the same day. They were married 72 years, and that was their prayer that they would go together, and God in His mercy and love answered their prayers.I have heard stories like that, but have never actually know of one personally. So very thankful to have known them, and to know of their beautiful love story.

  Such a testimony of Gods grace!


Thankful for an orange cranberry

cake we got at our publix grocery

store.  It is really a great cake.

Very rich, so you only need a small

slice.  Buy um um goodness!!


thankful my crown prep is all done

and will get my new crown in 2 weeks.


Thankful that I had no angst about

getting the dental work done, because

my former dentist that I came back

to takes such good care of me, and

makes sure I am always comfortable

and have no pain. they are the best!


Thankful for a cute movie we watched

 last night called "A Dog's Purpose",

It was all from a dog perspective

and was very cute and funny, with

a few sad spots, but worth it.

they also have a sequel we will watch

as some point, called "a Dogs Journey".


Thankful for a good day with lil

darling doing school work again,

and we all had a nice dinner

 together, as well.


Well, That's it for Cozy Place this week.

Happy you were here and hope you have a really lovely weekend,

Love, Hugs, and 

End of January Blessings,


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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Thankful Thursday January 18, 2024, and things that remind me of Winter


 It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night,
Psalm 92:1-2 NIV


                      Good Morning Sweet Friends,


I am early today!!  Imagine that!!

Been a good week here, with cool temps.

but very unlike what is going on with

most of you probably.  Hope where ever

 you live you are keeping warm and cozy.

Also, I apologize for the wonkiness of the

letters (some small, some too large) through

out this post, have tried to fix it, but it has

a mind of it's own, it seems and just

want let me fix it!  lol

     Pictures today are of things that remind me of             Winter.  Bet you enjoy some of these as              well....Pictures compliments of Unsplash.

The First one is fires in the Fireplace. lol 

Remember we live in Florida.  lol

Hot Tea, and Hot Cocoa for sure!!

On with my Thankfuls............


Thankful for a fun night out, our mission was to find where my dentist office is now,  as they have moved to a brand new office since I was there last.  It was much easier to find than we had anticipated, which was great!  Then we went looking around at Home Goods and then ran to the grocery store and got a few things we needed.  Doesn't sound super exciting but it gets us out of the house, and we got a fun dessert............Brownie bites........with vanilla ice cream and a lil whip cream and nuts atop.

A heavenly dessert, as far a I am concerned!


Thankful that one of my friends daughters, just had a lil girl (a 9 and a half pound girl)and Mom and Baby are doing well, and my friend, overjoyed....this is her 9th grandchild,  3 boys, 6 girls.  She had 4 girls herself. 

Some bare trees without the snow


Thankful for the life of an elderly couple (that is more elderly than us by 20 years or more)that have been members of our church for years. They are both up in their nineties and looks like they may be going home to be with their Lord soon. They are both in the hospital, she was first, then he wound up having to go too, so they moved them in the same room, with their beds side by side, and their daughter put a picture on facebook of them sleeping and they were holding hands through the bed railings. They are in hospice care now.

But thankful for the testimony of their lives and the demonstration of what true love really is!!


Thankful I finally felt like starting to take down my real Christmasy looking decoration today, but will leave those that look wintery! 

Note: Still working on it, but hoping to finish today.

                     Colds and Flu Season


Thankful for frozen beef ravioli,

it made a nice dinner, and I have not

been able to find it in the grocery

store for years, as they are always

out. So just happened on it the last

time we were in our store. Have

to say we quite enjoyed it!! and

best of all it made for a quick

and easy din din.

Note: We had enough leftover for

another dinner so I just put it in

a casserole dish with sauce on top 

then added mozzarella and grated

parmesan on top, and put it in the

oven for about 30 mins. and it was

even better the 2nd time around.


Thankful for a good day at church.

Great message by our still, Sr. Pastor.

and always great seeing church family

and friends

                  cute lil snowman decorations


Thankful for a fun and delicious late 

Christmas gift from our friends/lunch

 buddies. An adorable snowman and 

some nuts and candy.........

All our favorites too! They have been

trying to give it to us for weeks, either

we weren't there are they weren't lol

Sometimes being late is an even 

better blessing!!  lol

Here he is....isn't he so cute, we named

him smiley and here he is hanging

out with Moosie Loosie, my hubbies

idea, so we call them the Odd Couple!

and yes, my tree is still up!!  lol

Note: decided to just remove all the

ornaments and leave it up for a while 



Thankful that renovations at our Daughter

and Son-in-loves beach house are proceeding

along well.  What's been done already is

looking great!!  

Soups, stews and chili


Thankful that I had my appt. with my previous

dentist today, it was like going home to visit

family and friends. Just love everybody in that 

office, they are the most loving and servant

hearted folks, most of them have been there

for years. Was so sorry to find out that one

 of the girls I know pretty well is battling 

cancer, and things are not going too well, 

 but Thankful that we can now pray for her

 and her family.  She is a lovely young lady,

 just breaks my heart she is having to go

 through all this...............


Thankful that they will be able to start on my

 crown next Thursday. Was hoping to get in 

quickly but this was beyond my expectations.

Now praying I don't need a root canal on top 

of having to get the crown done, as our Ins.

 isn't gonna pay any of it, because we changed

 Ins. plans in Sept of last year and no one

 told us there was a waiting period for certain

 procedures. Thankful that the Lord has

already provided for us to do that!

       Warm cozy beds, throws and flannel jamies
     I practically live in my flannel jamies when it is                                cold weather.


Thankful that after the dentist office we

did some shopping and I was able to get

a birthday gift, a baby gift and a few

pair of pants that I hope will fit lil

darling, and a few things for her for

Valentine's day as well.  So we are a

bit ahead of the game, for a change,

which is nice!!

We went to lunch as well, so we

will have a light din din tonight.

It was such a fun day because we don't

usually go out that early in the day

because I can't take the heat


Thankful for a very kind and encouraging

comment from an instagram user yesterday

about our cards and Card Shop.


  Hearing about Snow......and

remembering the few times we actually

got to encounter it, and how much 

fun it was because it was so easy

for us.  No shoveling or difficulties.


Well, That's it for Cozy Place

this week.............

Thanks for coming by 


Hope you have a

 delightful weekend ahead,

Love, Hugs, and

Mid January Blessings,


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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Scripture Sunday

    And that is through the righteousness of Jesus,

not our own!! 

 Cause we don't have any righteousness

 of our own!!

Hugs and Blessings,


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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Thankful Thursday January 11th, 2024, and Winter Dessert ideas

 Praise be to the LORD, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen and Amen.

Psalm 41:13 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are yall??  We have been doing

very well, finally over our (whatever

 sickness we had) until the last few days. 

 Now my back is acting up again.....Ugh!

I wish I knew what I was doing that

caused this....have been doing some

walking in the neighborhood and loving

it, and should have gone today but

neither of us think that is a good idea.

So............that's that!  Hoping for a

better day tomorrow.

Pictures today are of Winter time

dessert ideas, thought they were all so 

pretty and surely make me hungry

for them.  lol

Well, on with my Thankfuls......


Thankful for beef stew that we made in 

our new stock pot.  Yummy!  


Thankful for a good day at church, we welcomed

26 new people into membership today, 

which is great.


Thankful for lunch out with our lunch buddies

again. Just love spending time with them.


Thankful for a good morning with lil darling

on Monday.  Just had her half the day today.


Thankful for a new fun show we found

   to watch called "The Childrens Baking Challenge". 

   We are really enjoying it and so does lil darling. 



Thankful for my nice warm cozy bed every

nite, sometimes we can forget what a luxury

that really is..........


Thankful for Ghirardelli, white chocolate

peppermint candies which we have and

are still enjoying. They are so delicious,

and I am not that keen on peppermint

especially if it is strong, these have just

the right amount, very mild.  All 

compliments of our Son and lil darling


Also peppermint hot chocolate.

Sorry it's all gone!!  lol


Thankful to have an appt with my former

dentist, that I had to leave for Insurance

reasons. She is the best dentist in the

world and leaving was so hard, but I

am so thankful to be going back as I

have a crown that needs to be done,

and hopefully she will be my dentist

for the rest of my life.


Thankful that our whole family and

area faired well in the winter storm

that just went over us. Praying for

those in Panama city that got hit pretty 

hard with a tornado, from what we



Thankful for our new Homedic back

Massager we recently got, since our

other one broke. We have really 

been pressing it into service with

my back issues lately.  lol


Thankful that hubby and I have been

finally working on some things that have

 needed to be done, that we have talked

about over and over again but just 

never got around to doing. Cause we

are getting up there in years and no one

knows when the Lord might call one

or both of us home.


Thankful for 2 cute lil wrens I saw in our

front yard up near out house that were

scavenging for food. I have never seen any

 wrens around here, I saw some when my

 Daughter lived in Asheville, but have never

 seen them here in Florida, so they must have

flown south for the Winter, maybe!  

I know, I am easily entertained!! lol


Thankful for Mexican take out from Moe's

tonight, we were gonna go out, but with

my back acting up just wasn't a great

idea, and it's cold too.

But it's was great tasting food!!

Well, that's all for Cozy Place
this week...........

Hope you are all enjoying the 
New Year

Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Hugs and
January Blessings,

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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Scripture Sunday

For those of you who are up north 

enjoy the beautiful snow.....stay warm.

For those of you who don't have snow

you most likely have cold weather so

You stay warm as well because you

are valuable to God, and to me!

Hugs, Nellie

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Scripture Sunday

Have a joyful week!! Hugs, Nellie Sharing with: