Friday, April 3, 2015

Thankful Thursday - April 2, 2015 and some Easter Decorations

Do not be anxious about anything,
 but in everything,
 by prayer and petition, 
with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.
Philipians 4:6

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope it has been a good week for you,
and that you have had some time to
pause and remember the real reason
for the Easter Season............

The rest of my week has been good,
hubby has been working home the
last few days which is his new normal
schedule now, and since no one else
 is going in tomorrow, he gets to stay
home and work again tomorrow.
So that is nice.  Had such a fun time
with our lil darling yesterday she was
in such a good mood even tho at
times you can tell she still isn't feel-
ing quite up to par,  think she is
still working on getting those molars
the rest of the way through.  

Thought I would show you some of
our Easter Decorations.  The Tulip
picture you see in the photos came
from Ann of Sutton's Place blog.
She put some free Spring printables 
on about a month ago I would say 
and I copied and printed them to
 use for Spring. Thought it was lovely 
already, then hubby bought me some
 pink Tulips on my birthday, so wound
up putting them with the picture and
really loved it all the more. You might
 want to drop by and visit  Ann, if you
 never have, I really do enjoy her
 blog so much.  She has decorating,
recipes and lots of DIY ideas, and
a lovely Etsy shop as well.

In her header you will see where
it says printables and you can click
on that to see what she has, she
has quite a few neat ones.

Well, gonna get on with Thankful

I am thankful

for a truly wonderful Birthday last Sunday.
 It was great to be back worshipping at our
 church after being away for 2 Sundays, great
 to see everyone too. 
Great to be with our family as always, they
did a super job of  spoiling me.......with great
 food, sweet cards, fun gifts, and just their
 wonderful presence, which is such a blessing.

With colored pencil affect

for all the fun facebook Birthday messages 
and other cards and ecards as well as belated
blog friend wishes.
 Every year It makes me feel like a celebrity. lol

So thanks to all of you!!

for my new backyard bench Scott, Megan
and the baby got me.  Scott brought it
all put together, and it is really pretty. I
will show you a picture once I get the
 area where I want to put it in shape.
It looks pretty sorry out there right 
now, but I plan on taking care of that
problem soon, and it will be nice to be
able to sit out there again,  as our old
bench was pretty much for looks only
cause it is about ready to fall over!!  lol

Posterized affect

for some new gluten free cookies hubby
got me from Fresh Market.  They are
salted caramel choc. chip, and Coconut
Macadamia nut.  They are both delicious,
but my favs are the Coconut macadamia.
 Typically choc. chip are my favs.  lol

For some new cards I had a design idea for
 and have been working on the last few days.
Printed a couple this morning and am
very happy with them.  Last count there
are 9 now, they are cards sets.


that we are going to Scott and Megan's
on Saturday to celebrate Easter. Makes
life easy for me.............and will be a
lot of fun for all of us.  All I have to do
is make a adult children
really bless my heart is so many ways.

that hubby got a surprise raise on Wed.,
  So happy for him cause he works very
hard for his company.  So that is a 
huge encouragement to him, and of
course, the monetary part is great too.

With no tablecloth

for a quote I guess you would call it,
that I saw on a Church sign on the way
home from Asheville.  It said...........

"Nature is God's Greeting Card" 

and I guess because I love Greeting
 cards and also love to make them that
lil quote has caused me to ponder that
thought a number of times over the last
 week or so, as I feel it is just so very true
I think it is true all of the time, but it
especially speaks so loudly in the Spring
of Christ resurrection, when you see
all the grass, plants and bushes, and
flowers that were so dead only a few
 weeks ago and now they are vibrant 
and alive with color and stature. 
I think God's greeting card says:

 My Son, Jesus is Alive and Well...
Seek Him Out, He loves you so much,
He was willing to die to give you 
eternal life.............

that Jesus gave me that eternal life,
and that I and my family that have
all accepted His great gift of salvation
will all be together one day in Heaven
even tho, our bodies will die, our spirits
will never die............what a great
salvation that is..........doesn't get
any better than that, in this life!!

 Jesus said to her
"I am the resurrection and the life. 
He who believes in me will live,
 even though he dies;
John 11:25

Remember the moss covered animals I got on vacay

for these neat Chicken Patties hubby
found at Sam's the other day.  They
have spinach and aged white cheddar
cheese in them, and they are really tasty,
 and they don't have a lot of additives
 and are gluten free,  also no trans fats
 and only 2 gms. of Sat. fat per patty.  
They are made by a Company called
 Sabitino's and come 8 patties to a box,
 just in case you are interested.
We had them as sandwiches yesterday
and they were delicious, but told hubby
the next time we have them they will
be with some spaghetti and marinara
sauce. They remind me a lil of chicken
parm because of the spices,  yet they
are not breaded,  so almost can't wait
to try them Italian style.  lol

for the gift Claude Monet was and is to our
world with his beautiful paintings. I have 
always loved the works of the Impressionist
 painters, he being my favorite, so was 
researching some of his art work for cards,
 and and oh my goodness, just can't believe
 the amount of paintings he had done in his
 lifetime, most of which, I have never seen.

My 2nd favorite painter, was and is Thomas
Kincaide, so thankful for his lovely exquisite
 paintings as well, and of course, the work of
 so many others talented and gifted artists
 you find all over the place.  They are truly
a gift to our world.  and last but in no way
 the least and the best painter of all times.....
God........  He paints
us beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets every
 single day, amongst other things, can't get
 more creative or talented than
 that is for sure.

aren't they cute!  

that hubby and I got to work out in the
 backyard for about an hour last night and 
accomplished quite a bit. 
 We are working on the area where we are
 putting my new bench........
So quite happy about that!!  lol

Well,  that's it folks............
another week at Cozy Place

Glad you came by for a visit.

Good Friday to You!
Remember it's Friday, but
Sunday is coming!!  

H a p p y E a s t e r 

 May All the Blessings 
Of Christ be Yours,


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sistersusiesays said...

Beautiful tulips
#1. You do much spoiling of us too!
#2. The LORD is so good for giving us our family and friends!
#3. It is a great gift hat will last for years! And always a reminder of your loved ones!
#4. I hope these companies keep making more of their products free of gluten!
#5. I know they are great!
#6. It's great they are taking over some of the holidays to relieve you!
#7. The LORD is so good!
#8. Yes, He is! I'm so thankful I am saved to His glory! I saw a tortuous yesterday eating on one of the oranges that fell from the tree.
#9. AMEN! Come now, Jesus.
#10. New indigence for old recipes, ha!
#11. A painter I love to watch is Bob Ross! He paints such beautiful pictures of GOD's creation and in 30 minutes!! He always says to his watchers, "And GOD bless!"
#12. Rosemary and her husband came and did mine today. I'm so thankful for them. And guess what? I have an extra $70. a month coming in that is the exact amount for them to do my yard twice a month! Isn't GOD Great!
I love you all, Susan

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