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Picadillo - A Cuban Meat Dish Recipe

Morning Sweet Friends,

How is your week going
 so far???
 Going well I hope!

Mine is going..............lol
Not much exciting going on this week, which I 
count as a good thing....lol
  No decorating yet, was gonna take the Easter
 things down yesterday, then decided to leave
 them until after Wed,  so lil darling could enjoy
 them one more day.

We got some heavy rains yesterday,  sort of that
real soaking kind,  so the grass and plants are
 looking so much greener this morning.  Our slow 
release fertilizer has finally kicked in full force, I 
guess,  but of course, there is no water better
for plants and grass than Heavens water anyway..

Decided to put my recipe for a Cuban  meat dish 
in  a post that way my kids can get it if they want, 
 and some of you might like to give it a try too.....
It truly is a great dish, and goes wonderfully well
 with yellow rice and Black Beans, which I always
serve it with..........You can find that recipe Here 
just scroll all the way to the bottom to find it.

This recipe is called "Picadillo"
and it is pronounced Pick-uh-de- yo, at least
 that is what I was taught by my cuban friend
 who taught me how to make it many many
 years ago. Forty four to be exact, I was in my
first year of marriage then.......lol  So we have
 been enjoying it for  lots of years now.

Cuban Picadillo Recipe


1 pd. of ground beef

Tblsps. of extra virgin olive

1 large onion diced

1 large green bell pepper diced

3 cloves of garlic, or 2 tsp or more
of garlic powder or granulated garlic 
(I use the granulated garlic, it is
a sprinkle type, but larger and less
ground than the powder, I like it
better on everything.....I typically
add more garlic as it cooks and 
taste it, cause we really love garlic,
so the more garlic the better, 
I always say!!  lol)

2-3 Bay leaves 
(if they are small add 3-4 and
if large add just 2)

3 Tsp. of Oregano

Salt and pepper to taste

 1 - 29 oz. can of Hunt's
tomato sauce

3-4 oz. jar of drained Green Spanish
 olives w/pimientos


In a 3-4 qt. sauce pan or dutch oven, brown 
your ground beef on the stove at med. heat.
(afterwards, I pour the ground beef in a colander
 and rinse it with hot water,  to get rid of all the fat, 
that way you can use beef that has more fat 
content  and is less money, then after rinsing 
keep it in the colander till later)

In the same saucepan you used to brown your
beef add the olive oil, onions and bell pepper
and garlic(but only if you are using garlic cloves, 
if using the powder or granulated save for later)
Cook until onions and peppers and garlic cloves
are soft.

Now add the browned meat back in with the
cooked veggies, and add the bay leaves, and
oregano, then add some salt and pepper.
Now is the time to add the granulated garlic
or garlic powder (If you did not use garlic
cloves earlier).  Now add the can of tomato
sauce,  and stir to mix ingredients well.

Cover and let cook over medium heat, until
it comes to a boil making sure to stir it often.
 Once it comes to a boil,  then cook on low,
and let cook for about 30 mins., stirring every 
10-15 mins.so it doesn't stick,  after 30 mins.
put it on warm,  and let it continue to cook
for another hour, again stirring every 10-
15 mins. (Taste test a few times during the
hour and see if you think it needs more
salt or pepper or garlic, and add more if
needed) After the hour add the green olives
 and continue to cook on warm another 30
mins or so..............still stirring often.

After the last 30 mins.,  your Picadillo is
ready to serve...............

Should serve 4 or more if serving with
black beans and yellow rice.

Just so you know,  this is a great make 
ahead dish, as it tastes even better the
next day.  Just put it back in the pot
and reheat it.  Do Not heat in micro-
wave unless it is a single serving.


Glad you could drop by for
a visit today.......

Hope the rest of your week
will be Sweet and Pleasant. 

With posterized affect.

Love, Hugs,
and Picadillo Blessings,


  1. Hello Nellie Dear. I'm glad you've had some water from the heavens for your garden. We had some good soaking rain a couple of weeks ago, and it just makes everything so fresh and lovely, doesn't it? This recipe just sounds like my kinda dinner. Easy, tasty and colourful! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing with me at Five Star Frugal....Mimi xxx

  2. I have put this on my daily prayer list for the LORD to go before you and His Holy Spirit to lead these people to do what they know they should do!
    #1. Praise the LORD for His joy through others who love Him as much as we do!
    #2. Thank the LORD! He has the right people to buy it from them!
    #3. The LORD knows best and He blessed them with leading them to this home!
    #4. How wonderful when the LORD's people get together and He is in their mist!
    #5. That was great! His dad could not keep his hands off his son as though, "Are you really here!!!" Can you imagine the reunion with our loved ones in heaven!!!
    #6. That's a great idea. I have 20 bags to do for a remembrance.
    #7. It is so heartwarming to spend time with friends so dear.
    #8. My mouth says, "I want some!" Ha!
    #9. I'll put them on my prayer list. The LORD is so good in answering prayer!
    #11. The LORD is so good in His timing!
    #12. He surely does, and when we show Him our patience, He surprises us with His blessings! I think of Job and I praise the LORD at the blessings JOB received afterward!
    YES, you have made me hungry, ha! I love you all, Susan


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