Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last of the Easter Decorations Part 1

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Well, Easter has come and gone now.
So are those income tax done yet?  
Hope so, as the day is fast 

Not too much exciting going on here this week,
other than hubby did the income tax,  and we are
actually getting money back, so that is always a
very nice surprise.

I am making a cuban dinner tonight, and very
excited about it too,  as we haven't had it in
 quite some time.
It is called Picadillo, Black beans and yellow
rice........and it is um um good..........

If you are interested in the recipe,

Actually this turned out to be Ropa Veja instead
of Picadillo,  but it has the black bean and rice
recipe on there.  If you want the Picadillo
recipe.  Just let me know by leaving a
comment and I will post it. I could have
sworn I posted that before, but guess I
 didn't.... see.that is why it isn't a good
 thing to swear you did something.  lol

You might just want to try the Ropa Veja
 as it is delicious too.......

Decided I would show you the rest of my Easter
decorations before I take them down next week,
 and go to just Spring decor.

All the pics posted today are from the family,
dining room, hallway and kitchen

Absolutely love taking this lil bunny pillow
out every year, my fav pillow.......my SIL
Susan gave it to me quite a number of
 years ago and I still love it.  the lil bunny
looks so real..............

Mr and Mrs. Bunny for the side table.

Our coffee table with my beautiful Jesus Figurine
 and lovely pink hydrangeas.  Pink is one of my
fav Spring colors.

Received this Jesus Figurine from an old
neighbor/friend years ago, and have always
 loved it and the dear lady who gave it to me. 
 Unfortunately, she moved away a long time
 ago, and she is now enjoying Heaven.

with colored pencil affect.

I like to generously sprinkle around some stuffed
bunnies and lambs.  Brooklyn quite enjoys that too.
The lamb in the lefthand corner I actually took to her
Mom when she was in labor with Brooklyn.  It sings
"If your happy and you know it,  clap you hands"
and it claps his hands and wiggles his ears.
So cute,  couldn't resist it........
and lil darling loves her too.

This lil bunny belonged to my Daughter DeeAnna
when she was a lil girl.

Decided to add some wooden eggs to the topiary tree.

The 2 brown ones I got in Germany over 40 yrs. ago.
That is where I learned to make Easter trees,  that was
one of the German traditions.  You see them quite
often here now.............but didn't back 40 yrs. ago.

With Poster edges affect

Got 2 of these lil bunnies at the dollar tree
this year.  Remember the other one in
the header pic and in the first collage.
Lil darling liked them too.  lol

This chest is in the small hallway we have
between the bedrooms. These bunny dishes
and the cute bunny towels were a gift from
an old friend about 4 or 5 yrs. ago.
They are so cute.  Should have taken
a pic of them empty cause they have cute
lil faces...............

It was nice you could visit today, 
 hope you enjoyed it,
 and come again soon.

Have a lovely evening with your

Love, Hugs and 
Belated Easter Blessings

See ya on Thursday
 for Thankful Thursday
 and for Part 2 of 
last of Easter Decorations


  1. love all of your easter goodies and that you have such a wide variety that goes great together.

  2. I just know Brooklyn loves all of your decorations!

    Lisa, at school. made the bunny pillow. I have one with a kitty cat on it!

    It's always so lovely to visit your home! Love you all, Susan

  3. I love how simple and elegant these are! Thanks for sharing at the Home Matters Linky Party! We hope to see you next week!


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