Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Decorating Part 3

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope it is sunny and bright 
where ever you
are today..............

It has been rather dismal here the past few
 days, rainy and cloudy with the promise of 
rain even if it doesn't come!  lol

We had a fun weekend,  and it has just
been quiet the last few days, which is good
as I have been feeling rather tired and sleepy,
some of it because of sleep loss Sat. night,
but some of it from the weather I think......

Thought I would show you my redo of our
coffee table after Easter.  Just pretty simple,
but took lots of pictures.  I will tell you why
at the end.............lol

This pretty print box came with bath and body
goodies in it, think it was either my Birthday or
Mother's Day gift from hubby last year. So
thought it made a nice addition............

with colored pencil affect

Need one more hydrangea, so filled in with this pretty
pink bow...............where there is a Will there is a Way,
as the old saying goes..............

with posterized affect

Always love using this book somewhere in the
 house during the Spring Season., and of course,
 some birds.

The book is by Ann Voskamp and it is called
"One Thousand Gifts"
I will tell you more about it at the very end
and give you a website............

Loved all the shadows surrounding the book.........

Then I remembered I had a nest with 3 eggs in it ....
and thought it would look great on top of the book,
Sort of a 3D affect..................

If you look closely it looks as tho she is holding it.

With posterized affect

and not only do I love birds and nests, and 
pastel colors,  I love love love hydrangeas
and white pitchers.

Half Tone Paper Affect

Photo Copy Affect

The reason I took so many pictures is because I 
wanted to make sure that Ann's book cover showed
 up more than just once without my bird nest on top,
 as it is beautiful all on it's own. 
 I started rereading her book again, and the first
 chapters make you cry or want to (and who
 couldn't use a good cleansing cry anyway)  lol,
anyway, it gets more hopeful and is truly 
marvelous book,
 and it is something I discovered myself a few
 years before I was gifted with this book from 
another blog friend named Bonnie, but I agree
 so much with this book, and she is right...., 
there are gifts from God all around us each day, 
and looking for them, realizing,acknowledging
 and being thankful to the Lord for them has
seriously revolutionized my life............
I would highly recommend this book to anyone,
 the prose is beautifully poetic almost....she is a 
great writer, and amazingly descriptive.......
It is good stuff folks.................and certainly
 very helpful for the day and age in which 
we are living.

Also if you would like to know more about
Ann Voskamp she has a website.
See her Trailer on the right hand side,
It's awesome............and once you 
read those first 2 chapters you will
know even more how awesome it is...

If you would like to see part 2 of
 Spring Decorating,  Just click here

So thankful you could come
 by today!
Hope you say hello........

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Spring is settling in your home beautifully! I love hydrangeas and white pitchers, too. I've heard of Ann's writings and will be looking for this book. Lovely post!

  2. Your spring decorations I truly love, so soft and fresh.
    I have always wanted to read this book, and now hope to buy it this week! I do visit her blog, and am always so blessed, thanks for sharing.
    enjoy your week,

  3. Nellie,
    Adore your sweet Spring vignette, dear friend!!!
    The tranquil hues are so~o~o refreshing!!!

  4. Sweet vignette Nellie! Love that book, I need to read it again.


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