Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday - April 30, 2015 and Spring Decorating Part 4

Jesus said:
Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap,
 they have no storeroom or barn;
 yet God feeds them.
 And how much more valuable
you are than birds!
Luke 12:24

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a sweet
 and sunshiny week!

Have to say our's has been sweet, but not
so sunshiny weatherwise.  It has been sort
of dreary, but think we have turned the
corner and it is a cool 75 today and the sun
 just came out about an hour ago, and looks
 like no rain the forecast until next week......
It is suppose to go to 84 tho, but it is still that is always nice.

Since it was so cool this morning, I decided

it would be a great time to dust and Vac the
porch, so I dusted with my new 360 swiffer 
duster with the extended pole. First time,
I have used it, and it was awesome. It got
all the cat hair off the table and chairs, and 
I was able to dust the metal frames of our
 screened porch with out bending over or
 even having to move much, which made
very quick work of it, and since hubby was
working at home he took the time from his
 normal coffee break and vaccummed for me.
(God Bless Him, He does most of the vac-
cumming for me as it really irritates my 
neck problem if I do more than a room.)

So it was still cool by lunch time so we

were able to have lunch out there, for
the first time this Spring, which is very
 unusual, but do to the rain and/or the
unseasonably hot weather or a myriad
of other reasons,  it just hasn't
 happened this year.

So it was quite a treat for us both!

Guess I had Best get on with my

 Thankfuls.....before I write a book 
ahead of time.  lol

Along with my Thankfuls,  thought I

would show you pictures of my sofa
table all dressed for Spring in the
 Family room.

I Am Thankful

for a fun Friday evening and sleep over
with our lil darling....we had such a fun
 time, and she slept great and was in
such a good mood the whole time.

with paint daub affect

that Scott and Megan had some time
to themselves and it gave Megan a little
break too.

for an unspoken answer to prayer I
can't tell you about right now, but
will tell you next Thursday.

with cut out and equalized affect

for my digital camera and all the neat
pics I can take and then just download,
and it doesn't cost a thing....
So nice..........

that we had such a fun time at our Sunday 
School or Life group (as they call it now)
 get together on Sunday afternoon.  
They had a Taco party, so it was good
food and a good time had by all.
So thankful for the hosting couple too.
They are sweeties.

With Solarized affect

for several long conversation with Dee
the last few days, as we have both been
busy and haven't talked in about 5 days.

that hubby got our new outdoor lights painted. 
 They were a bronze color and we got a great 
deal on them, but we didn't like how they
 looked on the house due to the color, but we
 discovered that we could take them apart and
 paint them, so that is what hubby did.....
can't wait to see them up.........they are 
gonna look great and be much easier
 to keep clean, which was the main reason
we got them......

Note:  Hubby just put them up and they
look great!!  

with posterized affect

that I got some of my yard bunnies cleaned
 up and painted as well.  You will be seeing
them soon............

for some stolen moments of sitting on the
 back porch swing and enjoying the work we
 have done out in the back yard.

also for the sounds of silence out
there, and the once in awhile passing
of cars, or an airplane flying by, or birds 
chirping and frogs singing, and an orange
butterfly and a dragon fly flitting about.
Gifts from my heavenly Father.
Simple pleasures and love gifts,
for sure.

for a sweet story I read on yahoo 
news today,  that tells about a 5 yr.
 old lil boy, who saved his Mom's life
 after she went into a diabetic coma. 

Afterwards, She said he was
 a super hero, and he said 
His super power
 was LOVE.


Twirl affect - for when you want to feel
like you are living in Alice's

for Ann Voskamp's book, 
"One Thousand Gifts" and the joy of
getting to read it all over again.
If you would like to know more about it
see my Tuesday post.  Just click here!

Oh, and Just so you know,  I do not know
 Ann VosKamp, and do not get any sort of
compensation for what I have said about
 her book.  I am just a reader who has
 been blessed by her writing and think
I should pass it on...........

Well,  hope you enjoyed your 
visit, and hope you come 
again real soon.

Would love if you would share

 something you are thankful for 
with us, or just say Hello.......

Love, Hugs, and
Last Day of April Blessings.

(Wow, that means tomorrow 
is May, how did we get here
so fast!)

 If you would like to see part 3
 of Spring Decorating, 
 Just click here


  1. Hi, Nellie! GOD is also the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills! (Psalm 50:10)

    The cage looks like Jerry's big cage when it was brand new!

    #1. What a treat she has with you!
    #2. Good for them!
    #3. The LORD has been so good to answer so many of mine the last year!!!
    #4. Isn't it fun!!!
    #5. It is such a joy to spend time with our friends!
    #6. Tell her I said hello.
    #7. I'll have to drive by and see them, ha!
    #8. I can hardly wait!
    #9. And, listening to all of GOD's little creatures!
    #10. The beauty He has created is gorgeous!
    #11. Yes, I saw them on the evening news! He is a sweetie!
    #12. The LORD has surely blessed many writers as well as their readers!
    I love you all, Susan

  2. How wonderful that you have so much to be thankful for, and that you can see the extraordinary in the ordinary. It's a gift Nellie!

    As for your list, now I'm curious about # 4 lol


  3. Good morning, Nellie!
    Thanks so much for coming by!
    Your kind comment brought me big smiles this morning :0)
    I've enjoyed looking at all your Spring touches! And I loved reading all that you're thankful for. It's hard not to be happy when you remember to count your blessings!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. I think it's great you are listening what you are grateful for. More should follow in your foot steps. It's truly the little things in life that can be the most rewarding! Thanks for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty. Hope to see you next week!

  5. It is amazing when God answers our prayers! Love the idea of this post. Thank you for sharing them at the Home Matters linky party! Hope you come again!


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