Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Father's Day Table for 2016

Happy Tuesday and Happy Summer
Sweet Friends,

It has finally arrived....altho it seems
like it has been here for awhile!! lol
Well, I hope all the Dad's in your life
 had a great day on Sunday.......

Our Dad's seemed to enjoy them-
selves pretty well.............and it was 
nice for most of the family to be able
 to be here, but we did miss
 Jerry and Rosie..........
Hopefully next time we get together
they can be here too.

Well, told you our bed came last
Friday and guess what??
It was damaged again, in the exact
same place on the food board, the
spool type foot was torn right off, 
and the box looked like it had been
 thru a war zone......seriously......
so we decided to just cancell and
get our money back......so guess 
we will be on the hunt again soon.

My back is quite a bit better, not
quite there yet, and have to go to
the dentist today for a rather long
appt., so hoping that doesn't 
change anything back wise........

For Father's Day I needed to 
come up with something that
would fit both our Father's in
the family.  So decided to do
a Coffee theme........as they
are both avid coffee drinkers.

Had some burger king crowns
left over from when I did the
King and Princess birthday
table back in March.
You can see it here and here,
if you want.

So I decided to do one with a
coffee theme since I had some
lil stick on embellishments.

Then my daughter and I tied it and
the sign together and she hung it over 
the table for me............

Then I got a white tray to match
 the white dishes and made a
 coffee tray

This is the view from one side

and here is the view from the other.
You will see later that I changed
 it up a little.

I used our french coffee maker, a coffee 
cup candle I have had for ages, a bag of
 coffee, a glass container of Werthers 
coffee flavored candies, and these cute
 cups I found by accident at Wally 
World, and thought they would go
 perfectly with our theme.

Here's a better view of the cup
They are with the normal paper
goods, they are just Dixie cups.
But cute Dixie cups!!  lol

Now on to the place settings
Wanted a more simple look
since it was a guy table, so just
 used my white corelle ware,
 and simple modern silverware.

Found a bag of nine kitchen clothes
 in this camel color for like $3.48,  
again at Wally World, and thought 
they would make great napkins for
 a guys table, as they have texture.  
Folded them so
they would have a pocket to put
the silverware,  but only wound
up doing it at lil darlings place.

I decided just to do the silver-
ware the normal way and to 
add the candy on top of the
terry napkins.

An Overview


I also used glass candle holders
 with coffee beans for ambiance.
Also put mini creamers at each
 end with the candles to be used
 later when we had coffee.

Colored pencil affect

Did you notice that I changed out the
bag of coffee and wound up using the
 mug with spoons for the  tray
vignette instead........

With Cutout affect


Happy you could drop by and hope 
you enjoyed your visit.

Have a really good week,
Keep you light shining brightly,

Posterized Affect

Love, Hugs,  and
Official Summer Blessings,


  1. Hi, Nellie!
    The dads as well as the rest of us had a great time too! You are such a great hostess! Yes, it would have been perfect if Jerry and Rosie could have been there!

    I'm so sorry about the bed, but the LORD must have one that's better for you!

    I pray your dentist visit went well.

    Your Father's Day decor was just great! I'm so glad DeeAnna could help you too! The coffee was really good! Coffee always taste better at your house, ha!

    Looking at your place settings reminded me, I didn't eat my Werther's candy!
    Enjoy your day with "Sweetie Pie!" I love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Hon,
    Yes, having Jerry and Rosie here would have made it 100% perfect!!
    Glad you had a good time too.........

    Yea, wasn't thrilled but figure there must be some reason the bed didn't work out....
    and maybe we will find something we like a lot more.

    Actually, I was concerned about it being so long........but fortunately, I am fine today,
    not any worse, and some better back wise. Also, I wound up only getting a filling rather
    than a crow and they did the impression for my permanent crown I had the root canal on,
    so I will get that put in next week, so my dental saga will be over, for a long time,
    I hope.........lol Thanks for praying!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments, and I save your some Werthers, I have a whole bag

    Brooklyn and I have had a fun morning, she is napping right now.
    Well, off to have some lunch....
    Love, Nellie

  3. Your table looks lovely! I bet he loved it! Thanks for linking it up to Dishing It & Digging It!

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks so much for dropping by and for your warm comments.
    Thanks for allowing me to share at Dishing and Digging it.
    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. What a lovely setup for Father's day! Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again this week.

  6. Thank You Sahana, and thank you for allowing me to share at Home Matters, and I will most
    definitely be sharing with you this week. Appreciate your coming by and your comments.
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Hehehehe Nellie! Love it! So sad to hear about your bed. Not meant to be, that's what I say. I'm so enjoying Summer posts. It's chilly and windy where I live, and I'm shivering down to my twinkle toes! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  8. Hi Again Mimi,
    Saw this comment after the 4th of July table post..........lol
    Glad you liked the table......it was fitting for our 2 Dads!
    Yea, I have been enjoying the summer posts as well, have loved the home tours they are
    always fun..........and some great recipes out there too.
    So are you in Fall or Winter there?? Hard to imagine you shivering when it is close to
    100 degrees here......lol You keep warm, don't want you getting sick over there....
    Hope you have a good week hon, can't believe just a few more days of June....these days
    just click off so quickly anymore......
    Blessings, Nellie


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