Friday, June 3, 2016

Thankful Thursday, June 2, 2016, white vignettes pics

The LORD is righteous in all his ways 
and faithful in all he does.
Psalm 145:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Welcome to June......
Hope you have been having a good 
week, and enjoying these first days
of June..........

My week has been good, fast, and hot
and I can hardly believe it is Friday
 already and we are already 3 days
 into June........shew!
It is enough to make your head spin,
the way these weeks fly by. Nothing
earth shattering going on here, just
a quiet week doing the norm.

So gonna get on with my list.

I am thankful

that hubby had 4 days off Memorial
Day weekend and we totally
 enjoyed it.

for a gopher (large turtle) sighting in
our front yard as he was on the way
to the backyard, and on out into the
woods.  If you have been reading my
blog long, you know how we love to
 see wild life in our yard.  He was a
fast guy too, think he could have
 beat the

and a moth that landed on our window,
Love seeing how intricate his wings
are..........not the prettiest color tho.
Almost looks like an old timey

we found a fun new series to watch,
It is called " The Paradise", and we
found it on Netflik. Pretty interesting
show really, it always leaves us feel-
ing like we can't wait to see the 
next episode.  Course, most of the
series are like that....but makes it
fun I think.............

that some conflict got resolved
not the typical way necessarily,
but by realizing that sometimes
you just have to be able to 
 disagree, agreeably, and move
on in the relationship.

for a really long and fun phone call
with Dee today.  She taught me a 
lil about how to pin things on my
pinterest board, that she sat up for
 me months ago, and we checked out
recipes together too,  it was almost
as good as her being here. I decided
next time we are skyping..........

for how pretty, green and lush
 our yard looks after all the rain
 we had this week.....nothing like
heavenly rain make
the grass and plants happy.

that they are making some of
my favorite nuts like Pistachios
and cashews in small bags that
are $2. or less.  Cause I love to
eat them, but don't always want
to spend $6-10 for a bag of them.
These small bags are just the per-
fect amount to pacify a craving.

for dishwashers............. as mine
 has only been a dish sanitizer for
 few yrs. now, and I just decided
for months now, to wash them by
hand, since I have to scrub them
clean, pretty much anyway. We
have not gotten a new one because
we need an almond or bisque color
and they are just not easy to find
in a good brand unfortunately.
We were hoping in the new year
that would change, but not so, and
 one of the ones we have found in
 that color is the same brand we
 have not thinking it would
 be too wise to get another one in
 that same brand.  So maybe one
Nothing like doing without one
to make you really appreciate
them.  lol

with posterized affect

for a new recipe that I found on
pinterest today called Cowboy
Caviar.  It is a salad or think
you can use it as a dip as well.
Will share the recipe soon.

for a new book hubby and I are
reading called "AWE" by Paul
David Tripp. His books really
make you think about life.
Which is a good thing some

for toothbrushes and tooth paste.
Just imagine life without them.

that a blog friend, who also used 
to go to my church years ago, but
 moved away, is back blogging
again.  Was nice to see her post,
as I have missed her.

Well, that's it for today.

Hope you all have a Good Friday
and a Wonderful Weekend.

Thanks for coming by..........

Love, Hugs and
First of June Blessings,

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  1. (Your) Life is beautiful, Nellie ♥

  2. #1. Anymore the days are almost all the same, relaxing and enjoyable!
    #2. Just two hours ago, I moved one from my front yard to the back. It was scraping along side the house trying to get to the back. It must have come in when I left the gate open when I went to get my hair done. I have a little toad that is in my front screen door area. I guess he likes the cool coming under the door from the A/C.
    #3. I'm so glad I'm on the digital antennae. I watch all the westerns from the late 50's and early 60's. It's so nice to see how they have the Biblical principles in many of them.
    #4. Praise the LORD for His hand in our lives.
    #5. Communication today is a marvel!
    #6. Mine still has some sandy areas with one sticker plant I dug up (while sitting down so I wouldn't fall ha!) I didn't want the dogs to get them in their paws. I think Steve's mower must have transferred them from mowing the back yard to the front yard. I never had them before.
    #7. The cost of things re going out of sight! I'm spending almost $100.00 a week and I hardly have many bags of food. There's not an item I get that's under $3.00 each!
    #8. Mine is still holding on. Thanks to the LORD.
    #9. I like short and quick recipes.
    #10. I have been enjoying some books I use each day along with Joyce Meyers, and the Bible, first. It's amazing how the LORD pulls a message together.
    #11. And, the dental floss sticks!
    #12. I know I miss a couple that have stopped or changed blogs.
    I love you all, Susan

  3. Thank you so much Rebecca, I think that might just be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said of I am very touched!

    Hope you are doing well these days. How is your Mom? and your dad?
    Hope you and hubby are enjoying your retirement. Sounds like it.

    Have a lovely weekend hon,
    Blessings abundant,

  4. Hi Susan,
    That is funny you had a gopher too. lol
    Yea,communications are a wonder today and I can't wait for them to come out with teleporting like they have on Star Trek. lol That means we could just beam up to see Dee anytime or
    she can beam down to see
    Glad to hear you were sitting down to dig that up, and hope you were using your walker
    to move that gopher too, don't take any chances in the don't have any more
    hips to

    Yea, I am into easy recipes as well.........

    Thanks for coming by hon, and for your comments.
    Love, Nellie

  5. A lot to be thankful for Nellie, those are some beautiful blooms. How sweet to see the turtle heading into the woods. We have lots of wildlife too. Pinterest does have some amazing recipes and lots of inspiration. That was quite the story about the cookies you made and how the dog and cat ate them. I am so glad they didn't get sick. It was lovely to help my friend with the pretty centerpieces. They will be all given away. have a terrific weekend. Blessings, Linda

  6. Hi Linda,
    Nice to have you visit as always. Do you enjoy the wildlife too.......they are sort of neat
    surprises every once in awhile......
    I actually sent my friend an email after I left that story, cause it made me laugh so just
    remembering how crazy it all was.......cause I am sure she must remember it as well, so
    thought it would put a smile on her face as well.....but haven't heard back yet, so either
    she hasn't checked her email or she is out of town I guess. Yea, I called the vet right away and he said he want die from it, but I wouldn't stand in front or back of him
    But you know he never showed any never did get sick in any way.....don't know about the kitty
    but think it must have been the same or we would have heard about it. Will never use shellaced gingerbread cookies again!! lol
    Bet the recipients of your arrangements will be happy campers.
    You have a great weekend too, and thanks for coming by and for all your warm comments.
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. These are all great things to be grateful for.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you when we open our doors on Friday at 12 AM EST.

  8. Thank yo Crystal for coming by and for your kind comment.
    Thanks for allowing me to share at Home Matters and see ya next week.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. So glad I came across your blog, Nellie! I love how positive and encouraging this post is. This reminded me to find joy in the little things and treasure each blessing God has placed in my life. Have a lovely week :)

Edye | Http://

  10. Morning Edye,
    Thank you so much for coming by and for your sweet and encouraging comments. They really
    blessed my heart. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead too hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  11. Nellie, thank you so much for stopping by. It was lovely to hear from you, and I'm thinking you are talking about me in #12. I am glad to be back blogging. I do recognize that it has changed a lot in recent years, especially from when I started back in 2006. But I'm going to "be the change I want to see in the world" and just blog for fun and friendship, not ads and money. I enjoy meeting people through blogging.

    I am going to "follow" you again, because I am using a new Blogger account. I no longer use the email address associated with my movie blog, and I was unable to find a way to change the address for my new blog. So I opened a new BLogger account with my new address. Have to "follow" under that account.

    Love and hugs,
    Patti @ Embracing Home

  12. Hi Patti,
    Good to hear from you hon, and yes, you are correct.... you are exactly who I was talking about. So looking forward to being in touch again........... and looking forward to your new
    blog, and hearing about what is going on with you these days.
    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    Love and Blessings,

  13. Nellie, your thankful posts always make me smile and ponder. I'm sorry for the conflict you've had, but pleased it was resolved. You can't have sunshine without the rain, eh? Thanks for sharing this with me at Five Star Frou-Frou. You're always a joy. Mimi xxx

  14. Morning Mimi,
    I see we are up at the same time this morning.... Course, don't know what time it is
    at your house but it is 5 a.m here............neck discomfort so can't get comfy so decided
    to get up for awhile........headed back to bed as soon as I finish this.
    Always great to hear from you hon, and hope all is well at your house.
    Yes, conflict is inevitable, just part of life, but always happy when it is resolved as best
    as it can be.......
    Thanks for taking the time to come by and for your encouraging and sweet comments...always!
    Thanks for letting me share at 5 star frou frou as well.
    Love and Blessings for a great week,

  15. It is so important to find value in the little things. We go through life so quickly that it is important for us to slow down and appreciate all the wonderful things around us!

  16. Hi Jenny,
    You are so right......I think that is the great thing about getting older, life slows us
    down a bit and we really do have the opportunity to appreciate all the great things that
    happen all around us....all the time..........when one is sooo busy, they go pretty much unnoticed most of the time........

    Have a Blessed day hon,


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