Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Make -Ahead Mexican Salad Recipe

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good week,
so far............

My week since I posted last Thursday
has been painful physically and emotion-
ally, disappointing, crazy,  sad and just
unbelieveable.  I threw my back out on
Wed. just before lil darling and my son
were leaving, and it wasn't too bad but
then it just got worse daily, but it seems
to be a bit better today, so hoping I am
on the mend as it has been almost a week
battling that, then we had to take our sweet
Kitty Molly to be put to sleep last Friday, 
as we could tell she had a bladder infec-
tion and was in a lot of pain, and as yall
know she was old, blind and deaf, after
all the strokes she has had, so it was just
time unfortunately........
Then our bed we ordered finally arrived
on Friday, after having to reorder it be-
cause they said it had been delivered a 
few weeks before and don't know where
they delivered it to, but it sure wasn't here,
Then it did arrive only to be damaged,
so they had to reorder it again, so we are
hoping it works the next time around and
that it might arrive before the month is
out. Course, these things are nothing 
compared to waking up on Sunday 
morning to the news about the mass 
shooting in Orlando, which is less than
an hour away from us.  So it has been
quite the week here at Cozy Place, but we
are thankful for God's grace and peace, 
during these tumultous times and praying
for those that have been directly affected
by this horrific event and also for all our 
policemen, first responders, Drs.,Nurses 
and hospitals, and so many that are help-
ing in any ways that they can, and also
for those that are praying for lives to
be spared.  There has been a great out
pouring of love and concern from our
community and also all over the country
and world.  It is a wonderful and hope-
ful thing when we see good come out
of such horrible and hateful events as this. 
Just keeping it real folks................

Well, on to a more pleasant note:
I am so thankful that I had prepared this
post last week, but changed my mind and
did another one instead, which turned out
perfectly since I am trying to be careful
about not sitting too long, since it gets my
back going again.  

We had this wonderful make ahead salad
 for Mother's Day along with London Broil 
and Loaded Mashed Potatoes, and it was
all delicious, and easy.  I totally love make
ahead dishes especially on any holiday, as
 I do not want to spend any holiday in the
 kitchen. Do I get an "Amen" on that!  lol
I just know you are gonna love and enjoy
 this recipe, and thought someone might 
just like to make it for Father's Day.
Sorry there is no picture,  I had it on here
but it was causing a technical problem 
so had to remove it.  If you would like 
to see it and the original recipe go to 
Kraft Recipes and type in the recipe
finder "Make ahead Mexican Salad".
I tried to do a link but for some reason
it want let me do it.............

Make-Ahead Mexican Salad

Note from me:
and you know, I just had to tweak
it some, so my ingredients will be in
 italics.  This is a layered salad and
 make sure you read the directions
 first........before you start making it,
as it is a lil different than some 
layered salads. Next time I plan to
add some sliced black olives.......


1 pkg. (16oz.) torn iceberg lettuce
1 and 1/2 heads of Romaine lettuce

1 can (15.5 oz.) black beans rinsed

4 tomatoes chopped
I used Compari tomatoes and they
are smaller so I used more than 4 
tomatoes I just completely covered 
the layer, as we love tomatoes.

1 cup of TACO BELL* thick and
chunky Salsa
I used a new salsa my hubby found
that he loves,  it is called "Mateo's
Gourmet Salsa" and it is mild. You
can get it at a Publix Supermarket
if you happen to have those in your

1/2 cup Breakstones or Knudsen 
sour cream
I used low-fat sour cream

1 cup of Kraft 2% Milk Shredded 
Colby and Monterey Jack Cheeses

2 green onions (scallions), sliced

2 cups coarsely broken, baked 
tortilla chips
I completely forgot to do this part, 
and it was still great.


Layer lettuce, beans and tomatoes
in a large bowl.

Mix Salsa and sour cream until 
blended; spread over salad to the
edge of the bowl.  Now sprinkle
with cheese and onions. 
Refrigerate several hours.

Note from Me:

If you want to make it the day before
Just do the lettuce, beans and tomatoes
in a large bowl, then cover, and refrigerate.
Then mix up your salsa and sour cream in 
a separate bowl, then cover and refrigerate,
then cut up your onions in a separate bowl 
cover and refrigerate. Refrigerate all the
above until the next day.
Next day, about 3 hrs. before you want to
serve it..... go ahead and spread the Salsa
and sour cream mixture over salad to the 
edge of the bowl,  then Sprinkle with cheese
and onions and refrigerate for approx. 3

Just before serving sprinkle with chips
and toss lightly.  

Hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we did.

Thanks for coming by today,  and hope you have

a good rest of the week.

Love, Hugs, and 

Salad Making Blessings,

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  1. I'm sorry to hear of all the painful, sad and frustrating circumstances in your life, Nellie. I pray that your back pain will continue to improve and that you'll continue to put the other things in perspective (as you've done so well in this post).

    Thanks for the recipe. It reminds me of a taco salad I make (and hadn't thought of recently)! I did make my first pasta salad of the summer - well, I guess it isn't actually summer yet - yesterday and we really enjoyed it.

    We were away for a week last week. All meals were provided. They were simple and healthy. So I'm getting "back in the saddle" and thinking of good, healthy hot weather meals to prepare for the next few months.

    Well, I'm going to read a book for an hour or two. My sister and niece are going over to be with Mother today, so I have some "me" time to enjoy. Have a good rest-of-the-week. ♥

  2. Oh, my friend, I'm so sorry to hear about your back. I am familiar with back issues---even had surgery back in 1995---so I can relate to how you are feeling. I'll be praying for healing.

    Also, sorry to hear about your sweet friend needing to be put to sleep. It's so difficult to lose those precious 4-legged creatures. They truly become like family.

    The salad sounds really yummy. We love Mexican food at our house, so I am going to make this. Maybe even today, as I will be short on cooking time.

    Have a great day, and if you have a chance, stop by and visit my new blog.

    Love and hugs,

  3. The parrot in your first picture looks familiar! I'm praying your neck and back are on the mend! I'm so sorry I won't see Miss Molly anymore, but she is now at rest from all the afflictions that had come upon her from elderly aging.

    I know what you mean about not spending long periods of time in the kitchen. Mine is from laziness since I retired! So, I have found quick things (and large amounts to eat on for a few days!)

    The salad sounds (and tastes) great! I've gotten where I buy several salads through the drive-through window of Wendy's, or other restaurants. It really costs me less, tastes better, and no preparation time for me! (Laziness kicking in again, ha!)

    Feel better! I love you all, Susan

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Always nice to hear from you hon, and thanks for your prayers, I can definitely use all the help I can get....my back seems to be getting better.........but has a ways to go yet. It is amazing how you can just bend over and pick up something and have it turn in to this.......crazy.

    I really enjoy pasta salads too, in fact, your saying that reminds me of one that I typically make in the summer as well, that has sundried tomatoes and Pesto in it. It taste wonderful
    cold or warm. If your temps are like ours I am sure it feels like summer, course, we are
    only less than 5 days away from Summer being official anyway.......lol

    Nice you had a get away with all your meals taken care of.....there is nothing that
    makes for a better vacation for a lady I think. Cause some times you just get tired of
    having to think about food and feeding everyone..........lol

    Nice that you have a day to yourself, I remember those days of going to the nursing home
    daily when my late Mother-in-law was there, even tho you want to go, it does get tiring
    and is nice when you can catch a break. So enjoy your reading.........

    Thanks for coming by,
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  5. Hi Patti,
    Great to hear from you and thanks for your prayers, they are very much appreciated hon.........I never knew you had back surgery. Wow, that is surely not fun, so you definitely know what it is then.........My back does seem some better, but seems to get worse as the day wears on.

    Yea, we do get attached to these furry critters way more than we realize I think.it is funny cause a few times during the night hubby and I both thought we heard her meowing, and the last 3 weeks since she completely lost her vision we were out on the porch taking care of her a lot, as she could not find her food, and because the ants got into her food we
    would have to take it in and then take it out there every so often, as she did not want to be in the house. So sometimes I wake up and think I need to check on her or feed her or something.......but it is getting to be less daily. I honestly think that is some of why
    my back is so bad cause of bending over so much....and picking her up to take her out.
    My back just can't take a lot of deep bending. So guess the timing was really perfect as
    I could not have done all that the way my back is now.

    Glad you liked the recipe, think you and the family will enjoy it. We all did.

    Will drop by soon hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  6. Hi Susan,
    Yea, that was from a Mexican Birthday or Father's Day some years back, since I couldn't put
    the pic of the recipe I thought I would try to find a pic that might go, and the was what
    I came up with in my pic file.

    Yea, tomorrow Molly will be gone a week already, hard to believe, but God's timing was really perfect as I could not have taken care of her like I was with my back like this.......and I really think that is probably what helped get my back irritated in the first place as I just can't be doing real deep bending over cause it makes my sacariliac pop out of place.
    I feel like I am better and hopefully on the mend, but being very careful still......as it
    does not take much to set it off again...........will be very happy when I am back to normal and I am sure poor Jimmy will be too, as he has been doing lots of things for me,
    bless his sweet heart............

    For years now I have tended to like quick and easy recipes, cause seems like the longer
    they take to make they just don't really taste all that good to me, so figured why spend
    all that time...........unless it is really worth it.
    I love salads and for some reason they always seem better when someone else makes them. lol

    Well have a good day, and thanks for coming by..............
    Love ya, Nellie

  7. Oh, my! I am so sorry you have had such a trying week, dear friend. Sending big hugs your way! The salad sounds wonderful! I will definitely have to try it...I love that you can do most of the prep work ahead of time. God bless you, and I hope you feel much better soon!

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    So nice to hear from you hon, and Thanks for your empathy and hugs, they are appreciated.
    Hope you do try the salad I think you will enjoy it.

    So how did your move go?? Are you all moved in now, and somewhat settled, I hope!
    Course, know that sometimes takes awhile. Hope you are liking your new abode.
    Thanks for coming by.......and I am feeling some better, just not quite there yet, but
    hoping soon..........thanks for your well wishes for me hon.
    Blessings Abundant to you and yours,

  9. I am so sorry about your back - hope it is better now.


  10. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. Have to say my back is better today than
    it has been in 2 weeks, not quite there yet but think I am really close. I sat in a dental
    chair for over 2 hrs. yesterday and was concerned about what that would do, but thank the
    Lord, so far so good...........

    Blessings, Nellie

  11. Bless you Nellie! Sometimes when it rains, it pours...so sorry! Hope your back is even better now.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    So nice to hear from you hon, and thanks for your sweet sentiments....my back is way better
    now, still trying to be careful as I can still feel the nerve in my leg at times. Takes a
    while for that inflamation to go away. But hoping this week I can resume my normal routine.
    Hubby has been picking up a lot of stuff, seems like I drop everything I touch~! lol
    Thanks for coming by....appreciate it.
    Blessings, Nellie


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