Monday, May 4, 2015

Some Great Mother's Day Ideas and my 6th blogaversary

Happy Monday
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds things going
 well with your first week 
of is just so hard
to believe we are in May

So far things are good here, and I had no 
plans to blog today and have just been
 doing household things and some cooking
and prep work, just cutting up veggies to
cook on the grill for tonight....Carrots, red
 potatoes, onions, garlic, green beans,and
 red, yellow and orange peppers.
I just put some olive oil and granulated
garlic, salt and pepper on them, and mix
them up, then we have a grill pan that we 
dump it all in, then commence grilling.
The veggies taste wonderful made 
this way.  It takes about 20-30 mins.

We have been babysitting our new lil
 furry 2nd grand daughter dog, since Friday.
  She is such a cutie and such a sweetie, just
 like our other one Rosie.  She is a different
breed of dog tho.  I forget watch you call
 her,  but you can see for yourself.  Her
name is Lola, or Rye ya as lil darling
calls her, she did call her ya ya.  lol

As I said I had no plans to post today
but did want to look into reposting an older
 blog post from years ago when I first started
 blogging, that I happened to come across
by accident recently, that was perfect with
 Mother's day coming up, so in my search I
 happened to see my starting blog date, I
 knew it was coming but was thinking it 
was the 6th, but much to my surprise
 it is actually today.

So thought........just gotta do a post on
my blogaversary!!  lol

So since I do not know how to do a repost
I am just gonna post the address to it,
and you can check it out.  Sometimes it
 is fun to look back at old posts, at least
I think it you???

So if you are looking for some good
Mother's Day Ideas 

go to the address below.

One thing I can see is.....
 how much more improved
 Blogger is now??   lol

Happy Blogaversary
 to me!!   lol

I just want to say a big
"Thank You" 
to all my readers and visitors
cuz Blogging would just not 
be blogging without you
Sweet Friends!! So you are
immensely appreciated.

Love, Hugs and
Beginning of May Blessings, 

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Mimi Mama said...

Darling Nellie! Happy Blogaversary dear! Isn't blogging just the best way to find new friends? My blog friends are the diamond in my day, and such a bonus in my life. And guess're one of them! Much love and congratulations. And that sweet little canine face just steals my heart away! Mimi xxx