Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday - May 21, 2015, Mother's Day Table Part 2 with photo shop affects

Posterized affect

Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks,
 and distributed to those who were seated
 as much as they wanted.
 He did the same with the fish.
John 6:11 

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a good one!

Mine not so good health wise anyway,
last post told you I was hoping to watch
our lil darling on Wed., but woke up on
Wed. morning feeling like a truck ran over 
me again and running a fever as well,
then last night I got up off the sofa and
somehow threw my back out!!  Some
times life can really be
 Fortunately the fever is finally gone today
 so far, but still feeling pretty punk. I am
a low grade fever runner, so seems like
it takes me forever to get over things
other people get over in a couple of 
days. One good thing.... I have lost
a few pounds!!  lol

The pics today are still from our Mother's
Day table with a lil change. I decided to 
take the basket out of the centerpiece 
cause it just seemed to crowded looking 
and I do not like sitting at a crowded
 table, so decided to use a green place
mat instead and I liked it a lot better,
also added some photoshop affects
for fun.............

Have been adding my thankfuls all week 
when I think of them, so they are all 
ready to go............

I am thankful

that I had  some time to work on cards again
on Saturday, and am making more progress.
So happy about that.

for a new student in Sunday School, this was her
 first time to actually be in Sunday school and
 worship service at our church.  She seems like a 
really sweet young lady, and looks like she should
be in the teen class, but she has 4 children...........
That was hard to believe!!  lol

taking in the early morning

that another one of our students offered to
 have a b-b-cue at their house the end of June. 
 So great to see these young folks stepping
 up and owning their own group.
  That is progress!

that GOD gave us the Sabbath Day to rest,
as it takes any guilt out it, and it just refresh's
 us so, and get us ready for another week, which
 makes us ready to get to work again, doing
 whatever we do for  work..........

I wrote this early on Monday morning before

I started to feel bad, and it is really true for
 most Monday mornings.

that Dee and Jerry got so much packing
done over the weekend and found some
one to move them. They are moving on 
Memorial Day to their new home, but
all the moving services they called were
not working that day or they just could 
not get ahold of them..............but it was
 too late to change the closing date at
 this point. So thank the Lord someone
finally called them back..............
so they now have MOVERS!! yeah!!

colored pencil affect

for another pair of palazzo pants that Dee
 got me for Mother's day when we went out
 shopping last week and some really cute
earrings to match.  Which makes another 
new outfit.  So I am very happy about that....
so think I am good for summer wear now.

I ordered some scarves hoping one will
look good with it, hopefully they will
come in soon.

Note: one came this afternoon and it
looks great, so guess I will see which
one I like best when the 2nd one

for the sweetest story I read on yahoo news
Tuesday night about a 5 yr. old boy who 
begged his Mom to buy dinner for a homeless
 man and then the lil boy sang a prayer with him.
 Ever heard the saying " a child shall lead them",
I would sure say this is the case...  this lil
boy touched a lot of hearts with his sweetness 
as the story went viral. I would say this Mom
 should be very proud..........and I think she is.
I got a email from focus on the family and they
even covered the story too.  It will sure bless
your heart.....

Click here to watch video


for my sweet hubby bringing home Olive
Garden for dinner on Wed. and tonight, and
 especially for the chicken Gnocchi soup. 
It tasted wonderful and felt so good on my sore
 throat. I have been craving soup for a few days,
 which is totally abnormal for me in the 
Both dinners were scrumptious....but the
soup was the star of the show for me!!  lol

polar coordinates affect - if you click on this pic to
make it larger it looks even better.  Just think it is
very interesting, sorta like modern art.

for another story I just heard on Yahoo news about
a baby sleeping in his crib when a lady who was
learning to drive ran into his bedroom, and hit his 
crib, altho the crib collapsed, the baby was fine....
That is a truly a miracle. 

Can you even imagine having that happen??

paint daubs affect


for a really good hard rain on Wed. as our yard was
 looking burnt in some areas, so we definitely needed
 it..........yard looks great today!!

that the hail that came with the rain on Wed.was 
only pebble size, so didn't do any damage to
 anything. One time many many years ago we 
had hail that was golf ball size and it really
damaged our roof, and of course, everyone
in the surrounding area had damage.......

Our neighbors was out in it when it happened
 and their car looked like someone took a ball 
peen hammer to it.

for State Farm Insurance Company - was just
reminded of this as I was telling you about the
hail storm, as they took care of us very well,
on all that damage and on several situations
we have had since.  These were over the 
course, of 35 years, and we are so grateful
for a good Ins. Company. Some of our 
neighbors did not have such good results
 with their Insurance companies.

Well, that's all folks...........

So happy you could come by today,
and hope you have a really lovely
rest of the week and weekend.

Love, Hugs,
and Healthy Blessings,


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  1. #1. Betty (in my Bible study on Wed.) makes cards too. She had one that had "pearls" on it!
    #2. Today's world starts families sooner! I pray she finds joy under your teaching!
    #3. It is so nice when the younger generation steps in as we get older!
    #4. I'm so glad for rest! I wonder what the LORD's eternal rest is like!!
    #5. It's amazing what all you realize you have when you start packing!!!
    #6. I need to start getting new pants. All of my others are too big now!
    #7. Christ taught that you must become as one of these (little children) to enter heaven. (Mark 10:15)
    #8. I need to use my gift card and get some take out!
    #9. Today's world is so dangerous, even in your own home! Praise GOD for His continual protection!
    #10. It has brought out the tortoises I am having to close my gates when I go out! There were two, mom and baby, trying to get in!
    #11. There was none here.
    #12. Yes, they are. I am now set with all of the plumbing in my 31 year old house!
    Praying for your healing! Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Nellie, Great to visit again. Hope you are feeling better now. I like your flowers. So pretty! Hope things are going well for you. Always lots to be grateful for, even when there are some difficulties to contend with. May God bless you and your family.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)


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