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Thankful Thursday May 14 2015, Scenes from Cozy Place

So then, just as you received
 Christ Jesus as Lord, 
continue to live in him, 

 rooted and built up in him, 
strengthened in the faith as you were taught, 
and overflowing with thankfulness.
Colossians 2:6&7

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a happy
one, since last Sunday was 
Mother's Day!

It has been a very happy week for this MOM,
I have to say......Got to see most of my kiddos
and Grandies, but Jerry, my son in love, and
 Rosie,our first furry grand daughter dog!!  
and sure did miss them, poo!!  but had
 a really great time in spite of it, knowing
that hopefully it want be to long before
we see them again.

Late again.....but after we took Dee to the
airport we went to dinner and then over
to baby sit little darling............

Gonna start right in as my post pretty
much explains my week................

I am Thankful

for a nice Mother's Day spent with Scott,
 Megan and the baby.  We tried to help give
 her a break since she had the baby for 10
 days while Scott was away in Israel. 
We had a lovely dinner and a nice time, with
 sweet cards and gifts, and that yummy cake
 I told yall about called Salted Pretzel Heath
 bar cake. Lil darling was happy as she got
to swing and take a ride in Grampy's wagon.
That always puts a smile on her face.

 Sneak peek of our Mother's Day table....
I will show you the rest next week probably.............

for an idea I believe the Lord gave me for
 something special I could make for Megan
 for Mother's Day, and she seemed to really
 like it, as well as her other gifts.
 I saw this quote I guess you would call it,
 about Motherhood, so revised it in my own
words and made it personal for her, then
 bought a double frame and put the quote
 on one side and this recent picture you see
 below of her and the baby on the other side.

that the pants I ordered from Dress Barn
arrived on Sat. and  fit great and went
 perfectly with the blouse I wanted them to 
go with.  So got to wear them on Mother's
 day. Always nice to have a new outfit, and
that has gotten to be harder and harder
for me to find in this world of polyester
and spandex!!  lol


for a precious email that I got from my
 daughter in love, Megan on Sat. morning
that kicked off Mother's Day for me.


for a sweet day at church on Sunday.
Someone did a video of all the children
in our church saying Happy Mother's 
Day to their Mom's and also for the older
 kids saying nice things about and to their
 Mom's, it was adorable and heartwarming 
and made everyone shed a few tears I
 think. It was a great idea, and the sermon
 was really great too.

Spring Coffee Table - Living room


that when I got home from church I got
a call from Dee and then a precious ecard
as well, and best of all she will be here

tomorrow night.   whoo hoo!!
These first 6 thankfuls were written on 
Sunday, could you

that Dee arrived safe and sound 
on Monday 
night and that we get to have her here for
 almost 4 days. So great to see her!!

Note:  and she arrived back at her home
in Asheville safe and sound Friday evening.

for the warmth and softness of a new pink throw as I 
read 1000 gifts during the  night, when I couldn't sleep.

 Purchased it while in Asheville back in March, it is
 really a baby blanket that came with a teddy bear.
I had changed my mind and was going to return it, 
as once I got home I remembered our kitty too, 
would like it as much as she does my furry red 
Winter throw, and black hair on baby pink shows
 up way worse and It would constantly be in need 
of defurring......
However, it was long forgotten as I had put it in
 the van to remind me to return it, and happened
 to find it in the van this week so upon finding it 
I was wondering about the return policy and 
thought it might be too late, then thought lately I
 have been going to get a throw from the bedroom
 when we watch TV anyway, and as Spring has 
unfolded kitty once again has become an outside
 cat.  So decided to just keep it it....
So it was a sweet comfy surprise!

Posterized affect.

that we can read and reread books that delight us.....
and 1,000 gifts definitely is a delight to read as well
as another one called "Jesus calling"
Both truly annointed books.

for some delectable Cherry/Honey scones that
 hubby found at Target. They are so good!
I tell you we have gone scone crazy since we
had our first ones just a few months ago, and
also discovered lemon curd too...................
it is wonderful on blueberry scones.  Yummo!

for a really great week with DeeAnna...the time
just flew by but we sure had fun. Wednesday
we watched Brooklyn as usual, and it is the first
 time Dee has really had a lot of time to just play
 with her, and think she really enjoyed that.....
then Megan stayed for dinner as Scott was out
of town and oh my gosh, I just remembered it
was their anniversary and we didn't even think
to say anything to her either!!  If you happen to
 be reading, Sorry Megan!
Just too many things going on at once for this
Then Thursday Dee and I spent most of the
 day together just visiting in the morning and
 out shopping and looking for ideas for their new
 house, they will be moving into the end of May.
She is really starting to like the Farmhouse
 style and she is used to like really Modern
with a lil surprise funky here and
it was fun seeing all the new style things that
she likes, that will come in handy for me when
 we are buying future gifts for she and Jerry.
 Then hubby joined us after work and we all
split a smoothie so we could shop around a
bit more, as hubby enjoys that too.  Then we
went to dinner about 8:30,  so we made a 
day of it...........and loved every minute!!

That Scott and Megan will be celebrating their
4th Anniversary tonight, and we will be looking
after Brooklyn, after we drop Dee at the airport. 
 Today is also my hubby's anniversary of 4 yrs.
at his new job, course, guess we can call it an
 old job

Well there you have it, 
 Life at Cozy Place!!

Thanks for stopping by and

 for saying hello!
Love it when you do..........

Have a great weekend with your

 family/friends or furry friends.........

Love, Hugs, and

Blessings Galore to you!


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  1. #1. It's always a time of great joy to spend it with family.
    #2. It's great to give something that can not be duplicated!
    #3. I have always liked polyester for me because the heat from my body evaporates before it can bring dampness like cotton does.
    #4. The LORD bless her.
    #5. My church is my life in Christ.
    #6. Ha!
    #7. It was so good to see her again!
    #8. Soft and cuddly, just like they should be!
    #9. I have so enjoyed "short" books I have gotten from Discovery House.
    #10. I tasted the lemon. They are delicious!
    #11. A day of great joy! I can't believe it has been 4 years already for Scott and Megan!
    #12. Praise the LORD for our LORD always looking out for Jim's job!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my blog. You have a lovely place here and have found much to be thankful for ;) Thank you for sharing.

  3. That's such a great book Nellie! Love your outfit, and they sound so comfy!


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