Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 19, 2012

Told you I would show you my change of pictures
in the kitchen area.  This is the old picture taken in
August last year,  and below you will see the
other picture I chose for a new look!

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

So what sort of week did you have???

Mine has been a mixture of yard work, relation
 building, emotional pain, reading and the usual
every day stuff.

Been out working in the yard  this morning and yesterday
 morning and it has been fun and the weather was perfect
 for it, overcast and breezy altho it did get pretty warm
after a bit.  Still enjoyed it!  Which leads me to
my first Thankful.

# 1
I am thankful
for my backyard,  it is such a place of peace, solace,
beauty and joy to me,  and for the most part private,
I love that too!!

Remember the new look was inspired by the lilies.

I am thankful
for weed pulling - it is a great way to do some deep
thinking and pondering, and love the results.  My
flower bed looks so much better too!  lol

I am thankful
for faithful friends that are full of wisdom to share
at times when we need it.

It is a very nice change and looks a lil more stately.

I am thankful
that I found some very important paperwork on Tuesday
that was lost, I looked everywhere and was constantly
praying for the Lord to find it!!
Find it He did,  can not tell you what a relief that was!

I am thankful
for answers to prayer,  and for those who pray.
Called hubby and my Sil Susan on Tuesday and asked
them to pray I would find the paperwork
and as I said  I found it,  Such a blessing!

With posterized affect!

I am thankful
for food from Tropical chicken grill,  it is pretty
healthy and delicious,  and  we got it as take out
Tuesday evening and then were able to have it for
 lunch on Wednesday..............a nice quick lunch
after all my weed pulling............sweet!

I am thankful
for the scripture in the bible that is so encouraging
for the day and time we live in.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for
 good to those who love God, to those who are 
 called according to His purpose.

Can you see there is just one lily left to open!

I am thankful
for the results I have seen from doing these breathing
exercises the Dr. gave me.  My back is pretty much
normal now and it has also helped my neck problems.
My neck used to be tight all the time,  and it is no longer
 that way, in fact, I was suppose to go for my routine
 visit to the chiropractor this week and I moved it back
a few weeks, cause I am doing so well.
It is also helping my IBS, which is the real reason he
 had me doing this in the first place.
 Tuesday was 4 weeks from when I started, plus I had
 somewhat of a set back during the time I was sick,
so I am truly amazed at the results and would highly
recommend it to anyone.  I know it sounds just too
easy,  but if I had not tried it myself I would never
have believed it...............

Colored pencil affect.

I am thankful
for a short but sweet and encouraging email from
 my Dee today.  It blessed my heart!

I am thankful
one of my blog friends came by and told me they
thought all the gapping in my last posts were from
the new blogger changes,  so hopefully,  they will
get it worked out soon.  Think I might be going
to another editor soon anyway,  when hubby has
time to help me.

Just had to come back once I posted this and
say yeah,  it looks like blogger fixed the problem.

 Well,  here is the last lily to open up!
Isn't the color change amazing.......

I am thankful
for a sweet surprise phone call yesterday from a dear
 friend of many years.  She is always such a joy to talk
 with, and was a wonderful distraction.

I am thankful
for the results of being obedient to God even when
He asks us to do really hard things!
Obedience brings blessing...............

This is the last of the lilies,  I threw them all away 
yesterday but that last one,  stuck it in a bud vase and
 it is by my sink in the kitchen.

Well,  that wraps up some of my blessings
 for the week..................

Hope you will share a few of yours.

Thanks for coming for a visit, 
 look forward to your sweet comments.

Have a Fruitful Friday and
 a Winsome Weekend,

Love,  Hugs and
Relation Building Blessings,


Rebecca said...

I share many of your "gratitudes", Nellie! 'Specially the gardening/outdoors, etc.

We had wonderful vacation time in North Carolina including great fellowship with my brother & SIL. Now at home, we're winding down and will be ready to go back to work on Monday.

Also praising the Lord for a phone call this morning telling me the Drs. successfully turned our daughter's baby which was breach. Now they're starting her labor (she had some high blood pressure issues last week) and by tomorrow morning (and the grace of God) we should have our 11th grandchild! 4 weeks early, but healthy!

Neabear said...


Wonderful thankful post! And I really enjoyed the pictures! I spent a little time outside after work pulling weeds. I still have a lot more to do. Too many! But I wanted to have it be noticeable that I am working on it. Living in a mobile home park those things are noticed and we get a notice if we don't work on it. Problem is, I have to do it all. Hubby can't breathe if he helps me out there. Sent him to the storage unit to get our fans instead. We needed them today and probably for the next few days as the weather warms up.

Take care my friend,


CAS said...

The new picture looks perfect & adds a certain airiness & freshness to the space. Always fun to make a little subtle change. Your Star Gazer lilies look beautiful all opened up.

Cinderella Moments said...

Well I'm thankful for your blog. It's just the sweetest, kindest thing out there! It always reminds me to stay positive. That there's some purpose for it all somehow.
love and hugs

busanalayali said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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Sister Susie said...

#1. I like to look across my back yard too. I never know what I will see! (Aligators, sandhill cranes, ferral cats, hawks!)
#2. What a positive way to think of weeding! I'm getting ready to weed and just put down the rubber substitute that looks like wood.
#3. Don't you know it! GOD has a great plan for His church members to share with one another.
#4. I still hear the hallelujah chorus being sung!!
#5. GOD is so Good! Ask and ye shall receive! I panicked when I came home from WalMart the other day. I had bought a bottle of CoQ10 200 tablets ($29.95) along with other items. I couldn't find it when I got home! I did find it later where it was shoved behind some other things!
#6. Since I have been staying off of salt, my feet have gone back to normal. Praise GOD! It scared me when they were so swollen!
#7. The LORD has been encouraging me with His WORD concerning the things going on around us. He knows every person's thought, word, and deed before the world was Created. His WORD tells us in John 16:33, "I have said all these things to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world!"
#8. I have tried it too and it works!
#9. Children are a blessing from GOD!
#10. I find when these things are happening, the blog is usually upgrading its system.
#11. Sweet surprises!
#12. I find it is called, "Trust." I find myself being reminded of this all of the time!
I love you all very much, Susan

momto8 said...

an attitude of gratitude is the best!!
have great week.

Diane said...

Hi Nellie. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and let you know I was still around, lol. Still designing and loving it. I ♥ your picture change. You blog is so cute and colorful. Love it. Take care.

The Vintage Chateau said...

Loved the list of things you are thankful for - we all need more gratitude in our lives! And the lilies are the most gorgeous color!