Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday - May 10, 2012

We give thanks to you, O God
We give thanks, for your Name is near;
men tell of your wonderful deeds
Psalm 75:1

Welcome to Thankful Thursday
 Sweet Peas,

So........What is going on in your
 world this week???  Some good to
 great things I hope!!  Would love
 to hear......................

Will get on with my list,  as I have
to go finish din din.  lol

I am thankful
for a sweet friendship that is deeping
due to similiar circumstances.

I am thankful
that a situation that my SIL had been falsely
accused of, was straightened out and set right.
A very quick answer to prayer.

I am thankful
that my son is feeling fine now.  He had either
food poisoning or a 24 hr. virus,  but was very
sick on Sunday.

I am thankful
hubby was quickly able to fix our lawn mower
when it broke yesterday.  Thankfully it was
an easy fix requiring no $$.
How nice!!

I am thankful
for funny movies that really make you laugh.
We watched one last night called "Mouse
Hunt",  it was pretty silly and kinda slap
stick type of humor,  which really isn't my
cup of tea usually,  but this really was quite
funny I have to say.

I am thankful
for a fun night out last evening,  we wanted
to visit someone in the hospital,  unfortunately
she was asleep.  We also planned to go to Bed
 Bath and Beyond to get a new "magic Bullet",  as
 ours has broken and we use it almost daily. Also
 went to Michael's crafts to buy some embellishments
 for cards I am making, then to Target for a few items,
then ran to Burger King for  whoppers to bring home,
 then watched  the above named movie.  Fun Evening!

I am thankful
that I have been back to making greeting cards
again, and am enjoying it so much.  Am seriously
considering doing an Etsy shop.

I am thankful
for these new lil treats we found at Target last night.
They are breakfast cookies,  but they are any time
cookies to
We have the Blueberry and they are very nice with
a cup of coffee or I would also like them with a nice
cold glass of milk.  Just happened to overhear two
of the workers talking and a guy was asking a lady
co-worker had she tried them,  and he was raving
about them,  so told him you sold me, I'm gonna
get some too,  course, that was after I read the label.
They have no hydrogenated oils, or hugh fructose
sugar or artificial sweetners or additives.
We just love finding new healthy things to eat!!  lol
See picture of box below.

I am thankful
once again for this book we are doing in sunday
school.  Every time we read in it and do the lessons,
it is such an encouragement.  I think all empty nesters
should read it, some great information for us all,
as we adventure thru these uncharted waters.
Cause if you are in it,  you know there are lots of
changes and sometimes unexpected things that
 come up.  Just in case you are interested the book
is called "The 2nd half of marriage" facing the 8
challenges of the empty nester.
by David and Claudia Arp.

I am thankful
for email  and texting, as it is a great way for me to keep
 in touch with my family, but especially my daughter,  we
 email back and forth some during the week,  and think it is
 fun for both of us.  Nice for me that I can email, cause I
don't know how to text,  but she recieves it on her phone
 as a text, then texts me back but I recieve as an email.
sure works for me!!

I am thankful
for my acrylic sink in the kitchen.  I was just thinking
the other day when I was cleaning it what a blessing
it really is.  It is deep, and all I have to do is spray it
with clorox cleanup,  no more comet and scouring.
Sometimes if it looks greasy I will wipe it down with
dawn dishwashing liquid or very ocassionally I have to
 use what they call a sink polish if there are any scrapes,
All very simple compared to the old type of sink.

I am thankful
that we are having this delectable cranberry/strawberry chicken
salad you see above for dinner tonight.  It is one of our fave
spring/summer meals. I am using strawberries rather than
raspberries this time.  This will be our first time to have it
this year,  that is why I am so excited.
Can hardly wait!!
If you would like the recipe just click here

Glad you dropped by,  and looking
 forward to hearing from you.

Happy Mother's Day to all you
Fabulous Mom's out there!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love, Hugs and
Mother's Day Blessings,



  1. You are thankful for so much and it is so inspiring. I agree, I am just thankful for every small detail of my day. Everything is a blessing. Hugs, Marty

  2. Enjoyed YOUR joys (and I'm planning on checking out that recipe after I tell you that our little Silas was admitted to hospital this morning....strange that you asked about him just yesterday!

    They did a spinal tap that came back negative and will remove a ventilator tonight to see how his breathing goes. They've had some scary moments. They suspected "an infection" but haven't pinned it down for sure yet, but he seems to be doing better just now. SO thankful for the prayers of many, many friends.

  3. I made sure I had this on the correct blog this time, ha!
    #1. I think these friendships are what encourages one another.
    #2. I called her back to let her know my neighbors had corrected it and she said she would correct her records and not need to come out. So, I pray she's true to her word.
    #3. Oh, my dear! I tell you, it's so easy to get sick anymore! Thank the LORD he is feeling better. Sunday (Mother's Day) is also their 1st anniversary! Happy Mother's Day to you!
    #4. Is is so great when the LORD blesses us that way. I think George may be a little angry at me because when Eric came out to clean the pool, George mowed the back, but didn't aim the outflow from the mower away from the pool. It was loaded with grass floating and jamming the skimmer to the point of almost causing the pump motor to become over distressed (burn out!) I shared it with George and he shared that the wind (weather) probably blew it in. yeah
    #5. Slapstick is needed to get you brain revived with laughter.
    #6. Great evening! I've been making strawberry smoothies lately.
    #7. I'll have to see one of your finished cards to know what an Etsy is.
    #8. Are they crispy?
    #9 There needs to be a book for "ole maid" ladies, ha! I have been in many uncharted seas since mom passed away. Praise the LORD He is my Captain and Rudder.
    #10. I've gotten kind of lazy lately with my e-mails. I've got to get "back on the stick" as someone told me, ha!
    #11. I'll have to try that Clorox Clean-up! My sink tends to get that greasy look. I've lately used SOS very lightly and it has done the job.
    #12. Looks delicious. I don't buy too much of salad contents because it goes bad on me before I can use it up.
    Love to you all, Susan

  4. Love your list! I'm also very thankful for technology. Helps me stay in touch with my daughter as well! She's currently up in NY visiting with her boyfriend's family. But she'll be home later today! Wanted to stop by to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Hope your day is blessed!

  5. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day and a Happy Anniversary to Megan and Scott. Time passes so quickly doesn't it? Thank you so much for the sweet words on the post about my mom. It may have been 2 years, but I think part of me still doesn't believe she is gone.

    I love the Bel Vita cookies. The fact that they aren't too sweet makes them perfect with coffee mid-morning for me.

    I hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy the sunshine!

  6. I LIKE this post...and reading about all that you are thankful for! That book sounds interesting...empty nesting is different, for sure...
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. life is definitely happier when we realize how much we have to be thankful for...good for you!


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