Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thankful Thursday December 1, 2022, and scenes from a Christmas past


For God is the King of all the earth;

 sing to him a psalm of praise.

Psalm 47:7 NIV

Welcome to December, Thankful Thursday and
 The Christmas Season
Sweet Friends,

Hope you are happily decorating and planning
and have your Christmas music joyfully playing
for this wonderful time of the year.  My music
is playing and bringing joy to our household. Just put away the last of the Fall decor, so hopefully tomorrow I can get started on my decorating.  So looking forward to it.

Pictures today are scenes from a Christmas past
here at Cozy Place.

Now, on with my Thankfuls.......


Thankful for a really lovely Thanksgiving and

weekend, and that we could all be together

again this year.


Thankful for 2 Thanksgiving dinners, the 2nd was leftovers but just as good as the night before, and with different loved ones.



Thankful for some time out shopping on Saturday with the family, and then dinner at Carrabbas. It has been years since we have been out shopping on Black Friday weekend, and have to say it was not bad at all.  We really had fun!


Thankful our Daughter and hubby made it back home safe and sound even though it took them 9 hrs. instead of 6 hrs.


Thankful for how well one of our younger Pastors handled a very unusual situation while preaching this passed Sunday.  He could not have handled it any better than he did.  God's graciousness, patience, love, kindness, and genuineness really shone through him......  So we are very proud of him.  He is about 40 yrs. old now, with a wife and 3 kids, but he grew up in our church and is married to one of our previous Pastor's daughter.  So they are both very Special to us. 


Thankful that we were awakened by a phone call from the furniture Co. on Monday morning to set up a delivery time for our new sofa which arrived (in 4 wks. rather than 8-10 weeks), So what a nice surprise!!

They will be delivering it on Friday.  It only took us 4-5 years to find this baby,  so we are beyond excited.


Thankful that our sweet Son came and helped his Dad move some furniture around to get us ready for the Friday delivery!!  We are beyond ready!!


Thankful that I have taken down all our Fall decor and packed it away till next year.  Yea!!


Thankful for Christmas music, it just brings so much more Joy to an already joyful season. Our Christian radio station plays only Christmas music the whole month of December. Reminds me of when I was a kid.....  All the radio stations did that back then!


Thankful for how spending time talking with the Lord can just pull us right out of the doldrums. Was feeling kinda down on Wed. and didn't really know why, but think it was cause I was missing my girl, even tho, we had a great time while they were here, we never really got any one on one time to be together, and that is a biggie for us, cause we are both one on oners!!  lol


Thankful that we will be able to get our Christmas things out tomorrow, and get started in decorating.


Thankful for a fun night out checking out our newly redone Bealls Store.  They have side by side Bealls outlet and then a Bealls with lots of home decor stuff, and lots and lots of Christmas decorations, and they do have some clothing and shoes as well.  Have to say it was really nice and just a fun store for looking.  I actually found a few small gifts and we both fell in love with a Christmas sign that was such a great deal, so it did come home with us too.  It was really cute, It's a sign that says Christmas trees for sale. Then a late dinner at Olive garden with a lovely server and great food.

It all made for a very nice evening out!

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week!

Thanks for coming by


Hope you have a lovely weekend

Love, Hugs and 

Early Christmas Blessings,


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  1. #1. Yes! I praise our LORD that we are so close and can spend time together!
    #2. What's that saying about things being better the 2nd time around, ha!
    #3. I'm glad there was not too big of a crowd of people!
    #4. Our LORD is so good in His protection over us!
    #5. Yes indeed, I am proud of the LORD's work through him!
    #6. WOW! I can hardly wait to see it!
    #7. GOD has so blessed you with your children and grandchild! Praise His Name!
    #8. Yea! I'm thankful your back is doing well too! Thank our LORD for answers to prayer!
    #9. There's something about Christmas music of our LORD that blesses our hearts!
    #10. I know what you mean, of course with me it's my Dolly. I can't believe next month will be 2 years already since she passed!
    #11. Yea, it will be beautiful!
    #12. A wonderful time together!
    Love you, Susan

  2. How lovely to see your blessings listed like this, Nellie! I am so pleased you felt blessed this holiday season, as did I! Wasn't it wonderful to be able to be together with loved ones?! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Community.


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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