Thursday, December 29, 2022

Thankful Thursday December 29, 2022, and more Christmas decor 2022


For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; 

he is to be feared above all gods.
1 Chronicles 16:25 NIV

Post Christmas Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you rested up after all the Joy and Fun of Christmas.

I am feeling better than on Monday, but guess I have caught a cold,

so not feeling super peppy yet and it's Thursday already.  Would like

 to have some one over for New Years but not sure that is gonna happen

 unless I feel a whole lot better soon, but that's okay, cause we aren't

 exactly what you would call party animals.  lol

Pictures today are more of our Christmas Decorations for 2022.

These are from our Foyer and Living room area.

Now on with my Thankfuls..............


Thankful that our sweet neighbor came over to offer my husband

wood logs, for our fireplace just as he was going out to chop wood.

What a blessing it was for him not to have to chop it, and safer

too, plus saved him time as well. So we all got to enjoy being

warm and cozy by the fire numerous times. We were all so

 delighted that we had a cold Christmas, as it has been years

 since it was cold all day.  Usually we start out with long

 sleeves and by 11:00 we are dying and have to put on

something else.  FYI -  we live in Central Florida.


Thankful our kids from S Carolina got here on Friday afternoon,

and we all went out to dinner together as a family to celebrate

 our Son-in-loves birthday (which isn't until early Jan.) but wanted

 to be able to surprise him and celebrate with him for a change.


Thankful lil darling got to sleep over and hang out for

 awhile on Sat. so she could spend time with her Aunt

 Dina and Uncle Jerry.  She adores them, and they

adore her.


Thankful that on Christmas eve, we got to visit for awhile 

and then Dee and I did most of the cooking for Christmas

 Brunch and Dinner, which is fun for us, as we enjoy cooking

together..... but have to say we were a lil more tired than

 usual, so maybe not as fun as usual.  lol  The Beef Stew was

 already done for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner,  

thank goodness!!  


Thankful that we had an awesome Christmas day with the

 whole  family being able to be together this year.


Thankful for a yummy Brunch and Dinner that was easy

yet delicious. We liked to do a lot of make ahead dishes

we can just pop in the oven.


Thankful for all the lovely cards, baked goods and thoughtful

 gifts we received as well.


Thankful that Dee and Jerry made pretty good time

driving back to SC.  It only took them 7 hrs. rather

than the 9, it took after Thanksgiving.  Typicallly,

the drive is 5 1/2 to 6 hours. Sad they had to leave

the next day, but grateful they got to come.


Thankful to have a few do nothing days after Christmas,

as we were beyond tired, even tho it was a very good tired. 

 Only did what we had to do!  Doing a lil more today,

 but plan not to overdue it for sure.  lol


Thankful for all the leftover food we have just been

able to heat up. One of the perks of hosting I must say!


Thankful for another Andrea Bocelli Christmas Special

we got to see the night after Christmas on TBN.

I think you might still be able to see it.  They had

2 different ones,  this one was called a "Bocelli

Family Christmas", I think!  It was beautiful and

Magical...........So if you get a chance think you will

enjoy it.


Thankful for this weeks "Take Away" show on TBN.

They interviewed Ann VosCamp and Sissie Graham

Lynch.  Excellent interviews from somd really wise

ladies.  Gave me a whole new appreciation for Ann

VosCamp as she shared some of her testimony. She

has really been through some really tough things

in her life.  Think you could check this show out

too on TBN.  We get it through Roku.

The Blessed sign was a Christmas gift from a friend.

Loved it....


Well, that's it for us... here at Cozy Place. 

 This is our Christmas Edition!!

Praying for a Good New Year in 2023

for each of you and your families.

Only 3 days away!  Can hardly believe it!

Love, Hugs, and Happy New Year



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  1. #1. It's amazing how my house holds cold, even with the heater on! I know your fireplace is nice and warm!
    #2. Praise the LORD for your time together!
    #3. A blessing for your all!!!
    #4. Christmas Day dinner was delicious too! I loved the vegetable lasagna!
    #5. Amen, praise our LORD!
    #6. The best kind!
    #7. Yes, indeed! Thank you for all of mine!
    #8. Praise our LORD for His safety over them in their return home.
    #9. I know what you mean. I had some tired days too! Thank our LORD for His continued strength to my aging body!
    #10. Yes, indeed! Leftovers are a blessing as well!
    #11. I praise the LORD for good shows and movies!
    #12. I thank the LORD for TBN and many things they broadcast!
    Love you, Susan


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