Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have a Rejoicing Sunday Inspite of the Cold

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Good Cold & Sunday Morning to you,
Sweet Friends,
I am writing this about 6:20 on Sat. Evening
while hubby ran out to get Meat-ah- ball Subs!  lol
and a movie that I have been wanting to see for
awhile,  I have heard about it a few times and it
sounds like it should be good,  in fact,  just saw
a blog today "Designs by Gollum" that was talking
about it again,  so that really made us want to
see it,  and it is sure a good night to watch it.
I really did try to talk him out of going out in
this weather,  but he was happy to go,  armed with
his new blockbuster gift card and the name of
this new movie,  since he adores watching movies!!
It is called "Julie and Julia" and it is about a girl
who was lonely and living in New York and loved
to cook,  and her husband challenged her to
work her way thru a Julia Child cookbook while
blogging about it.  At least that is what I have
heard,  I will tell you if that is correct or not
on Monday after I have seen it!
So we are sort of excited,  but will be doing
our exercise on the gazelle while we watch it.
That will make our exercise more fun too!
I am all for making anything more fun.
That is my Sanquine or influencing
 personality traits coming out!  lol
Then after we exercise we can eat our subs
and some pumpkin pie  so we can get our veggies in!!
Seriously, pumpkin is very good for you,
lots of beta carotene and other good stuff!
We just eat the pumpkin filling not the pie
crust,  the pie crust is what really has all
the bad stuff in it!!  And of course,  we
need a pipping hot cup of coffee to go with it!
I have to quit I am making myself hungry!! lol
and I still have to exercise yet.
Guess where our kids are tonight???
At a Orlando Magic Game,  they are so
excited!!  It was my daughter's Christmas
present to her brotherand his girlfriend.
They love doing that sort of stuff.
Orlando Magic games are pretty neat
I have to say.  I have only been once
but enjoyed it,  the rest of the family
has been a few times,  and they just
love, love, love it!!
Well,  I will leave you with some
warm words from the Psalmist David.
Psalm 9:1&2
I will praise you, O Lord with all my heart,
I will tell of all your wonders.
I will be glad and rejoice in you:
I will sing praise to your name,
O Most High.
Have a Rejoicing Sunday
my friends,
Oh yea,  Please pray for Becky over
at "Holiday in the Sun",  she had an
emergency appendectomy last night,
actually this morning about 2 ish,
Spoke with her about 2 this afternoon and
she is doing well,  and might possibly
come home!  So pray she does fine,
and heals very quickly.
Love, Blessings and  Real Warm Hugs,


  1. Hi Nellie! We are finally home and trying to get things back to normal. I have so missed chatting with you and am glad to return and get on with life outside of Italy. It has been an amazing experience and we loved seeing the kids but it is time to settle down to real life again.

    I am amazed at the cold weather you have been having. I saw a piece on CNN today about all the turtles and other wild life that are needing to be rescued. Wow!

    I hope you and Jimmy and the kids are staying nice an warm! I really enjoyed Julie and Julia! I love Meryl Streep and she did such and excellent job of being Julia. I can remember watching her on TV when I was a kid and Meryl played her to perfection. I would expect nothing less of her.

    We tried to watch Angels and Demons (an interesting experience, just back from The Vatican) tonight but I fell asleep sitting in my chair. We were up 24 hours traveling and have been home just 24 hours now so I am all turned around. But it is not as bad as last time. I am dreading Jim going back to work on Tuesday~time to retire! Just not having to think about him working for a month has been heaven.

    Glad to hear your kids are having lots of fun together. How nice that Scott has a new girlfriend and is moving farther and farther away from his bad experience.

    I read Becky's blog about her experience last night. One just never knows. I am not surprised she was able to turn it into something good. You Florida gals have the knack! When you see her will you give her a big hug from me?

    Stay warm, I have missed you, Nel, and am glad to be back to being able to read your blog.

    Love, Bonnie

  2. Hey Sweetie,

    Happy Freezing Sunday Morning!
    I attended a funeral yesterday at church and the heat was NOT working! In fact it felt like the A/C was on!!!!
    I've opted to stay home today in an effort to stay healthy before surgery, but will miss the preaching and worship something awful! But, I know I can access the message online. PTL.
    I hope you enjoy the movie. I love it and really enjoyed the special feature (the making of it) as well.
    Stay warm and know that you are loved ~

  3. Happy Sunday afternoon to you! So, did you love the movie? I don't watch a lot of movies but that one certainly looked cute and one that I might want to see (Hubbie..not so much).

    Hope everyone had fun at the Orlando game. Cute story - when my Jordan was about five, Hubbie and my dad took him to a Charlotte Hornets game (his first "real" game) and it was a long night and fun adventure. He was zonked when they got home so the next morning, I went in to wake him up and we are talking with him that adorable groogy, first morning voice....and I asked him what he thought about the big game. "Well...I really liked the Honey Bees!!" (the cheerleaders!)

    Too funny - we have teased him about too many times but it still makes me laugh. I just might have to share that one on my blog:)

    BTW - love your new profile picture. Is that just recent?? Have a wonderful week! and stay warm.

  4. Hi Nellie,
    This sounds like a perfect evening you had, this movie is on my to see list, heard it was great.
    i stopped by Becky's today and read about her surgery, and was so surprised, she is now on my prayer list.
    Loved the honey bees story.
    Stay warm!

  5. Tell me about the cold!! I didn't get out of my warm jammies from Friday night to Sunday morning! Saturday, I ran down about 5:00 pm to get my mail. I didn't know I could cover 125 feet down and back so fast, lol! I hate to see my electric bill this month. Besides the heat, I have had the pool running 24 hours to keep the pipes from freezing. Alice had no water in her house due to pipes freezing somewhere, they don't know where! I guess my citrus trees will be lost. I won't know until spring. I still give God the glory for my watm house. The animals are enjoying the quick moments outside, but come back in after a few minutes. Even though the birds are in the first room to receive the heat, they still at night are wrapping themselves in their hanging cloth sleeves! I'm glad the sunshines directly in their room for the first three hours in the days. My class and 2 others are to walk to the library tomorrow about 9:30 am. I hope it won't be too cold! I'm praying for Becky. I hope she is now home. There is no better place to be, especially when you are recouperating.
    Lots of love to you, Jim and family!
    Sister Susie

  6. oh that's so funny! I watched Julie & Julia on Friday night. I loved it! I'm going to buy it I think. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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