Friday, January 22, 2010

The Last 4 "Sunshine Awards"

Morning Sweet Friends,
This is my Rooster,  that I just love!
Actually I love pretty much anything
that is white....  but white walls!
And I really love white porcelain
anything practically.
He gets to visit the living room until
spring.  He has been in the computer
room,  and before that the dining room,
and before that the master Bedroom.
Spring he is going to visit the kitchen
I think!! lol
So how in the world are you today???
It is a bright and sunny day in Florida today!
Already 75 degrees.
Think I am going over to hang out with 
Dee today, since she has the day off and
isn't feeling real great!  She is just planning
on hanging out and watching tv so she can
rest and hopefully be well enough to go
back to work on Monday.
Well, wanted to get on with my last
but not least "Sunshine Awards Winners".

#1 was Becky of Holiday in the Sun
#2 was Linnea of Neabear
#3 was Bonnie of One Designing Woman
#4 was Heather of Family Forever
#5 was Noreen of Life Blessings
#6 was Jessica of Jewels for the Journey
#7 was Lois of Walking on Sunshine
#8 was Jennifer of Trading Ashes for Beauty
If you are on the list so far,  be sure and go
check out my January 19th and 20th posts.
Hope you will be pleased!
Drum Roll,  Please...................
My #9 choice
Sue of Where Memories are Made
Don't really know for sure how I came to know
 Sue but I think I came to visit her blog from
Becky's list that she follows,  and left some
comments,  and then she came to visit me.
However, it happened I am so glad it did
because Sue is a delightful lady, who lives
on a farm and tells a lot about family and life
on the farm,  and she has a great sense of
humor as well.  She also shares spiritual
incites and wisdom as well.  You will
truly enjoy her blog.  Thanks for being
such a Sweetie!  Also I know you are
an Award free blog,  but just feel
free to accept it without any strings
attached.  I think that is how an Award
should be anyway!!
Applause to you for such a good job!
My # 10 choice
Maddy of Madcrafts
Madison is a 12 yr. old blogger and the
daughter of Becky of Holiday in the Sun.
She is a delightful young lady who like her
Mom loves to do crafting.   She has made
some pretty nice things,  and has the makings
of a good homemaker in the future.
She is a very sweet young lady.
She has also been taking a long blogging
break.  We miss you Madison,
Time to get back to work!! lol
Congrats honey.
My # 11 choice
Alisa of The Sweet Life
I think Alisa is another lady I visited off someones blog
and then she came to visit me as well.  Am I right Alisa??
Anyway, here is a talented lady who sews wonderfully well.
 She also just did a wonderful baby shower for her
sister and I could not believe all the beautiful shower
 decorations that she made and her sister could use them
for the babies room after,  also she took onesies and
embellished them with matching touches like cupcakes
and initials to match the shower decor.
I was totally impressed.....she also has an itsy shop.
Accolades to you Alisa,
I really enjoy your blog and your sense of humor!
And Last but Surely Not Least
My #12 choice
Susan of Sister Susie
Susan is my sweet sister-in-law,
and has been following my blog
and leaving comments for quite
sometime now.
She just recently started her own
blog, but she has sort of been blogging
on my blog thru her comments via
email to me.  She always loves doing
the Thankful Thursday Post.  She
sees what I am Thankful for then it
prompts her Thankfulness and then she
blogs about it.  She has been such an
encouragement to me, and is so enjoying
herself with all this I wanted to give
her a "Sunshine Award" as well.
Hope you will all  go over and give her
 a nice blogland welcome.
Susan is a kindgergarten teacher
and a pet lover,  she also likes
trucks,  and cooking and some
gardening. She started
blogging just 2 short weeks ago.
Best Wishes to you  Susan 
 Keep on  having fun!!
Don't forget to cut and paste your
Award button to your blog.
You can do the same with what I wrote about
you as well,  if you desire.
It has been time consuming but I have
thoroughly enjoyed myself as I have
thought about you all and what
a blessing you are to me and my
Also don't forget to go and Congratulate
todays winners!  
May God Bless Each Of You In 
A Very Special Way!
Because you sure bring Sunshine
into my life daily, or weekly!
Love and Hugs,


  1. Thank you so much Nellie! God has clearly given you the gift of encouragement! I always enjoy reading your comments and what you have to say on your blog. It brightens my day....thanks again!

  2. Thanks soooo much Miss Nellie! For the award and sweet comments about me! It will be a great addition to my sidebar!

    Love, Madison

  3. Wow! Thanks so much, Nellie! You have really impressed me so much with your blog and my learning from your blogs! I have always loved your "White Rooster!" He looks very elloquent on your table in your den! He has been a part of your home in every room!! Tell sweet Dee I said hello; give her a hug for me! Enjoy your day! Mothers and daughters "day's in" are just as important as "day's out!" At school, the children brought me some of the dishes they play with in house keeping. I placed them on my table as we proceeded with the object lesson from your "Dishes Story!" They loved the analogy and truly understood feelings for others! I was sure to share with them who was the author of the story! Thanks for another encouragement that reached out to many more!
    Love, Sister Susie

  4. LOVE YOU GAL!!!

    ...and of course...LOVE the rooster!! :o)


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