Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She has arrived!!

Here's the new Mom and Dad...megan's not frowning she is crying 
because she is so thrilled to finally be able to hold her baby, cause
she had some difficulties right after the delivery, so she had to
wait a while, which was like torture for her I am sure.

Evening Sweet Friends,
(Started this last night, but was just too tired to finish.)

Hope you are all doing well......

I have wonderful news.............
and that is our lil darling has finally arrived.

She came Monday Morning, March 4, 2013
 at 6:09 a.m.
She weighed 7pd. and 5 oz.
and was 20" long
and her name is Brooklyn Jade
and she is a precious lil beauty and
bundle of joy for sure!

Here she is just moments after her birth.
All I can think is about that song by Stevie
Wonder........Isn't she lovely, isn't she true every word.

It was a long and arduous experience for all 
of us, but especially for Megan, Scott and her
 Mom.  They went to the hospital on Saturday 
at 2 p.m., and they decided to induce labor
 due to her having high blood pressure.

There were some very scary moments,
and it seemed like if it could go wrong it
 did.....and a long wait... but Mom and Baby
 got through it all, and are doing as well as 
can be expected, for all they have been
through.  Megan and Scott are both just so 
exhausted, as they have hardly had any 
sleep at all since Saturday.
We feel so badly for them, but hoping
once they get home and they don't have
someone coming in every hour or so to
check on her and the baby maybe they 
can get some much needed sleep. 
Course, we are very grateful and thankful
 the hospital staff are watching over them 
so well too.  

Megans mom and I got to be in the delivery 
room and I just made it in time.  I got to the
 hospital at 6:01 and she was born at 6:09. 
 Jimmy dropped me off in front of the hospital
and I ran as much as I could to the 2nd floor...
What an amazing experience!  Wasn't too
sure about it at first, but am so very glad she
 asked me.  What a sweet experience to see
your first grandchild come into the world.
Am so thankful we were able to stay at Dee
and Jerry's as they are closer to the hospital,
cause I would not have made it in time, other-
wise.  Megans mom, God Bless her, stayed up
 there and helped them the whole time.
  Megan is such a trooper and did an amazing
 job of weathering all the storms, bless her
 heart, and she went thru quite a lot, and 
Scott did great job of guarding her and 
trying to comfort her as best he could. We
are so proud of them, and so excited about
this adorable lil cherub and our new role
as her grandparents and last but definitely
not least, we are thankful for God's watch 
care and keeping over them, as we saw
 him answer a number of prayers through 
out this blessed event.

Daddy showing his girl.....her first sunrise!

Yours truly.......with our new sweetie.............
if we all look a bit ragged out,  it is because we were. lol
all these were taken just moments after she was born.
Can you tell I had been crying as well!!  lol

She was so alert and looking all around and sort of smiling at times

Here she is with her new Grampy

These were all taken about 3 hours later when
they moved them to their room. Mom was feeling 
much better after some food in her tummy

 Daddy admiring his lil precious one.

Sleeping sweetly and peacefully in Mommy's
loving and long awaited arms.

Quickly getting into my Grammy role. 

I heard this quote once but have no idea
where or who wrote it, but it says:

A baby is God's opinion that life 
should go on............

Just found it online and it was written
by Carl Sanburg, and I couldn't agree
with him more, cause there is no
sweetness like that of a baby.......

Well, thanks for coming by today....
and thanks for sharing in all of our excitement
and blessings with us.  It was truly a day
we will probably never forget.....

Have a lovely day,

Love, Hugs,  and
Sweet Baby Blessings,


Sue said...

Oh, she is precious. I am so glad that I just saw this post. I'm sorry it wasn't easier. I had one of those 2 day, pretty awful deliveries to get my baby girl and I still remember how tired I was after. All worth it in the end for that beautiful gift of a precious baby. Congratulations to all!

Janet said...

Congratulations to you and your family Nellie. What a beautiful blessing brooklyn is. I was smiling the whole time I read your blog on her.
and now that you are a Grammy you will have so much fin with her.
I was in the delivery room to see my first grandchild Kayla be born. I captured the first pictures right after delivery and my soon was crying full of joy.

I am glad all is fine.

Blessings & Love

sistersusiesays said...

Oh my, Nellie! When I saw the pictures all I could do was giggle like a child full of joy! It all seems like a dream that I was there to see and hold this precious bundle of joy!

I pray they are now home getting some much needed rest!

I Love you all, Susan

Cassidy Adams said...

Congratulations Nellie! She is beautiful!! Love her name:) and you have a beautiful family as well:) Go have fun;)

Sonny G said...

many blessings to your sweet lil gift from God.. I am so happy for ya'll

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

CONGRATULATIONS Nellie! So happy for you all! She is precious...

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Babies are such a joy. Congrats on this new little one. She is adorable.

Junkchiccottage said...

Congrats Nellie,
She is precious and beautiful. What a beautiful blessing. Enjoy that sweet little one. Everyone looks so happy.

Neabear said...

So glad I happen to check blogger and find your post. So happy for you and your family for the new little precious baby. She is so cute and I love her name. Congrats on the new Grammy role!! That is awesome!!


Bonnie said...

Nellie, the baby is adorable and all of you have been through some trauma with tremendously good results. I could not be more happy for you. All your joys will now be doubled as you watch the kids enjoy their little daughter and how they will all grow together in Christ. There is just nothing so wonderful. Enjoy every moment of this amazing blessing. I know you so know you will! The photos are beautiful! You will be clicking on that camera like never before. Hopefully Megan is feeling better every day!

Love you, Bonnie

Rebecca said...

Happy for you, Nellie! How nice that you could be there for the last 8 minutes of delivery :)

...and what a great birthday present for your husband. GREAT timing!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Congratulations to everyone, Nellie! I am absolutely thrilled for you. You have now joined the ranks of a very privileged group of people called "Grandparents!" You and your hubby's lives will be forever changed. As for Mom and Dad getting some much needed rest once they get home, not gonna happen, at least for a couple of! Being tired and sleep-deprived will become their new normal! God bless them, it will be a very "happy tired!"


Cinderella Moments said...

Congratulations to all of you! What a sweetie pie!! She's so cute! I wish her a long, happy and wondrous life. She's already so far ahead by being surrounded by so many loving people. Enjoy every moment Nellie!

Lois Christensen said...

I have to say that is one BEAUTIFUL baby! I'm so happy for you and your family. Enjoyed reading all about the birth and how you made it just in time! So happy for you!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

Jess said...

Oh Nellie!
We are praising GOD with your whole family! The photos of you and Jim holding her those first hours are so precious!
Welcome to the awesome experience of Grandparenting!
May our Faithful LORD bless sweet Brooklyn Jade with His Spirit to overflowing. Love you guys~

BECKY said...

She is just so precious, Nellie. The one of her asleep reminds me of DeeAnna!! You sure look like a happy grammy!! So thankful for you and all of your blessings!