Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday - March 21, 2013

Helloooooooooo Sweet Friends,

Seems like ages since I have posted,course, 
it has only been a week really, and while I was 
taking a break.......... It turned Spring.
Can hardly believe is a gorgeous day 
outside, albeit, a lil bit chilly, still 68 degrees,
 and a lil breezy.  Very nice!

Hope you are all doing quite well.  It has 
been a fun, yet busy week here again as you
will see.....................

I am thankful
that I get to baby sit Brooklyn again today.
So looking forward to it,  as I haven't seen
her since Monday.  Most of the time she
is sleeping anyway,  but still love to hold
her, look at her and talk to her.

and also her Mommy is doing so much
better, not quite a 100% yet, but sure
headed in the right direction, so very
happy about that.

I am thankful
that our friends from Tennessee were here
 to visit again for a day and a half.
We always have so much fun.

Most pictures are compliments of

I am thankful
for the cards, sweet well wishes, and
a lovely Grandmothers memory book,
and children's bible that we rec'd to
 Congratulate us on our new
  little bundle.

I am thankful
that I was able to order some cookies
for Easter from Tate's bakery.  Thought
I might have waited too long...........
but they should arrive by next Tuesday
in plenty of time.

I am thankful
that I was able to order a brand new Graco
pack and play for Brooklyn from Sam's and it
 was just a few dollars more than they have
them for at the consignment shops.  It should
be delivered by Friday.

Yea, it just arrived, so glad it was now before
I left for Scott and Megans.

I am thankful
we are having our first family get together with the
 Baby on Saturday in honor of hubbies birthday, so
 that should be fun.....and we are really looking 
forward to it.

I am thankful
that the things I ordered from Bealls last week
worked out,  all but one anyway,  so I have
a nice new Spring/Easter outfit.......
Very happy about that................

I am thankful
that my lil neice who broke her leg 5 weeks
ago,  is doing very well,  and healing very well.

I am thankful
that we will get to see Dee and Jerry this
weekend  cause it seems like it has been ages.

I am thankful
that a Calif. teenager I read about in the news was 
protected and safe and sound after 3 guys broke in 
and ransacked her home while she was alone. She 
quickly grabbed a phone and ran into her parents big
 walk in closet, and called 911,  the intruders were
apprehended as they came out of the house, and
once she identified the items as coming from her
home they were escorted to jail.  She was one
brave young lady.

I am thankful
that a friend seemed to do well on her stress test,
and was very peaceful thru it,  and I know she will 
be even more peaceful once she gets the
official results.

I am thankful
for some really neat things the Lord is teaching me
thru the Andy Stanley videos we have been showing
in our Sunday School class.  He has some really
good videos folks, on marriage, but  also just on
just living life. 

If you are interested check out his site.
On the right side you will see a list and choose
utube channel.............

If you are in the Atlanta, Ga. area and would
like to know more about his church,
go here,

and no, I don't get any kickbacks for saying
this,  just think he is a great Pastors and
teacher and we have learned a lot from him.

Just in case you don't know it,  Pastor Andy is the 
son of Pastor Charles Stanley of Atlanta, Ga.
I know he has to be one proud dad...........

The Guardrails series is awesome,  that is just
one we have seen..........but highly recommend.


Thanks for stopping by today, now you know 
why I have been  missing this week.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hope you have a great weekend and are
enjoying the great spring weather.

Love, Hugs, and 
Happy Spring Blessings,


Sister Susie said...

#1. It makes me think of the song, "There shall be showers of blessings..."
#2. Time goes fast when you have fun!
#3.The great joys of being a "gramma."
#4. A speciality indeed.
#5. What is a Graco pack?
#6. Yea!
#7. Spring brings newness in life.
#8. I pray she heals quickly.
#9. Again, time goes by so fast.
#10. I give thanks every day for the LORD protecting my property from break-ins!
#11. I go Monday.
#12. I have seen him guest speak on his dad's program. I really love listening to Charles every week. I also used Charles daily study as one of my Bible studies each day.
I love you all, Susan

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I love how so many of your "thankfuls" are about that baby...there is just nothing better! I love holding them when they sweet!

I saw the news report about that little girl hiding in the closet. I wonder if I would think that quickly? She was smart and lucky.

I'm glad you had a good week...have fun this weekend! We have a snow storm coming...ick!

Sue said...

You have been busy, Nellie, as I have too, spring seems to find so many things for us to do. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother, I know you are enjoying Brooklyn so much. Your thankful list is always such a blessing to read, I will be praying for your niece as she continues to heal. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy your day.

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm so glad baby and mom are well. This will be such an exciting Easter for all of you.

Joanna K. Harris said...

Thank you for your habit of thankfulness! It's inspiring in a difficult world, where it's easy to be ungrateful. Yet we have SO much to be thankful for! I appreciate your heart to keep spreading that message. =)
And I love Andy Stanley's messages too! He is a gifted communicator and such a blessing from God.
Congrats also on your grandbaby!!! What a precious gift! =)
Love & hugs,