Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Warm Fuzzy Tuesday

Howdy Sweet Friends,

How was your weekend??  and how has
your week been going thus far??  Great,
I hope....................

Our weekend was good, sorta quiet, in fact, I don't even
remember what all we did............but I do remember that
we got to see BROOKLYN and her parents 
on Sunday!!  lol

So that was definitely My Warm Fuzzy for the week.

Ya know, I am not even really a baby woman, Oh,
I love babies and think they are cute and sweet, 
of course, but I mean I am not a woman who goes
 OH, a baby, Let me hold it,  ya know what I mean??
I tend to like them better when they are more
mobile and talking, and I really like teenagers,
I know....I'm wierd like that!

But my own babies and now this beautiful lil 
sweetheart I am now grammy too,  that is a
 whole 'nother story.
  As I was holding Brookly on Sunday and
 carrying her around and watching her, all the 
fascination I felt with my own children just came 
flooding back like it was yesterday,  I was and am
 totally captivated by them, I love  holding them,
watching them, looking at their lil feet, toes, hands 
and fingers and their lil ears, nose, lips and her 
beautiful soft baby skin, and love to hear their
 lil stretching and grunting noises. 
(sigh ~ be still my heart!)
A lil bundle of Joy... so full of God's handiwork, 
such an Amazing Miracle &Blessing!!

Everything else just seems to pale in comparison!
I just can't quit thinking about her and looking at
her pictures, and hoping that she feels every bit
of all the love that I and her parents and other
grandparents feel for her.....................

Guess this is what all my already grandparent
friends have been trying to tell me.

Can anyone else relate??? 

Guess I have definitely been bitten by the
Grammy bug, huh!!  lol

Tomorrow,,,,,, I promise not to say too much
 about her,  as I plan to do a tablescape Post.

So see ya tomorrow!!

Thanks for coming by.......and saying Hi,

Have a great evening,

Love, Hugs, and
Warm Fuzzy Blessings,

P.S. If you haven't been by in the last
week or so, and want to hear  and see 
some details about the baby's birth
 last week.  Just Click Here!


Phyllis @Around the House said...

Can't wait to see the pictures, I bet their wonderful...loved your little pink rosebud..

Sister Susie said...

Hi! I like the picture your flowers! My lilies are starting to pop out of the ground!

"My warm fuzzy" came today when Scott and Megan stopped by the house to pick up a gift from my friend, Sylvia. Sylvia and I had our 2nd Tuesday brunch and she brought a beautiful little dress that had one of those "short cut waisted" long sleeve tops. Mommy was in the back seat with Brooklyn sound to sleep! It was so cute!

In your pictures the joy in your face shows you really do love holding that beautiful precious granddaughter, lol! Holding her takes you back to the joy of holding Scott and DeeAnna! All I
could do when I held her in the hospital was (quietly) giggle with joy! I see her grammy's long fingers and toes!

You can best believe the Holy Spirit is passing that love onto her!

I can relate the joy that mom and dad had to become grandparents!

Will the tablescape have to do with baby Brooklyn? I'll have to wait and see!
GOD's Love to us all, Susan.

BECKY said...

Hey Gal! You can talk about Brooklyn as much as you want! I think all of us Grammies share in your joy!!

Things have gotten a bit crazier around here...if you can imagine that! Will try to call tomorrow!
Love ya,

Junkchiccottage said...

All of us grammies or mimi's can relate so you love and gush all you want. My daughter gave us our first grandchild 2 years ago and I fell in love and it is all I can think about sometimes. They are such blessing. I am so happy for you.

Janet said...


I love to hear all your baby stories. That is a grandparent right....and I am one of those that loves to hold babies. Aren't they fun?
It sounds like you are having fun.
Our weather here has been in the 60's. Here come those allergies.....

Have a good week!
Blessings & Love