Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blissful White Wednesday - Spring Decorations

Greeting Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well
 and happy!

I am doing well, just got stuff going
 on, but figured I could download
 pics that I already had taken,  since
 we all love
to see fun decorating stuff..............

Did you recognize my sneak peek photo from yesterdays
Table top Tuesday post?? 
 Well, here is the rest of the vignette!

We bought this poster at old time pottery back in February 
in anticipation of Spring, since it was like Spring here 
already.  lol  Put it in a black poster frame,  and wanted to
 use it on our mantle, and was very happy it worked...............

Sort of hard to get a good pic of pictures on the mantle
 especially if they have glass,  cause there always seems
 to be a glare some where.............I usually move my white
 ware to the family room in the Spring as it shows up so
 nicely on the firecplace,  however never had the pitchers
 on the mantle before, only on the hearth, so
this was a nice new look.

Had just the pitches up there at first,  but it just didn't
 quite look right,  and missed the pic light over the picture, 
 just doesn't fit on this thin poster,  so thought it definitely
 needs some candlelight, but larger candle cups just didn't
 look right, so took these lil dip dishes and put tea light
 candles in them, and used a tiny cream pitcher I had,  
and threw in a cute lil bunny that was Dee's as
when she was a lil girl.

colored pencil affect.

After a few days I decided I wasn't thrilled with the bunny, 
 so decided to drag out my egg cups and put some 
colored eggs in them, and I thought it completed the look.

I have enjoyed adding more white to my room,  and also
 giving it a bit more of a modern look for a change.

Posterized affect

This vignette is on the sofa table, right behind the sofa
 as you can

Have had this spiral candlestick for years, and thought
 oh yea, you should light the candle. lol  The artichoke you
probably remember from January when I took down all
 the christmas stuff,  my inspiration find.

This lil casserole dish I recently found at the Christmas
 tree store for $4, and just loved the shape and design of it,
 also found these 2 wonderful off white textured towels,
 as well, for just $1 a piece.  Used the other one in the
tray on the coffee table in yesterdays post.
Click Here if you'd like to see!

and now you can see where Mr. Bunny
 (from yesterdays post too)
 has been hanging out.............

Thanks for stoppin' in..............
always great to hear from you.

Am linking up to Becky over at
TimeWashed,  so if you want to
see lots more pretty whites,
Just Click Here!

Love, Hugs and 
Special Easter Blessings,



Sister Susie said...

I just love your picture. My amaryllis' are popping out. The biggest one hasn't opened yet. One thing about having the colder weather, they are lasting much longer!

The only white thing I have is a ceramic bunny I was given by a student some 20 years or more ago! She was the granddaughter of my previous principal, Jeanette.
I love your artichoke!
Love to you all, Susan

BECKY said...

Hey Gal! Sure am missing you! Your pitchers look wonderful on the mantle! Just love them!! Been having to stick around during the day because of the tile man. Thought he'd be done today, but assures us he'll be done tomorrow. Can't wait to show you. It is so pretty.

I'll call in the next day or so. Hope all is well. Praying for you, sweetie!
Big Hugs,

BECKY said...

Oh and thank you for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!


Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I'm addicted to white pitchers...just love them and I really love all the shapes and sizes of yours. Your poster is perfect for spring with all your whites. I can certainly see why you bought the little casserole dish, so cute.

Not sure how you will feel about my post today...

Carol said...

Very sweet (but masculine) tablescape, Nellie! I think your green placemats look great. Happy be-lated Birthday to your hubby!