Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Table Top Tuesday - A few Easter Decorations

Happy Easter Week....Sweet Friends

Know some of you are enjoying wonderful Spring 
weather but some of you don't believe it really 
is Spring,......
My condolences on that!!  But all in all, 
hope  you are doing quite well...................

Thought I would do a fun post today!  Will show 
you some of my Easter Decorations,  before Easter
 passes, it came so quickly this year................
so didn't quite do as much as usual with
 so much going on here.

Just have to show

 you my New

 and Most Favorite

of all times, 

Easter decoration.


Here she is.............

Brooklyn is 2 weeks and 5 days here
She was 3 weeks old yesterday.  Seems
like so much longer ago than that!! 
She's Grammy lil darling, that is for sure.

Am gonna link up to Table Top Tuesday today,
Here's my coffee table with some lovely pink
hydrangeas, unfortunately, not real ones!!  lol
I do love hydrangeas,  they are such a beautiful

this was a sign I made last year with printmaster!

Some fun lil bunnies..................in a tray
with a giant tulip (at least they think it is giant)

and love these so real looking easter eggs,  love
the colors......................

This is with the flash

This is without the flash,  like it much better!

Sweet bunny under the sofa table.

This is my new poster I told you about some weeks back,  am loving
it on our mantle......and sort of went for a more modern look for a nice

This is just a sneak peek,  as I am saving the
others for blissful white Wednesday.  Hopefully
this week.................................so be sure to stop
by again tomorrow, and hopefully I will have them 
posted.  Depends on if Megan needs me tomorrow
or not..................lol

Anyway,  have a wonderful day 
where ever you are today.

Thanks for coming by,

Can't wait to hear from you........

Oh and don't forget to go over
 to Marty's at a Stroll thru life
 and see all the other fun
Table tops.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny and I,
 a Hearty Hello
and Happy Easter to YOU!

Love,  Hugs
and Easter Blessings to you and yours,


  1. Happy Easter to YOU, Nellie!
    The weather up here has been so un-springlike that I've not even bothered to get out the Easter decorations. Maybe next year. (It's Easter in my heart, though!)

    Your granddaughter is precious. I can tell that you are one proud grandmother :)

  2. The most beautiful and lovely treasure is your granddaughter. Priceless one. Love her costume. Adorable.

    Happy Easter to and to your family.

    /CC girl from D´Box

  3. Oh, she is so precious...I just kept scrolling back and taking another look at her. I would so love to be holding one that size (instead I'm holding an 18 month old beagle as I type this). I love your Easter pretties...and your poster looks great too! Easter did come quickly. I was just thinking today that maybe we will just go out for brunch this year, since it will only be 2 of us or maybe 3 if my son shows up.

  4. Beautiful post, Nellie! (Especially the picture of your beautiful granddaughter!) I love bunnies. I used to have one for my class pet at school when I lived in Key West! The kids named her Thumper (after Bambi's friend!)

    Love those chocolate Easter eggs!
    Love to you all, Susan

  5. Sweet bunnies and I love your new picture. Must say your Lil Darling is PRECIOUS!

  6. Nellie,
    Your granddaughter is so adorable. I love her little outfit. What a precious little bunny. Enjoy Easter.


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