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Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 7, 2010

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Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Sweet Friends,
Hope you are having a good day in spite of all the
freezing weather.  We have been inside for most of
the day,  it did near 60 degrees so we went outside
to survey the damage.  Much to my surprise most
things look pretty good considering what they have
been through in the last few days.
 I am thankful today
For a nice toasty house and cozy warm bed to
sleep in on these really cold evenings, and I pray
the rescue mission and places that house the
homeless don't have to turn anyone away.
I am thankful
we have had no power outtages,  some people
have been without power in the Orlando area,
and I am sure that is probably happening in other
states as well.   Keep them warm Lord.
Bless their hearts!!
I am thankful
 for warm foods like Chili, Beef Stew,
potato and other soups,  that warm the body and
 soul, not to mention how good they taste and how
good they are for you.
# 4
I am thankful
that I know what I am gonna wear to church on Sunday.
I wore my warmest outfit last Sunday, so was wondering!
Got in my closet and started looking around and actually
found an Etta James dress, I totally forgot about that
I bought 2 years ago at Bealls for a song,
 but have never gotten to wear  because we have not
had cold enough weather.  So that was a very
nice surprise,  and I found a couple of other things I can
wear if I need them, that I thought would be way to big,
since I have lost 30 pds. in the last years,  but actually
they  look pretty good!  Guess it is a good thing
to get in there and look around once in awhile.
I also took some things out to get rid of as well,
so organizing at the same time!  Can't beat that!
I am thankful
for my new camera,  and all the fun I have been
having with her.
I am thankful
 that most of the Christmas decorations
are packed and tucked away in the attic as of an
hour ago.  Still have to put away the Christmas dishes.
and put the house back together.
I am thankful
for the way we as people, can inspire one another to
be our best whether spiritually, creatively, physically
or financially.  It's all good!
I am thankful
Dee's car seems to be doing fine,  the temperature
gauge is doing fine,  a good sign!!  lol
I am thankful
that we have the opportunity and pleasure of
praying for others,  and also the blessing of
having others pray for us.
I am thankful
that we all know the truth about Global Warming
Now!!  Obviously,  it is an urban legend!!
Sorry Mr. Gore!!
I am thankful
that God knows everything, and isn't surprised
by anything that happens down here.  I do think
he is plenty grieved by what goes on sometimes,
but surprised,  No!  He is a gentleman and forces
no one to do the right thing because he believes
in free will.  Glad He is in control and not me
cause I would be trying to control it all and
make a reaallllllllyyyy big mess of things!!
Well,  hope this finds you thankful inspite
of all the cold weather.  Leave me some
thankful comments,  don't forget I need
encouragement too!!  lol
Well Sweet Chilly Friends
Hope tomorrow is a warmer day for you and yours,
Warm Hugs and Blessings to you all,


  1. #10 is hysterical!

    I'm thankful that I'm getting back in the swing of things and blogging.

    Enjoy your weekend. Hope it's warming up down by you!

  2. Hi Nellie,
    I just so enjoyed your thankful Thursday list, many are on my list of thankfulness, every time I come in my home, I say "thank you Lord for the warmth, of my home." As I am so aware of all of those who don't have heat nor a home.
    I had to smile when you were telling of finding and being able to wear those clothes you had in your closet, I would love to be able to say that. LOL. i I plan to get started on my weight loss as soon as I finish taking down and putting away my decorations.

    The weatherman says we will be getting some snow tonight, the first of
    the season.
    Hope your week is filled with many more blessings, and stay warm

  3. I too am so thankful for central heating!
    Though it dries out my skin and makes me scratch LOL.
    and I'm thankful for our electric dryer and a husband who heats up a towel to warm our cold sheets at night. What a guy!
    God bless you sweet friend =)

  4. I share so many of our thankful list items! (And your blog background on my health blog). Congratulations on your weight loss and keeping it off. That is a great accomplishment. It IS a great joy to "inspire one another to
    be our best whether spiritually, creatively, physically or financially." That is SO well put!

  5. Your Thankful Thursdays always makes me think in response to what I'm thankful for. Some may not match, but hang in there with me, lol!
    #1. The cold makes me thankful it will again be warm as spring approaches. (I surely hope Little Bunny is okay.)
    #2. I'm thankful for fireplaces even though I don't have one, ha!
    #3. I am thankful for those who can have coffee and hot chocolate. I surely miss it!
    #4. I'm thankful to be added this Sunday to the Church's Board. (Pray I will find my best to wear.).
    #5. I'm thankful I have pictures in my file, but I really need to take new ones.
    #6. I'm thankful I found someone I could give my extra bird cage to. It has given me more room in my garage.
    #7. I'm thankful for YOUR inspiration.
    #8. I'm thankful for answered prayers to God overwatching our loved ones.
    #9. I'm thankful for the prayer chain in our church.
    #10. I'm thankful God has all in control. Gore says global warming, other scientist say future ice age. God says as long as the world is, the seasons will continue to come and go.
    #11. I'm thankful God has not made me responsible for His Job. I'm thankful my responsibility is allowing His Spirit to lead me in His Will and then doing it by His grace.


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