Friday, January 15, 2010

Walk right in, Sit right down, baby let your mind roll on...........

Evenin' Sweet Friends,
Hey there, Come on in..........
So glad to see you,
Why don't you sit down and stay awhile...........
How about a nice bowl of
Chicken n' dumplings for din din.

It will warm you up reallllllll good
Go on ................take a closer look!!

I promise you it is really good,  even if I do say so myself.
So glad to have you drop over like this for a nice visit
and chat,  it's been a lil while...............
So how did your Friday go???
Bet you are happy the weekend is finally here.
Hope you don't think that was mean to show you
that chicken and Dumplings........
After all it is Foodie Friday,  I just didn't even think
about  participating with Mr. Linky anywhere.
So decided to try it out on You!!  Lucky You!!
My day was working on my living room and getting
 it back together and she is finally done,  just got to vaccum yet.
Everything else is vacuumed,  well most everything...
but the kitchen,  see the crumbs on the floor,  looks
terrible doesn't it!!
I know, I know it is next on my agenda,  right
after the living room,  then the central part of
the house will look great!  Finally!!!
Thank the Lord!!
Sure hope your day went well,  and your weekend
goes even better.  Make sure you get some rest
and relaxation this weekend.
Thanks again so much for coming by,
enjoy hearing from you!
You are special to me,
so come again soon!
Let me give you a nice big hug now!
See ya soon, Nellie


  1. oh I love chicken and dumplings! i need to figure out how to make that gluten free!
    thank you for telling me about the Amy's meal you had for dinner. I have seen those but haven't tried them yet. I DO love her gluten free mac n cheese! It's the best!

  2. Nellie, that does look so gooood! Chicken and dumplings is one of my favorites.
    So glad you are getting your house back in order, I am trying to get motivated to get mine done. lol.
    Hope your weekend is filled with many blessings,

  3. OH MY WHAT A DELICIOUS BOWL OF CHICKEN AND DUMPLINS!!! I right now have mom's big black pot cooking full to the brim with sphagetti sauce! I was at Office Depot this morning and the lady that works there and I got to talking about it and she (being Italian) said she has even added zucchini squash to her sauce! So, I guess you could say it's more of a sphagetti "stew." I browned 2 pkgs. of lean hamburger meat in virgin olive oil and then added a big can of diced tomatoes, 12 oz. of tomato sauce, a small jar of Prego, a jar of mushrooms, a jar of olives, 3/4 of a large purple onion, 2 diced zucchini squash, 2 diced red peppers, salt, pepper, garlic powder, 2 tbsp. of sugar and it is still simmering after 2 hours! Nothing like cooking in a black iron pot! I'll put a picture on my blog. My last blog was practice with adding all of the pictures. It takes much more time to do it than just having one picture. Enjoy your Chicken and Dumplins! I'll be eating my spaghetti in aboout 3 more hours. I love you all!
    Love, Sister Susie

  4. You are too cute! And I can vouch for these chicken and dumplin's because she delivered some to poor ol' post surgical me!! They are scrumptious!! The best dumplings we've ever had!! Thanks so much Nellie! You're such a blessing!

    Love ya gal!

  5. Looks yummy!~ Please come by to my blog, my dear, as I have something for you!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  6. Chicken and Dumplings! It's one of the recipes that has fallen out of my meal planning. Alas, my husband doesn't like it. I may have to have a few girl friends for lunch so I can indulge! Thank you for letting me know that 'The Time Traveler's Wife' had become a movie. I'm not much of a movie goer, and probably missed it because 'Julie and Julia' was released about the same time. I'll be watching for it on Pay-per-view. Have a blessed week...Nancy


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