Monday, February 1, 2010

Guess what I've been up to?????????

(Our guest bedroom - Don't know why the mirror has that ring,
it is some type of reflection I guess)
Happy Monday
Sweet Friends,
So, how was your weekend???
See any good movies,  or go out
to dinner,  or make something new
and special, recipe or project??
Did you get some rest,  spend time
with the Lord or family,  go visit
friends or something else exciting??
Well, tell me about it???
I like to hear what you are doing too!!
It has been a dismal, drearing day here
and has been raining all afternoon as well.
Course, we can use the rain!
I have been working on our guest room
to get it up to speed.  Scott left it all
cleaned up, with clean sheets and all.
So that meant all I needed to do was
redecorate her!!  yeah!!  That is the part
I love best, you know.
We moved a drop leaf table back in 
there,  that is what I use for my sewing
machine,  but I didn't set that up yet.
I did this for now,  and then all I have
to do is pull the side of the table out
when I want to set up my machine.

Put a chair from the kitchen in there, cause of the empty
 corner (we used to have our exercise bike there), and
now it is in the garage, and it is actually more handy
there.  So now we just have 2 chairs at the table in
the kitchen which gives us more room in there,
plus it will give me a chair to use when I sew.
Put all the stuff back on the table that was there
before  and rehung the daisy picture.

Then there were some scratches to the paint (which were
already there,  and an 2 unsightly electrical thingies which
I wanted to cover up,  so I found my picnic basket and
stuck a grapevine spray in it, and added a picture near
the floor,  really doesn't go with the room theme wise,
but oh well, it works for colorwise for now, also stuck
one of the pillows from the bed on the chair. 
Side table,  we have a headboard that matches
this table that belongs to my daughter,  but it is
 stored at my sister-in-laws, so think we are gonna
measure it and see if we can use it with this
queen bed,  she used it with a full but I think
it is made so you can do both,  it has a foot
board but we don't think that will work
Here us a closeup of the comforter,  I loved the colors
cause they were different from anything else I had
cause it was tropical.  It was from the Ty Pennington
collection @ Sears, and the price was right!!

I had these mirrors, they were still up, I found them
at Ross and thought they were a great match with
the bedspread.  Only they didn't show up on the
white walls so I had to add some blue scrapbooking
paper to the back of them,  but it worked out
great!  They were 12 X12, I think it is,  same as
the scrapbooking paper, so that made it easy.
We really need to paint but I just don't feel like
tackling it now because I want to start working
on our bathroom dressing area next,  so we
can complete that area.  Then I will tackle this
room.  I need to decide what color I want it.
Only a few choice really,  tan or robins egg blue.
I may do part tan and part blue,  that would
probably work. Gotta think on that a bit!
Got any ideas???  I am open to suggestions???
I have been cooking as I am downloading or
uploading photos, whichever one it is!!
who can remember!! lol
I am making campfire burgers.  I place ham-
burger pattieson heavy duty alum foil,
then season with lawry's seasoned salt
and granulated garlic powder,  then add
some onions and bellpeppers.  I usually
cut them in thick slices, then wrap them up.
Set them on a cooking sheet and bake
them in the oven @ 350 degrees for about
 30 -40 mins.,( not totally sure about the time
 cause it has been a while) but just take one out 
and cut into the burger to make sure it is done.
Am making baked potatoes to go with it,
 roasting some brussel sprouts for the first time
 in the oven. The recipe sounds good, 
 cause you add onions and garlic, olive oil,
 salt and pepper then bake @ 450 degrees
for 15 minutes.  You are to cut the
brussell sprouts vertically into thin
I will let you know how they come out!!
I really love roasted veggies,  they are
really great and easy!!  Love that!!

Well,  there you have it ...............
that was some of my day, along with blogging,
taking pics and cropping them,  and cooking.
I am ready to eat!!  I have worked up an
appetite,  how bout you???
See ya tomorrow for Heart Tips Tuesday!
Blessings n' hugs,


  1. Nellie

    I love your guest room. I think tan and blue would look good. I love brown and blue too. You have very good taste.
    Your Dinner sounds goods except for the Brussell sprouts (I have tried several times) it is actually the only veggie that I don't like.

    Have a great evening! Blessings! Janet

  2. your guest room looks great! i bet it feels good to have it put back together again :)

  3. What a difference with a few changes! Your guest room looks like one you would find in a fancy "Bed and Breakfast!" Beautiful job, Nellie! It's amazing how pictures can make a room look different too. In the last picture the curtains make the ceiling look higher. Nice job! You make me want to get started doing something with my rooms!! (Did I say that? Lol!)
    Love ya,
    Sister Susie

  4. I love the picnic basket with green spray!
    Great to bring some "life" to the room.
    How was dinner?

  5. I really like the guest room - I knew it wouldn't take too long to see pictures but you were really quick about getting in there. I think my favorite part is the basket and greenery...I love to fill "empty spaces" -

    Dinner sounds yummy - I made a pot of homemade chili today. It is snowing...again...and it sounded like the perfect fit. Hope its yummy. Keep dry, friend.


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