Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 4, 2010

Hello Sweet Encouragers
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
and a taste of Spring for all of you who have
Winter Fever!!
Hope the week has been a good one,
thus far!
Mine has been much better than I anticipated
actually,  cause I thought I would miss my
lil grandaughter dog, Joey much more than I have.
So that would be my
thing that I am thankful for.
God is good!

I am thankful that I have had a lot to keep
me busy this week,  so that is probably
another reason for number one.
I am thankful for
what a sweet and thoughtful husband I have 
and for the sweet things he said about me yesterday
on my Wed. blog,  and for these lovely flowers in my 
header picture that he brought me.  He knows how
much I love flowers and how I  like to play florist!
I am thankful that 
I have my guest room back to normal and almost 
guest ready!  Still have a few things I want to do
 like get the comforter washed.  I need to go
 to a laudromat to do it tho. So maybe next
week I will get that accomplished.
I am thankful that
 Becky over at "Holiday in the Sun" is doing so
 well, altho she is still  in the healing process. 
 Got to spend some time talking with her
for awhile yesterday, we had a nice chat
but she gets tired easily still, 
 understandable, of course.
I am thankful that
Jessica over at "Jewels for the Journey" is also
coming along pretty well.  Saw her for a few
minutes on Tuesday and she looked and
 sounded wonderful!  But she has quite a long
recovery time left as well,  so don't forget
to continue to pray for both of them.

I am thankful and excited that
we get to go over to see Scott's new apt.
tonight, and of course, get to see him and Joey!
Just talked to Dee a few minutes ago,  so we
might go by and see her as well,  unless Scott
invites her over too!
I am thankful that 
Scott's  move went very smoothly,  and all his
furniture arrived on time,  and that his girl
friend really helped him so much.
She is a real sweetie!

I am thankful that 
Jim and I had a nice evening out last night,
we went to Home Goods store and
looked around, and out to dinner at
Outback steakhouse,
I am thankful that
we ran into an old friend who used to
attend our church years ago,  and she has
 really been thru a horrible time, sort of
similar to Scott,  but she is doing well.
And she is thinking about coming back
to our church,  so we encouraged her to do
that,  and we are very excited about it.

I am thankful that
I found a pretty bowl to match my new
dishes at Home Goods,  and it was
only $8.00.  I had seen one at Pier One
but it was much smaller and on sale
for $11.00.  So I really got a good
deal and I really like it and it matches
very well.

There's my new bowl,  Isn't she pretty!!
Don't know what it is about white dishes
but they just make my heart sing!  lol
Those are real and yummy grapes.  I have
found if I leave fruit like grapes or cherries
out on the counter we will munch on those
instead of other stuff.
Course, this is on the table but it seems
to be working as well,  we have eaten
quit a few grapes today and they are
really good for you!

The lilies are finally starting to open!
I am thankful for God's continued goodness
 to me and my family.  It is so good to know
that He loves me and is always there any
time of the day or night.  
Well,  that's my thankful list.
What are you thankful for today.
Blessings and Hugs Sweet Peas,


Janet said...

Beautiful flowers. I LOVE your BLOG Nellie.


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Nellie....I am Thankful for your sweet spirit and your wonderful insight....and your gift of encouragement.
When you leave my blog I always feel like I have been hugged and loved on.
You are a special friend, and I'm Thankful for you...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

I am so mad at myself because I just accidentally removed my very long comment and now I have to run. Sorry Nellie. I'll be back later today! I am so bummed when I do dumb stuff like that!

Bonnie said...

Today I am thankful that Hazie is getting better. She seems to have turned that corner to recovery and that is so joyful to me. So I am thankful for prayer and faith in the Lord and good medical teams. I am thankful that I do not need to go to Utah right now. Of course I would drop everything in a moment but they are making it OK this time. And we have been on the phone constantly so that has made us feel like we are there with them. 22 pound baby and pneumonia are not a good combination, especially when she has pulmonary issues.

I am sorry I haven't been by as much as usual! I have just been buried in projects over here. Writing a whole new blog on how to create a blog for our Women's Conference at the end of the month. There are six presenters~lucky me..I am one of them. There has been a bigger push towards computer literacy and this is part of it.

Our bathroom remodel is looking like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The shower tiling is almost done and then the floor is going in. Still a lot to be done but we are getting there and that is requiring me to be running out for this and that. And there is the constant cleaning up~the contractor leaves something to be desired in that department. And I have been getting some tax stuff together. Ugh! We co-own a condo in Utah with Jen and Lowell and Lowell has to send me some figures and of course that has been the furthest thing from his mind with a sick baby, and our too but it is still hanging over my head.

Anyway I am just looking forward to normalcy seems I haven't seen it since last January when we started over hauling our house.sometime i think I delude myself that there is such a thing a normal! LOL!

Love your new dishes and fancy new bowl! I am a big fan of HomeGoods. They asked me to do some blogging for them months ago but I never did do it. I kind of burned out on Internet magazines and stores when I blogged for Blissfully Domestic. I guess I am still a contributor there but I haven't written any articles for them in months!

I can tell I am rambling and I am just getting started today. Sorry!

Have a great day, I am thrilled all is going well for you and the family and that Becky is getting better!

Love, B

Jess said...

And I am always thankful for YOU.
The meal you brought us was sooooooo nourishing and lasted a couple of days. Thanks especially for all of your prayers, sweet lady.
Love the flowers and your pretty dishes too!
Have a wonderful weekend!

sistersusiesays said...

BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!!! Isn't God's creation beautiful! Those are so beautiful, it makes me wonder how much more beautiful the flora must be in Rev 22's New Earth! I am thankful for:
#1. Having 7 pets, I miss them when I'm gone. It is truly amazing the greeting I get when I come home. The happiness in animals' loyalty to their human companions is surely a mystery!
#2. The business of my day makes it go by so fast, I can't believe when it is time for bed already again; then before I know it the alarm is going off to start all over again lol! I used to think that the older you get, the faster time goes. However, I have had younger colleagues say it is the same for them! I assume it is the fast pace of the end times that is spoken of in the Bible!
#3. Wednesday's blog with Jim's sharing was really appreciated! I was also tickled when he shared about the fish on my blog!
#4. I'm thankful to be looking forward to having the carpet replaced in my living room with laminate flooring. I hope to have it done when I am off for spring break! I'm tired of the musty smell. I hope Gary can do it.
#5. Praise the LORD for answered prayers for Becky's recovery. I will continue to pray for her!
#6. Tell Jessica I am praying for her too! I thank our LORD for what she means to us and our church!
#7. I know your visit with Scott and DeeAnna (and Joey, Rosey?) will be very enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your lasagna with me! It was really delicious, especially with the spinach!! I couldn't resist tasting it (even though I had already eaten.) I can hardly wait for tomorrow to have it with some salad and garlic bread!! I am so thankful for you, nellie, a loving sister-in-law!
#8. I know it must feel just great for Scott to get settled in. I don't know how mom and dad did so much moving around when dad was in the service!! I'm thankful the LORD has me settled where I am!
#9. Ruby Tuesday sent me a buy one meal, get one free. I think I may take them up on it next week. I'll take the free one home to eat the next day.
#10. I am thankful for your friend who may come back to our church. If it is who I think it is, I have really missed her!
#11. Your flowers make the dishes, lol!
Love ya, Sister Susie

BECKY said...

Oh Nellie! You are just so sweet. Love your thankful heart, and so appreciative of your thoughtful ways!! Your flowers and new goodies are so lovely! I haven't been on here much, but had to pop by! We need to definitely get together this week. Thursday I have Keeper's here, but I am available any other time as of right now. Think of what would be good for you! Sure have missed visiting, but our chats have been great!!

Talk to you soon!
Love you LOADS!!!