Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looky..... what I found!!

Rose compliments of
Greetings Sweet Friends,
Hope you are having a blessed day!
I just wanted to share something with you
that you might enjoy!
Yesterday while I was at wally world I was
checking the magazines looking for a Romantic
Home magazine, so I could see what they
published about Cindy over @ My Romantic
Home. I have looked so many places for
that magazine but can not find one. Have
been gonna go to books a million, but
just haven't made it there, and it is in the
February issue, so soon it will be too late.
Well, anyway, in my search for that
Magazine I found a new one I have never
seen before.

And I noticed it said Faith for your journey
so I had to pick it up and look it over.

The cover alone made my heart sing!
It looks like a bridal magazine and I loved
the colors, they scream Valentines Day
and winter to me!! Guess that is because
red is my favorite winter color that I use.
and then it had flowers, and you know
how much I love flowers, and it had my
all time favorites roses & hydrangeas.

Isn't that a gorgeous bouquet
And it of course, has articles to read by:

I haven't read it cover to cover yet, but I sure
plan to, I have only read one and part of another
article, and so far, I love what I read.............
I took a few other pics but only one
came out, but here it is.............

This picture screams spring to me!!
Be still my heart!! pitter patter!
I love that I can enjoy a decorating magazine
and get spiritual encouragement and nurture
as well. Doesn't get much better than that!
Here is just one line that really blessed my
heart, and remember I have hardly read
anything yet!!
"At Life:Beautiful we believe God is part of every
minute of every day and that through simple
daily tasks, such as cooking, serving others,
raising children- and most importantly, coming
to a full understanding of God's love for us-
we can live beautiful lives."
Quote was from Wanda Ventling
Editor-in- Chief
Now, that my friends is right from the heart
of God to Our ~ Hearts ~.
Where??? in another magazine have you ever
seen that!! (other than Christian mags, I mean)
Hope you all have a Beautiful Day,
I am off to clean our home, with
a renewed attitude!
Love, Blessings and Hugs,


Sue said...

Hello Dear Nellie,
I see we have something else in common, we both like the same magazines. Life Beautiful is a great magazine I enjoy it so much, and I just bought my Romantic Homes magazine today and plan to read in it tonight.
Thank you so much for checking on me, I have been busy, we have had new lambs born and have been busy with them, plus, my husband had a death in his family. His first cousin died from a massive heart attack, he was only 53, much much to young. Please pray for his family.

I am doing well, I have been faithful with my exercise, and have now added bike riding to my routine. I am also spring cleaning my house, and it takes me a little longer to get this done as I clean every nook and corner. lol.
I haven't been on my computer, because once I get on it, it is hard for me to get
I have missed not coming by to visit, but hope to be more faithful in my visiting.
You are truly such a blessing to me.

Jess said...

What a find!
Looks like a great encouragement as well as so very beautiful. Hope your week has been a blessings.

Wanda Lee said...

Well my dear,sweet blog friend!..,

I could hardly 'believe my ears' when my husband mysteriously asked;..,"Wanda",..,"Do you know someone by the name of Nelly, from Nellies Cozy Corner?" ~ "She has left a voice mail, message on the phone for you!"..,

Was that really 'you' that called the other day my dear friend?~If so, what an absolutely delightfiul surprise!~What a pleasure to be able 'to put a voice' with your name and picture!!

It was so thoughtful of you to reach out like that Nellie, when ,(as you explained), the number was there and readily avilable via our bed and breakfast website!..,

Good for you to think of that;I'm both honoured and 'tickled' and can hardly wait to arrange a time when,(as you suggest), we may arrange another opportunity to speak, say a warm 'hello' and get further acquainted by phone!.., Perhaps we could pre-arrange a good time for both of us via email Nellie!..,You will find the email address on my B. and B. website!

Thankyou for the comment the other day on my ginger post! What a delightfiul story about the gingerbread nativity scene!..,

I also so enjoy, The Beautiful Life, Christian magazine, and I have a couple issues. I must pop out and pick another one up!~Beautiful and so uplifting!

And oh those flowers!~My they are fabulous!.., I also adore flower as well, (and have several bouquets of fresh flowers in my home at present)! When our garden is in bloom, we enjoy them all Spring,Summer and well into the Fall/Autumn!~I just bet our home is 'a bower' of flowers!

Looking forward to hearing from you dearst Nellie! (You may also suggest a good time to call, by posting a blog comment as well my dear)!..,

God bless,

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

P. S. ~ Sorry it took a wee while for me to respond my dear , as hubby doesn't quite always relay the messages he intercepts/gets from the phone, before I have a chance to pick them up! (He mentioned your delightful call for instance, amidst a visit from a friend)!~ He he!~ Oh well, he's a sweetie!

Lois Christensen said...

That does look like a beautiful magazine. I love the quote!!! I love staying home and being a wife and mom and keeping a nice house. I know some of my friends think differently, but not me!

We are having another blizzard today! It's so beautiful. Well as long as we don't lose electricity it's pretty!

Enjoy your day and your magazine!

Bonnie said...

Nellie, this is so cool. I just heard about this magazine somewhere and then kind of forgot about it. After your stellar endorsement I will definitely get one. It will be refreshing to get some good Christian things mixed in with the art of homemaking. Pure heaven!

How is your dressing room coming along? Did you finish it? Photos? Have a great day and a little prayer for me tonight would be great! Thanks so much!


Jennifer said...

WOW - what a great share. I learn about all of the neatest stuff while blogging - and this one I am excited. I love magazines in the evening..that winding down time before bed and haven't found a new one I enjoy in quite some time. I've never even heard of this one. Thanks, Nellie. Have a great day!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Nellie - I ordered a subscription. While on their site, I read their statement of you don't see that too often in a magazine off the rack! Take care -

sistersusiesays said...

"Life: Beautiful" has gorgeous flowers! I especially like the page with the pinks and purple flora (the tubular ones the best!)
I like your comment on my blog about me being olderrrrrr than .... It made me remember what was taught in Sunday School about infinity. lol! Thanks for the beautiful blog!
Love you lots,

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