Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday & more breakfast & snack ideas

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Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday,

Sorry my post is so late, but I had gone out shopping for
part of the day,  and spent the other half on the phone 
with someone who was really having a tough time.
I will continue to talk about oils today.  One oil
that is showing up in things like Potato Chips is Sunflower
oil.  Sunflower oil is a good oil for cooking at high temps
because supposedly it doesn't product any trans fats.
It is very low in sat. fat,  but very high in polyunsaturated
fats.  Chips fried in it taste delicious I might add, altho
we eat them,  we try to do it sparingly due to what the
fellow in the makers diet said.
Just remembered I had a chart with oils taped to the
inside of my kitchen cabinet that really comes in handy.
I cut it out of one of those Publix magazines,  and thought
it might be helpful to you.

This actually came out better than I thought it would.
Just in case you have trouble disciphering the colors.
The orange is polyunsaturated and the brown is mono-unsaturated.
Notice Palm oil which is in a lot of things that used to have
hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated  oils,  they also have
 one called palm kernel oil as well.  Neither is a good choice,
  cause notice the tiny amount of monounsaturated oils!!
If you like to roast veggies,  I have read where they say to
put the veggies in a bowl and put your seasoning on and your
olive oil, then mix them up good to coat them with the oil, then put them
 on a cookie sheet or in a grill pan without any oil on the pan itself.
  When you do that the vegetables don't get as hot as the pan 
so you don't have to worry about the temp  of the olive oil. 
 I was happy when I read that cause that is already
 what I was doing.  You could also use Sunflower oil but
olive oil has so many extra bennies like all the antioxidants
which are good for your heart.
I have thought about trying the Sunflower oil it but we really don't 
fry anything,  and since I read that about the olive oil I just stick with that.
Also,  if you bake and don't want to use olive oil in your baked goods
 cause of the taste,  you can use what  they call "light tasting olive oil", 
 it has the good fats of the extra virgin  olive oil but doesn't taste wierd.
 I have used it to make pancakes and waffles and you never  know the
Also,  they don't recommend that you fry with olive oil because it has a smoke 
point of 375 degrees,  which means it could catch on fire if above that temperature.
Also if you are baking a cake for instance and it calls for butter or a bad oil,
I just use the same amount of applesauce in it's place,  and seriously,
no one ever knows the difference, in fact,  I think it makes things even
more moist.  I always tend to have apple/strawberry sauce on hand
in those lil handy lunch type containers,  and I throw that in just about
anything I am baking.  Give it a try you will be very surprised,  or to 
start just do half and half,  part oil, part applesauce.  You will like it
I promise!

Here are some products we use that do not have the dreaded oils!!  lol

Course, the polaner has no oils,  I had just put them together
when I took the picture.  That is good peanut butter.  My
son taught me to store it with the peanut butter upside down
cause all the oil tends to float to the top,  and you have to
stir it,  so that sort of helps get it to the bottom.  You will
still have to stir it,  which is sort of a pain,  but it is really
good tasting and good for you,  so it is worth that lil

You can get the Matzo crackers unsalted as well,  I like that too.
Have you ever eaten crackers with Mayo on them.  I know it
sounds crazy,  but we used to eat them like that all the time
as kids,  and it is really delicious!!  lol
If I am making a recipe like Beef Stroganoff for instance,
that calls for several containers of sour cream I will use one
fat free and one light, and it tastes better that way.

I am so happy about the Panko bread crumbs cause I used
to use the Vigo Italian bread crumbs and loved them,  till I
saw they had the bad oils,  so for awhile I was making my
own which isn't all that hard,  but this is so much handier .
We also try to by low sodium products when we can
cause everything has tons of salt,  so we cut back where
we can,  and I usually don't salt our food while I am cooking
it for the most part.  Some things I do,  like if we are making
London Broil for instance I will use Lawry's seasoned salt
on it for flavor.  I also use a lot of garlic,  but I like the granulated
garlic better than the garlic powder.
That is the only thing about buying low fat or fat free products
is they are usually saltier.  Believe me,  I know what you are
thinking.  Sometimes you feel like you just can't win,  that is
why I salt as lil as possible to make up for that!!
It is truly frustrating sometimes as you read these food labels,
it's well.................... what do we choose good oil and salt or low salt and
bad oils,  for us we have to choose the good oils first,
and just not eat a lot of whatever it is in the same day.


Now for some more breakfast and snack ideas

Boxed waffles, but we sure to check the ingredient label
for bad oils.  You can put strawberries on them as well,
makes a nice breakfast .   I use that fat free whip cream
you saw above.  Also dole makes jars of peaches
that are really great,.

These are more ideas using the Sandwich thins.

This is tavern ham from Publix and  Laughing cow onion or herb cheese.
This is just a sandwich thin with land of lakes spread,  honey and pecans
Very yummy!
We eat a lot of nuts,  because nuts and seeds are a big
part of the Mediterrean diet,  and they are very healthy
for you and have good oils.  Many nuts are very heart
healthy.  Like walnuts, pistachios, almonds,  and peanuts
and pecans.  So if you love nuts,  they are a good source
of protein and a great thing to eat if you are hungry and
neat a quick snack till you can make something.
A handful of nuts is a good thing, as Martha would say!! lol
This would be peanut butter and bananas.
A yummy combination I am sure most of you have
tried at some time in your life.
You can also do applebutter and pecans or walnuts,
kinda like eating a danish but without all the bad stuff.
Well,  hope you gleaned something new you can use
on your quest for healthier eating
See ya tomorrow.
Hugs and Blessings,


BECKY said...

Love all of your sandwich thin and waffle combos!!

I LOVE peanut butter and bananas! Couldn't eat it all the time, but really enjoy it together!

I had a girlfriend in elementary school who always brought peanut butter and MAYO sandwiches!! They were actually quite tasty too!

Love ya! Hope your day is wonderful!!

Sue said...

Hi Nellie, What wonderful ideas and tips you have given.
I love mayo on crackers, and will try the crackers you have shown.
I also do my veggies I bake just like you do. especially potatoes, and instead of salt. I use Mrs. Dash seasonings.
And the idea of using applesauce instead of oil, I have never tried but will do that one next time. I make my own applesauce from our apples we get in our orchard. And am so glad I always put up more than we need for the year. Would you believe we did not get one apple off of our trees this year, but are hoping for some this year as I am getting low my apple goodies.
I am doing much better, have now resumed my walking, and taking no meds., and boy does that feel great. Thank you for all of your prayers.
Hugs and Blessings,

NanaNor's said...

HI sweet Nellie, What wonderful, helpful and healthy suggestions. We've gone to using olive oil with french bread(balsamic vinegar too)instead of butter. Trying to cut down on all fats and I'm reading labels. I love your encouraging posts-you are such a dear!
Have a very blessed and warm day.
Hugs, Noreen

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Thanks for your suggestions. I am going to try the baked veggie suggestions. Also when you mentioned Olive Oil last week I tried it on my Bagel. I actually liked the taste of it so thanks.
I just bought some sandwich thins so we are going to try those to.
Have a wonderful day!
Love Janet

Jennifer said...

Wow - so much good, useful information. Thanks for taking the time to put all that together. The waffles with peaches and nuts look SO delicious! Hope you are having a great (healthy) day!!

Wanda Lee said...

Great post and so helpful!~ Love that chart!.., Yes, we have read the Makers Diet book (via a borrow from my mom).., it's a fabulous and life changing book!..,

I wonder if you would please kindly do me two favors?.., One is to send me a post to see if the technical glitch is over with my blog, (I think it is, as I've thankfully recieved comments today! ~ Yet, after contacting over 50 people, (yes a little over fifty), I'm wondering after a nominal responce, if some are still having difficulty!.., (Dear Cheri @ Happy to Design, alerted me the problem and suggested the solution which seems to have worked)!..,


Many thanks in advance dear friend!..,

Cheers , hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Lois Christensen said...

Thanks for the great ideas!! I love the Laughing Cow cheese with the peaches and apples. Yum!! And I use that ham also, just never did with the cheese. Told my sister about the sandwich thins. I've been using them for months now and she has never heard of them!

Great ideas! Keep them coming!

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Hi Nel,

Just a quick Hi! I have had a very busy and crazy last couple of days. Our shower is officially finished except for the faucetry...don't you love that classy ten dollar word? Anyway i am crunching some deadlines for this class i ma teaching at the end of the month. By tomorrow I have to hand in some stuff for the PowerPoint.

Love all your fun snacks...I am not good at coming up with creative stuff like that. I hate thinking about food but we have to! We stick with olive oil and canola, both safe for Spencer so we have just gotten in the habit. Jim is Italian so olive oil has been in our diet for decades...long before it became popular.

Well Hubby is calling me to come and help him with the last of the cleaning up. Gotta run. Have a great new day tomorrow! I am sure you are sound asleep by now!

Hugs, B

Beth said...

Great posts on heart health, Nellie. I was directed to your blog through The Plumed Pen. I'll be sure to come back often!